Update — Beth


Beth (from the Blond/Brunette dilemma) took HT advice and is rocking a gorgeous brunette shade. Is she stunning or WHAT?


From Beth’s email:

Hi Sarah. Hair Thursday has spoken! I wanted to show you my “after.” Btw, I talked to my stylist about my naturally wavy hair and my exasperation with it, and she gave me shorter layers and did some fancy-schmancy cutting so that I can let it air dry and magically it ends up in waves that don’t look disgusting. It looks better when I actually follow up with a curling iron but I wanted to show you the air dry plus anti-frizz cream results. Obviously, in the straight hair pic, I had a hot date with a flat iron.

And check out this photo of her hair in its naturally wavy state.


So lovely! It really looks fantastic, Beth. Thanks for sharing your update!


My Holiday Headband



Triple Strand Headband, $32 at Anthropologie

I adore the simplicity and slight sparkle of the glass beads on this headband for the holidays.


Video Killed The Radio Star (Or my will to live, actually…)


I am truly hoping someone out there can help me with my problem. (PLEASE HELP!)

I shoot video on a Flip Mino HD. I love it.

While reviewing my unedited video on QuickTime, the quality looks great.

Enter iMovie.

After editing, adding some captions and maybe a song or two, I’ll export the file in full quality.

The video always looks like shit. Grainy. A little blurry. Definitely NOT HD quality anymore.

What am I doing wrong? This issue literally consumed my weekend.

Can you help? Wito would be thrilled to have his mother back.


Because this is a true democracy…



I followed the majority and cut sideswept bangs.


First off, can we talk about how almost 1,400 people voted on the state of my bangs? 1,400 people. I had to double-check to make sure duplicate votes weren’t counted, because 1400 PEOPLE, YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU.

Looking solely at the vote, I would say you all were very clear regarding your intentions with my hair. (Dear Sarah’s father, I plan on spending the rest of my life with Sarah’s bangs.) BUT! The comments! The comments were all pretty much, “we love your blunt bangs! Keep your blunt bangs! Sideswept are for sissies!”

Confusion ensued! What’s a gal to do?

I had to be practical. If my blunt bangs looked like this photo most of the time, I would have kept them. However, they usually looked like this. Butt-part blunts, I liked to call them. So, I went back to the sideswept look, but kept them short enough that the bangs fall down on my forehead instead of sweeping across like a long layer.

p.s. – I love them and am very happy. Thank you for leading me down the righteous path!

p.p.s. – I filmed a tutorial this weekend for folica.com, so you can check out the bangs on video if you so desire.

p.p.p.s. – I’m giving away THREE styling irons from Sedu’s Precious Metal Collection later this week. Stay tuned!