Update — Nicol


Remember Nicol?


Nicol wanted a change, so she followed the majority vote for Option #1.


Are you ready for The Gorgeous?? Take a look at this!


I’d say that is another Hair Thursday success. You look beautiful, Nicol!


Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town. (With a Real Toddler This Time!)


Before this weekend, our last visit to Chicago was in 2005.


D and I were practically newlyweds!

This trip was a little different, though. Same spot, but with a minor addition. You know…only the greatest thing that ever happened to us. No biggie.


It’s a little bizarre reading my posts about that trip from four years ago. (They were actually my 9th and 10th post on this blog.) Four years, man! In comparison to many, four years of blogging still makes me a zygote, but I personally can’t believe I’m still plugging away. For I am one of those people who delve passionately into a project only to see it fizzle out over a short period of time.

I am also in awe of what has stemmed from this website.  Connecting with people halfway across the world, making amazing friends, freelance work, media attention, well…it’s just surreal, really. I just recently redesigned my press page at Hair Thursday, and let me tell you, looking at that page makes me utter HOLY SHIT over and over. HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE. This blog gave me all those opportunities.

I don’t want to seem like I’m tooting my horn over here – actually, it’s the exact opposite. I’m usually not one to voice my opinion on the drama that finds its way into the blogging community, but after taking notice of certain attitudes at Blogher this past weekend, I just want to say that I do not take ONE IOTA of this for granted. I am 100% thankful and GRATEFUL for the opportunities I have received over the past few years, and I am 100% appreciative to the people who take time out of their extremely busy day to visit my blogs, as well as the companies who choose to reach out to me. The blogging community has added a completely new and wonderful dimension to my life and I am a little awestruck. I might even be a little choked up right now, although my period is starting soon and I just put too many green olives in my tuna salad WHICH IS COMPLETELY RUINING MY DAY, so there’s that.

I guess all I’m trying to say is…peace be with you. The end.

Okay! No segue!  Here are some of our favorite family photos from Chicago.



hair thursday makeover 71


Meet the lovely Mia.


From Mia’s email:

Since writing you last fall, I had my hair chopped to a short swing-bob. It was cute (or so I was told), but too much work. I’m now in the process of growing it out, with the ultimate goal being… I don’t really know?? Definitely not as long as it was in the first set of pictures I sent you, but longer than it is now. As I mentioned before I like to wear it wavy, so I’m looking for something that is conducive to that. Most of the time though, even when it starts off down and wavy, or down and straight, I end up putting it in a pony-tail, or bun. I’m all about the bun. It’s also really really light blonde, maybe too blonde? I don’t know…. So, I guess the issues I would like you and your readers to help me with would be 1) choosing a manageable style that I can stick with and 2) a color that works with my skin-tone (which is basically translucent).

Other mentionables:

Naturally dirty blond, with light blond highlights
Fine, but a lot of it
Naturally a little wavy, but with blow drying and a quick once over with a flat iron, it’s straight.
Wants to wear it wavy
Uses salon products for the most part –  Pureology, Kerastase, and Biolage

I love the shorter length on Mia! That bob really accentuates her beautiful features, but I totally understand the time commitment involved. Although I think she should keep it shorter than her first photo, I think we can find a happy medium that takes less time to style (less than ten minutes!), accents her loose waves, and is super chic.

Something like this, yes?


I think this shoulder-skimming style would look incredible on Mia. However, I do like Mia’s sideswept bangs, so it’s really up to her if she wants to grow out her bangs. Either way would look fab. This length still calls attention to her features, yet is long enough to pull into Mia’s coveted bun.

The burning question. How can she achieve this look in 10 minutes or less?

Friends, I give you the Recipe for Fine, Loose Curls. Drumroll, please.

1. Prepare hair with Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion.

2. Work a small amount of Bumble and bumble Defining Creme through the hair, beginning at the nape, moving forward.

3. Spread through more sparingly as you reach ends and tease out waves.

4. Air-dry for natural separation. (Or blow dry with a diffuser if in a hurry.)

Tada! Beautiful, loose waves! That’s it, Mia. With your wave pattern, these two products are going to be a godsend.

As for the color, I think Mia could go a little bit darker, but not much. My guess is that Mia was a white-blond child because she wears the light blond very well. What do you think? Should Mia go darker or celebrate her blond?

You may have noticed this makeover post is following the old format. Well, I changed my mind. AGAIN. (I obviously have ever-changing thoughts regarding this blog. Come along for the bipolar ride! Wheeeeeeeee! ) I wasn’t really loving the new format and frankly, it wasn’t saving me any time. So, we’re back to the original format – one detailed makeover post per week on Thursdays. I mean, this blog IS called HAIR THURSDAY. I posted the revised FAQs here.)


Dreaming of Ponzi Schemes



My forever-long search for fragrance is over.


Ruffle Bib Dress


Frye Carson Pull On


Grecian Green Dress


Seychelles Denaise


Caranday Dress


Bubble Necklace