Palm Springs!


Well, it’s time to re-pack my bags and head out to Palm Springs for sun, swimming and a little relaxation. When I mentioned to Wito that we were leaving for Palm Springs to see his beloved great-grandparents, he dashed out of the room and returned looking like this:


I think he is more excited than his mama.

Have I mentioned that he refuses to stand within 5 feet of a pool without some sort of flotation device cocooned around his body? Unfortunately, he had a falling-into-a-pool accident last summer and “fearless” is not one of the words I would use to describe his poolside approach. (However, put the kid near the ocean and he’s balls to the wall. Go figure.)


In the Past Five Minutes, I Have:


1. Put the salad croutons in the refrigerator and the opened salad dressing in the pantry.

2. Filled a sippy cup per Wito’s request, but handed him a pack of swim diapers instead. The sippy cup could be anywhere at this point.

3. Received an email requesting my Brita FFG post that was due LAST MONDAY.

4. Spent 2,718 wasted breaths on a beach ball that I wasn’t depressing properly while blowing up, thus NO AIR WAS GOING INTO THE BALL.

Am I the only one experiencing massive brain fartage today?


My Muse


I’m not entirely sure how to follow that one up, except to say that I really lucked out in the father department. If he lived in California, we would be a movie-making FORCE. Did I mention I have additional footage from our candy expedition? After we returned from the grocery store, Ron and I had an impromptu interview of sorts. We dove into the specific reasons for each candy choice, which somehow morphed into an analogy using M&M’s to describe the current economic situation. Riveting shit, I tell you.

I would love to show you this footage except for one tiny issue. I’m back in California now, which means I no longer have any family members keeping Wito occupied while I feverishly edit and create videos. Also, I’m sick. Wito’s sick. IT’S REALLY EXCITING OVER HERE.

We’re going to take a nap, but y’all enjoy your day, ya hear?


The Candy Man


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my dad’s glorious candy drawer on more than one occasion here at whoorl. Earlier this week, I received the greatest honor imaginable when my father asked me to accompany him on a candy-drawer-stocking expedition to the grocery store. I jumped at the chance to learn proper candy-stocking skills from the master. How does he do it? Are his purchases off the cuff or does he employ a systematic thought process? THE QUESTIONS.

A thought crossed my mind. I bet 6 of my readers would find a documentary completely riveting!

This video is for you, 6 people of the world.

Warning: This is 4 minutes and 55 seconds of your life that you will NEVER get back. Think about it.