Willful, indeed.


My third installment of our adventure in potty training land (read: hell) is up at Pull-Ups Central. Feel free to read about how Wito’s actions caused a potty training expert to use the phrase, “Oh, dear.” Very promising, that kid!


hair thursday makeover 76



Sara’s hair:

Naturally dark brown
Normal condition
Thick, slightly wavy
Looking for a shorter, wash-n-go style

Sara is a busy mom who is looking to take her current style shorter, but not pixie short. I know Sara personally, and besides being a looker (who looks that cute standing around in a tool shed? Huh?), she has a great sense of style. One of the things I love about Sara’s look is that she possesses a little bit of edge, so I wasn’t surprised when she sent a photo of Sienna Miller’s short style as a new possible look.


Love it. I think this would look so attractive on Sara and would meet all of her requirements for getting out of the door in 10 minutes or less. However, I grabbed a couple more options for her to consider before making the cut. Sara mentioned that her hair has become decidedly more wavy since the birth of her daughter, so the following options would be great shorter cuts for wavy hair.


Be sure to check out other gorgeous celebrity hairstyles at Daily Makeover!

I’m kind of obsessing over this incredible style on Mena Suvari. It’s not too different from Sienna Miller’s cut, and actually has very similar angles to Sara’s before cut. Essentially, this style would keep the angles, but shorten the length while keeping the texturized ends and piecey bangs. Love this one, plain and simple. Sara’s waves would be accentuated nicely.

A key styling tip for this look is using styling lotion (like Bumble and bumble Styling Lotion) and a pomade/wax to create definition in the waves. Super quick, but makes a world of difference.

Option #2 is Nora Zehetner‘s shorter look. (I didn’t know who this actress was before, but I am now loving her hair.) This look definitely takes the length up around the sides of the face, but still looks totally chic, fresh and hello, EASY.

What do you all think? I’m pretty sure Sara would look gorgeous with any of these three styles!


Mommy has a cold


Sarah:I’m not feeling very well. Mommy has a cold.”

Wito:I want a cold.”

Sarah:No. Trust me, you don’t want a cold. Colds make you sick. You want a stuffed-up nose with boogers?”

Wito:What? NO! I don’t want stuffed-up nose and boogers! I want a COLD. I don’t need boogers.”

Sarah:So you want a cold, but with no stuffed-up nose and boogers. Huh.”

Wito:YES! I want a cold! A CHERRY COLD.”

Sarah:Wait. Do you mean a Cherry Icee?”




The Best Shine Enhancing Products


I simply can’t narrow this category down to one product. The more, the merrier, eh? (I’m focusing on shine-enhancing finishing products, as in the last step of your styling process.)


If you’ve read Hair Thursday for awhile, you probably know that Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream is one of my very faves. I think I’ve mentioned this cream eleventy billion times on this website. Well, here goes eleventy billion and one. I LOVE THIS STUFF. Smells great, lasts forever, and makes my hair super soft and supple.


Redken Mineral Elixir Smoothing Oil is a newcomer on the market that I’ve been using for the past week. Described as “a glistening shine spray that provides very light conditioning and control with intense frizz-fighting power,” it is quickly becoming a staple. I’m a huge fan of the aerosol spray because you can lightly mist all over your hair and then brush/finger through for ultra shiny tresses. (As with any shine enhancer, use a light hand or else you run the risk of looking like you haven’t seen a shower since ’92.)


In my humble opinion, as a finishing product, Moroccan Oil doesn’t beat FF Glossing Cream. However, using it as a treatment (applying to damp hair) does wonders for shine and conditioning, and it definitely wins for best sultry scent. It smells like, well, what I would imagine a Moroccan night to smell like. (Okay, I really don’t know what that means.)


Last, but certainly not least, Cutler Definition Creme for Texture and Shine rocks the casbah. It smells clean and fresh, smooths flyaways and gives me beautiful shine without any greasy residue. Holla!