At-Home Hair Color Success


Browse any home hair color aisle and you’ll quickly realize the options are truly limitless, which can be, well, truly FRIGHTENING. Over the past couple of years, I’ve read handfuls of your success stories and/or nightmarish recollections regarding at-home hair color. Unfortunately, it can be hit or miss when it comes to coloring your hair in the confines of your own bathroom.

However, one at-home hair color brand that receives nothing but praise is Frederic Frekkai Salon Color. Have any of you tried it?

My lovely friend Metalia (who was previously a hair color virgin) decided to take the plunge and color her medium brown hair with Frederic Fekkai’s Medium Auburn at-home hair color. Her hilarious, step-by-step documentation can be found here.

Doesn’t she look beautiful? Bravo, Metalia. You are an auburn goddess.

Does Metalia’s at-home transformation (as well as the crappy economy) make you want to give expensive salon hair color appointments the boot? Here are some great tips from Nicole Lynne at Studio Two, a Patrick McIvor Color Studio for a DIY job that looks professional.

“I suggest working with two colors – one that matches your target shade and another semi permanent color that is roughly two shades lighter than the targeted color. This will correct the issue of having a light base with overly darkened ends which is a common culprit of at home haircoloring,” explains Lynne.

DIY Application:

· Apply the darker color at the base of the hair shaft and process for about 20 minutes (or half of the time the manufacture’s directions require).

· Apply the lighter shade to the mid-shaft and ends and process for the remaining time required for base color.

For example, if your base color needs to process for 40 minutes, after 20 minutes, apply the lighter color from mid-length to ends and process until the 40 minutes is complete.

“Applying the lighter color with minimal processing time to the mid-lengths and ends, corrects the issue of over processing the ends which avoids the effect of a lighter base color with harsh, dark ends,” adds Lynne.

Lynne also suggests using Matrix BIOLAGE colorcarethérapie Delicate Care for multi-processed and color-treated hair in between coloring sessions. The concentrated, fade-fighting formula features an eco-select antioxidant complex of Acai Berry and conditioning Argan Oil from Morocco that rejuvenates hair for a smooth texture and brilliant color. Plus, Biolage products are never tested on animals and packaged in 100% recyclable materials.


Color Me Happy


We are this close to finding out about our new home. THIS CLOSE. See my forefinger and thumb pressed so closely together and my squeezed shut pirate-looking eye?

D has been swamped with nothing but realtor, owner and contractor meetings for the past week or so. SO MANY NEGOTIATIONS. And guess what, y’all? WE’RE NOT EVEN BUYING THE HOUSE. This is all for a rental! A totally rad 60’s modern rental that is begging for our tender loving care, that is.

(I must confess, though. We have made a shit ton of requests of the owner, but it looks like he just might honor all of them. New stainless appliances! New window coverings! New plumbing fixtures! New kitchen countertops! Man, it PAYS to be hitched to an interior designer, is all I’m sayin’.)

In order to keep my mind from spinning out of control, I just spent the past two hours creating this.


What’s that, you ask? Well, DUHHHHH, it’s your favorite color combinations from this week’s post! I mean, HELLO PEOPLE. Obviously, this image is crucial to all of our lives! I bet you’re now wondering how you even lived without it. You can thank me later.

Now, go forth and create new outfits and home accessory enhancements.

(I obviously will do ANYTHING to keep from over-thinking this whole house situation.)


The Reverse Mullet Has Left the Building


Thank you, Ted Gibson. Major improvement from the rooster.

(Although, do the extensions need to be THAT long? I’m not sure.)

photo credit: People


Your Favorite Color Combo



This is totally random, but did you have a favorite color combo back in your awkward middle school days? Pink and heather grey was a hot one during my middle school stint in the late eighties, but I preferred pink and royal blue. Because I was a REBEL, you see.

What about now? Oh, do tell. I love love love talking about colors. I’m quite partial to a red and turquoise combo myself.