Members Only Bomber Jacket



Remember Members Only? Ahhhh, I love this jacket.

(And if you say anything mean about it, I’ll take my beaded friendship pin off your shoe for GOOD, hoser.)


hair thursday makeover 73


This week’s participant is Nicole.


Nicole’s hair:

Naturally medium blonde, but colors it dark brown with reddish undertones
Normal-to-dry condition
Extremely thick, but individual strands are fine
Slightly wavy, straightens easily and also holds curl well
Usually spends 20 minutes styling hair, but is willing to spend more
Proficient with styling tools

From Nicole’s email:

I’d love to get your ideas for my hair. I’ve worn it the same way- very long with bangs- for about five years now
and I’m ready for a change. Right now my hair is really, really long. It has been for several years now. I’ve never had hair shorter than shoulder length but I’m willing to try anything.

It really doesn’t surprise me that Nicole is a natural medium blonde. In fact, the first thing that came to mind while looking at her photo was that she needed to go lighter with her hair color. The rich brunette is a pretty color, but it is just too much for Nicole’s fair-to-light complexion.

A medium brunette with dark blonde highlights would add so much warmth to her lovely face, don’t you think? Audrina Patridge’s color would look beautiful on Nicole.


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As for the cut, I would love to see Nicole take her hair up to the shoulder and grow out her bangs a little bit. Jane Krakowski’s super-swoopy bangs and bodified hairstyle would be such a fun look for Nicole’s thick, slightly wavy hair. The cut is totally versatile – Nicole could wear it either straight or play up her volume!

To achieve the wavy, full-body look, try these simple tips.

Step 1: Apply a handful of mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections while using a large round brush to apply slight upward tension at the roots and then softly roll the ends under. Create a deep side-part.
Step 2: Mist a one-inch thick vertical section with styling spray. Avoid the very top and wrap the section around a medium curling iron. Hold for a few seconds to set the curl and then release and repeat, alternating direction until all hair is curled.
Step 3: Run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and coax fullness.

Good luck, Nicole! Be sure and keep us updated!


Hair Share — Loose Waves Without a Curling Iron



Holly sent in some great tips for creating waves overnight.

1. Rub Organix Coconut Milk Mousse, which is a mousse/leave-in conditioner hybrid, into damp hair. (Yet another Organix recommendation!)
2. Twist hair into a bun
3. Take the bun out in the morning and shake out the waves
4. Spray upside down then again right side up with Aussie Mega hairspray
5. Finish off any scruffy bits with a little bit of Fructis wax

Holly calls it “deliberate bedhead.” I call it gorgeous. Thanks for sending in your tip, Holly!

Share the hair love! If you have a great hair tip or two, email me with the details.


Party Time at the Gap



photo by Rebecca Woolf

Saturday night, I hosted a lovely party for 30 fabulous friends at the Gap 1969 Denim Store in Los Angeles. Man oh MAN, when I accepted the invitation to be a Gap Brand Enthusiast a couple of months ago, I had no idea I would be hosting parties full of treats and libations (mmmm, white sangria) at an actual Gap store. It was the best! (Thank you, Justine and Bonnie!)

Let’s see. Chatting with friends and drinking sangria while incredibly knowledgeable and helpful Gap associates pick out jeans for me to try on. Duuuuude.

Here are shots from the evening. Thanks to Yvonne for taking most of these lovely photos!

(click to enlarge)

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