From the Participant Reject Folder…


Wow. The last day of 2009! Happy New Year’s Eve, homies.

I’ve been trying to organize my list of HT participants over the past couple of days, and in doing so, have found some fine-looking ladies lurking in the depths of my email inbox. Although they requested my help, I think each and every one of these gals are doing just fine on their own.

Julianna’s perfectly placed purple.


Kristin’s crazy curls.


Amanda’s sexy shape and highlights.


Wendy has some luscious locks, YO.


Lauren nails the whole “piecey yet blunt” bangs effect.


Aiden’s beautiful highlights are 100% natural. (Never colored her hair!)


Keep rolling with it, chicas. And that’s my final answer.


Speaking of Videos…


What topics or tutorials would you like to see covered?

This is what we have so far…

*Product reviews

*Brushes (types and styling tips)

*More tutorials (hair and makeup)

Don’t be shy! Do you have a specific product/tutorial/question in mind? Anything goes…I would love to hear what videos YOU would like to see on Hair Thursday. Thanks in advance!


Happy Holidays!


We are currently in Oklahoma, awaiting the 3 to 7 inches of snow we heard might be making its appearance just in time for Christmas. Wito just might lose his mind in the presence of strange white stuff falling from the sky. We are cautiously optimistic, Mr. Weather! Please don’t disappoint this wide-eyed preschooler!

My father and I are also filming the sequel to this summer’s Candyman, which will be a hard-hitting documentary about my father’s quest to create the Perfect Chex Mix. (And he does make the world’s BEST, trust me.) It will challenge everything you previously believed about chex mix, and we have our fingers crossed for an Oscar nod. Cautiously optimistic.

In the meantime, please enjoy the vocal stylings of Wito. Happy holidays to everyone!

Jingle Bells from whoorl on Vimeo.


Sedu Precious Metals Collection WINNERS!


Here are the lucky winners of the Sedu Precious Metals Collection Styling Irons, courtesy of

Congratulations to Stacy, Nancypearlwannabe and Lindsay!



What a perfect gift for the holidays! Your irons will be on the way shortly.