Hair Share: Living Proof No Frizz Spray



As I was planning a trip to Hawaii last month, I asked Whoorl for her suggestion on hair products, since she had just gone to Kauai and had really cute pictures of her hair while drinking a fruity drink. I realized that I wanted to spend my vacation drinking fruity drinks and not worrying about the state of my hair, which meant that this was not a trip to bring the flat iron. She suggested Pureology’s Real Curl Cream. I hesitated, not because I didn’t trust her, but because I know that she has beautiful, thick, glossy, virginal (at the time) hair. Mine hair is fine, dry and thoroughly color treated, and likes to be a little multiple-personality-like with the straight/wavy/curl business.

And so I went to Sephora. Where they doted on me and my upcoming trip, suggested a good SPF (which I forgot to reapply and got 2nd degree burns on day 1 – bad Darcey!), and then played with my hair. A lot. Which turned into a suggestion for the Living Proof Wave Shaping, Curl Defining No Frizz Styling Spray for Fine to Medium Hair. I admit, I was a wee bit skeptical. I didn’t see how this could be all that different from my usual curl spray, John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Dream Curl Spray. Same consistency, same basic premise.

The lady at Sephora swore that this stuff had been selling like hotcakes. And there’s the wonderful return policy that they have in place. So I bought the smaller bottle (ease of packing) and went on my merry way through 18 hours of travel to get from Atlanta to Honolulu. I didn’t get to put it to test until I got on the island. After a day at the beach (and the aforementioned sunburning), I showered up and prepared to go out with friends. I added a little curl-enhancing mousse, then liberally sprayed the product through my hair. I let air-dry as much as time would allow (about 20 min) and then ran my diffuser-dryer through it to finish it off.


Folks, I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Look! (I’m in the middle.) My hair, no frizzies! Just bouncy wave-curls! It looked great all evening. It was passable in the morning, and even better when I re-sprayed it. (Though being on a tour bus with velour-like seats all day fuzzed it up a good bit.) It even looked relatively good from the back.

Now, the real question is, will it replace my JFFE Dream Curl Spray? Maybe not. Ounce-per-ounce, I can get roughly 7 oz of the JFFE for $6 and the same amount of LPWSCDNFSS would cost $48. Granted, I have to use a good bit more of the JFFE to get the same effect, but not 8 times more. And it does require me to use a leave-in conditioner to keep some of the frizzies at bay, but again, that’s not a price-gouge for me.

But I’m really glad I took it with me to Hawaii. Is that a good enough excuse to go back?

Thanks to Darcey for spilling the goods on Living Proof’s No Frizz Spray!


Do You Need a New ‘Do?


Are you going to Chicago for Blogher next month? Don’t you think a new hairstyle would make it the best trip EVER?

If so, check out this contest hosted by Susan, Heather and Danielle. It’s pretty damn awesome, so don’t dilly-dally! Leave your submission in the comments section of one of the above ladies’ posts before midnight on July 3rd.

And what do I have to do with this contest? I’m a Very Important Judge, chicas. From Susan’s post:

All entries will be judged by the lovely ladies of Sparrow and by the super-talented Whoorl of Hair Thursday. Don’t even try sucking up to them; they’re hard core about this hair thing. Seriously.

You see? I’m hard core about this hair thing. And super-talented. BWAHAAAHAAAAA.

(However, I do accept monetary bribes.)

(FINE. I don’t accept bribes. Sheesh.)


Dauphine T-strap Sandals



$68 (on sale!), J. Crew

This is my sandal of the summer. I bought both silver and gold, and will probably have either pair on my feet the majority of this season. Maxi dresses, Bermuda shorts, flirty skirts, summer-weight chinos…these babies will go with anything!


hair thursday makeover 67



Erin’s hair:

Fairly straight with a hint of wave
Thick, normal condition
Thinking about layers
Not very product savvy

Erin is pregnant with her second child and is looking for a relatively manageable style, although she mentioned being more than willing to spend more time styling her hair. This is a GOOD thing, considering she is definitely wash-n-wear. (She uses NO conditioner in her hair! Quelle horreur! My hair weeps at the thought!)

First off, let’s start shampooing AND conditioning Erin’s hair. Conditioner will help keep ends hydrated, reduce frizz and keep tangles under control. However, you don’t have to employ the ol’ shampoo/condition tag team in the shower to achieve hair nirvana. Many leave-in products can be used post-shower too!

Some of my favorite conditioning products (leave-in and/or wash-out) are:

Infusium Moisturologie Conditioner, $6

Redken Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield Leave-In Smoother, $11 (I’m taking this one to Palm Springs with me this weekend. Fantastic for protecting hair from sun and swimming!)

Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray, $21

Kerastase Nutridéfense Spray, $34

As for Erin’s new style, I definitely think she should keep the length. The addition of a new baby can be quite demanding, and I would hate for Erin to deal with the upkeep and styling of a shorter haircut.

I love the idea of giving Erin some layers throughout to create more movement and enhance her subtle wave pattern. Also, a few sideswept layers around the face would draw attention to her beautiful blue eyes and make her ponytails a little more stylish. (Let’s not deny it – the woman is going to be busting out some ponytails in the upcoming months.)

On most days, after using her NEW CONDITIONER, Erin should work a dab of a styling cream (such as Bumble & Bumble Styling Cream, $26) throughout her beautiful red hair and air-dry for a fun and wavy summer look.

Something like this.


Or if she’s in the mood to blow-dry for a sleek look, this would be fantastic.


Good luck, Erin! Be sure to send a photo update of your new style!