No Longer Scared of Hair Spray


I just returned from a quick weekend jaunt to Chicago. I guess you could say I was a quasi-Blogher conference attendee, but instead of trying to cram every panel, party and swag fest into my day, I brought my family and spent most of my time hanging out in our old neighborhood of Bucktown. We arrived late on Thursday night, had a pizza delivered to the hotel at 11:30pm and let our toddler jump up and down on the bed like a crazed lunatic.

Friday morning was pretty brutal. As most of you know, traveling east pretty much kills your will to live upon waking the following morning. As I dragged my tired ass out of bed, I remembered that I had an appointment with celebrity stylist Luke O’Connor and his team for a little hair styling session at the Suave booth at the conference. The day was looking up already!

At 9:30 am, I arrived at Suave’s darling booth and met the lovely Anna, who I’m pretty sure utilizes the best curling iron technique I have ever witnessed. It was like a hybrid of a no-clamp AND clamping technique. (I’m currently trying to replicate the process so I can show you all in a future tutorial.)


Anna effortlessly curled my hair and sprayed a light mist of Suave Professionals Extra Hold Hair Spray as a final touch. Not being a fan of hair spray, I was a little hesitant, but she assured me the spray would help the curls last longer.


Voilá! Ready for the day! Now, here’s the part I can’t get over. I spent the next 8 HOURS chasing my toddler all over the city of Chicago and my hair still looked like this Friday evening:


I didn’t even need to touch it up before heading out! Suave, you have made this hair spray phobic into a believer. I’m stocking up.

Anna works at the amazing Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. Give her a call!


How To Properly Hail a Taxi


Stop taxi, STOP! from whoorl on Vimeo.

Thank you to the taxi cabs of Chicago for keeping my son completely enthralled for hours on end. (Well, just the yellow ones. To the rest of the colors, Wito says YOU SUCK.)


Update — Richard


Remember Richard?


His dilemma about whether to keep growing out or throw in the towel for the summer was made into a class project for the Sono Academy, one of the hottest new salon schools in the Northeast.  The project included not only his haircut, but color and styling advice.

Drumroll, please!


Academy Director Thea Tsiranides cut Richard’s hair similar to the winning Option #1 and enhanced his shade with a demi-permanent color by Wella. According to Thea, the haircut gives Richard “a more progressive look” and can be styled either flat to the head or in a “messy, spiky” fashion. Thea used Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Cream to create the look.

You look fantastic, Richard!


My Dream Hair


I’m definitely wanting to revisit blunt bangs this fall, and I found this inspiration over at the fabulous blog, Hair on the Brain.


photo from Garance Doré

I think I’m going to do it. No, I KNOW I’m going to do it. (Don’t talk me out of it.)

(Are you all reading Hair on the Brain? Listen to me, if you love hair, YOU MUST READ THIS BLOG. It is one of my very favorites!)