I Need Snacking Ideas STAT.


That button is genius, right? Thanks for the nice comments about my belly, by the way. I have to admit my favorite was an incoming link about how good I looked for 19 months pregnant. 19 MONTHS pregnant? Hell, I LOOK FANTASTIC.

The belly is definitely popping, which is perfectly coinciding with my incessant need to graze like a cow all day long. Speaking of…


I love to prep. I love to cook. I love to eat. I HATE TO PLAN MY MEALS.

I’ve talked about this before, and how the Relish System totally saved my ass in the kitchen. Seriously, you guys. I’ve been consistently using their menus and grocery lists on a weekly basis for almost 2 years. 2 years! That right there is true love in my books, for the last time I showed that level and length of commitment was to my Duran Duran poster (MARRY ME, NICK RHODES!!!) from 1982 to 1984.

(Hey! If you also suffer from Can’tPlanDinneritis and want to join Relish, be sure and enter whoorl in the “how you heard of us” section so they know I sent you!)

Back to the planning thing. Although I have my dinners beautifully covered on a weekly basis, I am still falling short on planning/purchasing items for other meals, such as snacks. Seeing as I feel the need to eat a little something, oh, about every 26 minutes, I am at a loss as to what I should buy for healthy snacks in between meals. Right now, I am eating more baby carrots and radishes than you can shake a stick at. I am turning a lovely shade of rosy orange, though!

What are some of your favorite moderately healthy snacks to keep around the house? Help me! DO IT FOR THE BABY.


Hair Oil Treatments


I’ve been spending the past few months experimenting with hair oils, specifically Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil. Here’s a video on my thoughts, if you’re curious.

I did forget to mention one thing on the video, though. Although these treatments are pure oil, I haven’t had any issues with greasiness. Apparently, oils such as Macadamia and Argan are absorbed quickly into the hair and scalp leaving no residue. (However, I choose not to apply the oils close to my scalp.)

If you have any questions regarding these two products, just leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.




Calling all pregnant ladies! (OR ladies and gents who might have over-indulged during the holiday season.)

Are your jeans feeling a little snug around the waistline? Do you feel like your stomach might explode when you sit down? Um, yeah. I might have that problem right now. Never fear! For I have found the answer. Adjust-a-Button.

This little adjustable button has allowed me to stay in my regular jeans up to my 19th week of pregnancy so far, and for that I am eternally grateful. Since I’m not quite big enough for maternity jeans and my belly does NOT enjoy Bella Bands (ouuuuch), I thought I was out of luck until I heard about these guys.

It’s really as easy as sticking a pin into your jeans, and the button is removable so you can use it in all of your pants. I can’t TELL YOU how much more comfortable the past few weeks have been with these buttons….well, how about I just show you.


Uhhh, getting a little tight. Sitting down is not the most pleasurable of actions at this point, and I’m beginning to feel a little concerned for the safety of my fetus. Oh noes!


Dude, RELIEF. That is all.

Oh! You can also use these buttons to tighten a waistband if your pants are too loose. (Although, if that’s the case, you KIND OF SUCK.)

$18 for a pack of two. Buy ’em here. They’ll make your tummy a happy place again.


2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards


Award season makes me dizzy. Frankly, I can’t keep them all separated in my pregnancy-induced pea-sized brain. So um, yeah. Another awards show. Good hair. Bad hair.

Who do you think looked the best? Though not usually a fan of Penelope Cruz’s highlights, I though her current ones looked gorgeous. Like honey, baby.