Help! I’m Bored with My Hair!


(While typing that volume number in the title, I just realized I’ve been doing these makeovers for 4 years now. Holy shit. That is all.)

Meet Georgia.

Georgia’s hair:

Medium-dark brown. Colors at home with salon-bought hair color.
Normal condition, thick and wavy
Straightens easily
Tends to get lazy when hair is longer (ponytails)
Doesn’t want to get rid of bangs
Proficient with products and tools

Georgia sent me an email eons ago requesting advice about her (darling) hair.

From Georgia’s original email:

My main dilemma with my hair is that, well, it’s boring. I’ve had an a-line bob for as long as I can remember, with a couple short-lived pixie cuts peppered throughout. Every time I get it cut I swear I’m going to give growing it out a shot, as I’ve always wanted long hair, but as soon as it gets to my shoulders, I chop it off again. I’m curious to see how I’ll look with longer hair, but I have a feeling I look better with a short bob. I’d be into either growing it out, or cutting it short (as long as I can keep my precious bangs), I just want to know what you and your lovely readers think would look best before I put the time/effort/money/tears into it.

I recently sent Georgia an email to see if anything had changed in regards to her hair dilemma.

From Georgia’s most recent email:

I actually ended up cutting it back into a bob with sideswept bangs, but I’m still contemplating going long again, as I’ve seriously had this haircut and color for over 10 years! So I guess the question now would be, “keep it short or grow it out again?” I’d still love yours and your lovely readers advice.

Before I jump in, let’s take a look a Georgia’s hair in its chin-length state.

And a bit longer.

This could be one of the most common issues I read from prospective participants. I like my hair, but I’m so bored. And trust me, I GET IT. My hair has been the same style for several years now, but what I’ve come to realize is that my hair looks its best with my current cut. Sure, I get bored and daydream of short bobs or different colors, but I’ve tried all that and I know that my current style is what’s right for me.

I feel the exact same in regards to Georgia. The fact that she thinks of growing it out, but always ends up cutting it shorter tells me one thing. She doesn’t truly LIKE it longer. If she did, she would keep it longer, right? And why would she want it longer when it looks SO DAMN PERFECT cut at her chin! I love the way the shorter bob accentuates her jawline, as well as how her bangs highlight her lovely eyes. Georgia, your hair gets me daydreaming again.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like the longer length on Georgia. I like it. But I LOVE it shorter. I’m especially fond of the length in the above photo on the left of the three shorter styles. Just barely brushing her chin is the perfect length for Georgia. In fact, this cut would look beyond gorgeous.

My final word? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just some minor tweaking will create the fresh look you’re hoping for, without sacrificing what looks best on you.

Of course, this is not a dictatorship. Do you think Georgia should grow her hair out? Do tell.


The Tipsy Society


Reasons why I love The Tipsy Society (and you should to):

1. They love to organize.

2. Recipes for all sorts of cocktails, Panty Dropper included.

3. They adore color combinations as much as I do.

4. The quirky and adorable picks always make me happy.

5. Most importantly, their tagline is “The things we can do with a little alcohol and a lot of internets.” Like I said, I THINK I’M IN LOVE.

If you haven’t checked out this website (written by four lovely ladies), you are really missing out. Definitely one of my faves.


It’s a Girl!


We’re having a little girl! A LITTLE GIRL! Bring on the dresses, tights, pigtails and teenage hormonal rage! As you can see, I couldn’t help myself and bought this darling Imoga cross stitch dress for the little one on Gilt (they have a children’s section, sohelpmegod), but I PROMISE to keep my little girl clothing expenditures in check.


We are so incredibly thrilled to be given the chance to raise both a boy and a girl, and when we told Wito the exciting news, he clasped his hands together and exclaimed, “Oh, a girl! I’ve always wanted something soft to sleep with!” Cue heart explosion. He is going to be such a wonderful big brother.

Oh! And! We got the house and will be moving in three weeks. Hooray! There is much to do before we move in, so the remainder of January will be a bit crazy. D is spending his evenings and weekends at the new place, and it is going to be a race against time to get our changes complete before moving day. I’ve been trying to document the renovations with photos, though, so hopefully I can post some of the small improvements we are making to bring this 60s modern back to her original glory.

In the meantime, please feel free to bestow upon me your best baby girl-rearing advice. We’ve been solely about the penis ’round here for the past three years, so any and all advice is welcome!


Hair Thursday Featured in The Oklahoman!


Hair Thursday was featured in the style section of The Oklahoman this past Sunday. What an honor to be featured in my home state’s newspaper!

Click here for the full article.