Guys and dolls, this is awesome.

The gist? It’s a book that highlights more than 100 subjects that are totally fading into obscurity, such as:

1. Mix tapes (I made some rad mixes in my day; 78% of which included this song.)

2. Getting lost

3. Porn magazines

4. Camera Film (Still buying 35mm for my Holga and DAMN PROUD OF IT. Take that, Obsolete!)

5. Cash

6. Operators (Remember dialing 0 on the phone? And, like, a REAL person would look up a number for you?)

7. Body hair (Haaaaaaa.)

This book won’t disappoint, you have my word. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.


hair thursday makeover 77



Sabra’s hair:

Very thick and relatively unruly
Large gray streaks
Normal to dry condition
Looking for a style that takes advantage of her natural waves
Open to new products
Petite frame with a small face

From Sabra’s email:

I’m desparate for direction. Bangs? or No? Keep growing? More layers? Smoother? Change the color? Anything goes! I’ve shaved my head in the past, cut my own bangs with a knife on a moving boat, colored it black, plum, brown, let it go naturally grey, then dyed it back. My only requirement is that whatever style I have be reasonably executable given that I get up at 5 in the morning to work east coast hours from New Mexico.

I’ve reached a delicate age (41) where I feel like having more hair is a flattering choice, but I’m struggling with how to manage the copious volume without looking deranged. I also want to maintain an edge (I’m a rock star — seriously I have a band and we gig) while also looking like I could work in an office (which I do). I would probably like to keep growing it a bit, but really I’d rather look sharp than have long hair for its own sake.

Sabra is making a salon visit this weekend, so let’s get started with her questions.

Bangs? No. (At least not short ones. Too many cowlicks.)

Keep growing? Maybe. I think a cut just above the shoulder would look great, although Sabra has a great face for a below-the-ear, wavy bob.

More layers? Well, layers always help with making waves beautiful and bouncy.

Smoother? Yes, and a curl-enhancing creme will work wonders on Sabra’s hair. (It will reduce the “crispy” look that I notice in her before photo.)

Change the color? Yes. The tones in Sabra’s hair are looking a little bit brassy. I would love to see a brunette look with subtle golden highlights – similar to the options below.


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If Sabra decides to go shorter, I like Marcia Gay Harden‘s naturally wavy bob. With a couple of wave-enhancing products, she could wash, air-dry and be done for the day. Using a styling lotion or creme will definitely help give Sabra the smoothness she is looking for – I would recommend staying away from gels and/or mousses to keep from the crispy curl look. (Also, be sure to apply product with a light hand. A quarter-sized dollop is more than enough in most situations.)

However, I am loving Sophia Bush‘s layered bob for Sabra. It’s totally youthful, flirty and bouncy with tons of shine. I like the long sideswept layer sweeping across the front, which would really accent Sabra’s blue-green eyes. Plus, it could be smoothed out for work, but definitely gives a rockstar vibe when worn wavy.

What do you think?

I can’t wait to see what Sabra decides this weekend. We shall soon see….


Sniff sniff


First day of preschool.


Wito had a bit of a meltdown, but the school has since called to let me know he is doing just fine and having a great time.

I’m still finding it hard to do much around here, though. I miss that boy.

(Lord, please let him enjoy himself and make friends and um, not wet his pants.)

(Speaking of wet pants, we’re making strides in the potty training department!)


The Emmy Look — Kim Kardashian