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Scarlett rarely gets it wrong.


How To Create Bohemian Braids


I’ve received many written emails from stylists on how to create bohemian-looking braids, but when it comes down to it, I need to SEE it happening before my eyes. Written instructions just aren’t going to hack it for this gal.

Which is why I was elated to get an email from Berlin Hair Baby this past week, informing me that she had just completed one of her awesome video tutorials on, you guessed it, braids. (I love her “cheat” french braid technique – so much easier to do!)

Take a look! Thanks, BHB!


How To Create Loose Curls for Short Hair


I am love love loving this loose curls tutorial by Amanda over at the Tipsy Society. (Such a DARLING website – it boasts a little bit of everything.)

Here’s a sneak peek, but head over to the site to check out the details!






The Polaroid detail is just too cute, yes? See the full tutorial here.


hair thursday makeover 81


Meet Sadie.


Sadie’s hair:

Reddish-blonde hair that naturally lightens/darkens with the seasons
Normal condition, thick and wavy
Would love to try a short or medium-length cut with bangs
Spends little-to-no time on hair

From Sadie’s email:

I am 19 years old and in desperate need of hair help.  I want something that is young, stylish and maybe a little funky.  I am sick of having the same long boring haircut. I have almost always had long hair, but I really REALLY would like to try out a short or even medium cut with bangs. The only problem is that whenever I cut my hair shorter than a couple inches bellow my shoulders, it poufs out and becomes straight-ish on top and curly frizzy under. It is a nightmare.

Sadie (love your name, btw), I think you could pull off a shorter look, depending on how much styling you want to endure on a daily basis. Here are two options.


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For option #1, Charlize Theron‘s long bob has delicate curls and just the right amount of airy volume. I think this is the shortest Sadie would want to go, considering her hair type and heart-shaped face. The look is definitely sexy and youthful, and would totally accent Sadie’s natural waves. I would highly recommend Sadie using a curl cream to help define her waves and keep her hair from looking like a “poufy nightmare.” Pureology Real Curl would be a fantastic, but another less expensive option is La Coupe Define Curl Shaping Gel.

Now if Sadie isn’t ready to make the styling commitment that comes with a shorter bob, Emma Stone‘s side-parted hairstyle with sideswept bangs could give her a totally different look without sacrificing all of her length. Sideswept bangs are great for heart-shaped faces, and I would love to see Sadie’s natural highlights sweeping across her forehead.

What do you all think?