The Big Winners!


Guess what? I accidentally fell in love with another Gap Born to Fit style. Click here to read about it, as well as find out who won the two $50 Gap gift certificates. Happy Monday!


Gap Perfect Boot Jeans + Giveaway Winner!


Okay, I loved reading those comments. In fact, it took everything in my power not to create a Gap Born To Fit/Whoorl Reader pie chart with pretty colors and percentages detailing everyone’s favorite style choices. Wouldn’t that have been the COOLEST? No? Just me, then?

Thanks for all of the compliments on the boyfriend jeans too. I was so happy to add something new to my denim collection instead of my go-to skinny, bootcut and trouser styles.

However, I couldn’t help myself, you guys. I was passing through the Gap a couple of days ago and saw the Perfect Boot. Now, I tried on the Sexy Boot style at the Gap party and it just wasn’t working for me, so I shrugged off the Perfect Boot style without trying it on. I figured the “mid-rise” was probably too high or something. Boy, was I wrong. (I love it when that happens!)

Ladies, this style is fantastic. The mid-rise works well with my long torso and smaller waist, and I just love the two-button detail on the front. The back pockets are nicely placed – not too close together, not too far apart, and a good size. All in all, I snatched these babies up pronto.

The front.


The back.


(Hello, I’m Sarah’s ass! Pleasure to meet you! Criiinge.)

Confession time. When I learned of the new Born To Fit styles, I didn’t have very high expectations. Gap jeans have NEVER worked well on my body type in the past, and J Brand, Citizens of Humanity and Joe’s Jeans have always been my mainstays. (Very unfortunate for my wallet, I know.)  You guys, I am so excited to have found a brand of jeans that look good AND are significantly less than the designer jeans I’ve been wearing. Huzzah!

Enough about my new jean crush. Let’s announce the winners of the Gap gift certificates!



The winners are #2 and #304!

#2 – Chelsea


#304 – Jennifer R


Congratulations, ladies. Your gift certificates will be on the way shortly!


Boys of Summer



Loving the camera already.


The Impossible Project


Color me STOKED.

I have this on my left.


And this on my right.


What’s that, you ask? It’s my new Polaroid camera. Well, it’s the back of the box containing my “new” vintage Polaroid camera. #90 of the last 700 Polaroid cameras ever to be produced, to be exact.

I’m not sure if you were aware, but Polaroid ended production of Instant Film in 2008. Shortly thereafter, an amazing group of people launched The Impossible Project and acquired all of the machinery and film production equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory in hopes to bring back instant film in 2010.

Many years ago, when D and I decided to take our long-distance relationship to the next level, we packed up our belongings and moved to Chicago to start our life together. During that time, I bought him a mini-Polaroid camera. I have such wonderful memories of our first couple of years together, and that camera captured so much of that time. (Maybe I’ll scan some for you to see!)

When I found out that Urban Outfitters was partnering with The Impossible Project to help support their mission to restart and reinvent instant film photography, I was beyond thrilled. Starting this week, Urban Outfitters is selling deadstock Polaroid film (saved from the last production runs at the Polaroid factory in Netherlands) AND a Special Edition Polaroid Camera Kit. Sales of the film and camera kits directly support The Impossible Project.

Needless to say, I was standing at my local UO store this morning at 10 a.m. sharp. I might have gulped rather loudly when I heard the total ($180 for the kit), but I know my money is directly supporting this super project.

I don’t know – I just think the world would be a slightly less fun place without Polaroids. Call me crazy.

You can learn more here. It’s time to take my camera for a spin!