Leap Frog Tag Reader Giveaway!



Once again, I have to thank all of you who commented and/or emailed me about the early reader situation. Your suggestions were spot on!

One of the common threads I noticed in your suggestions was the use of Leap Frog products. Whether the Tag Reader or Leapster2, many of you mentioned these products as awesome learning tools for your little ones. I’m in full agreement – we LOVE the Tag Reader. LOVE IT. I wrote a review of the Tag Reader at ParentDish last summer and my opinion hasn’t changed at all. It rocks.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Leap Frog, one lucky reader will receive one Tag Reader set plus two extra books! Here’s the deal – leave a comment on this post before Friday, May 29th at 12pm PST. I’ll announce the randomly-chosen winner Friday afternoon. Good luck!

(Psst…a Leapster2 giveaway is coming soon!)


Parenting Confessional – Part 3


1. On Monday, Wito’s lunch consisted of some Cheerios and string cheese because I wanted to eat HIS beloved leftovers from a Mexican restaurant the night before.

2. I get secretly pissed when he announces that he doesn’t like the song playing in my car. I HAVE STELLAR TASTE IN MUSIC, KID. ONE DAY YOU WILL REALIZE THAT.

3. Wito calls cereal bars (Nutri-Grain bars and such) “handlebars”. I know I am supposed to correct him, but there is nothing cuter than a kid asking for a strawberry handlebar. Carry on, son!

4. If I’m looking like a disheveled mess and/or hobo and need to run errands, I prefer to take Wito so that strangers will assume I look this way from being an overworked parent. Truth is, I probably spent all of my primping time reading Harper’s Bazaar and rearranging my shoe collection.


hair thursday makeover 65


Meet Lisa. Look at this lovely face.

Let’s take a gander at her hair, shall we?

It’s long. Like halfway to Crystal Gayle long, but I must admit, it’s damn pretty.

Lisa’s hair:

Naturally dark brown and straight
Thick, normal condition
Open to all lengths
Spends 5 to 10 minutes styling
Uses no products or tools except for a brush

When I received Lisa’s photos, I knew I could have pulled the drastic change routine. You know, the You-Must-Chop-Two-Feet-Off-Your-Hair-Immediately! kind of routine. Truth is, I HATE that routine. It reminds me of this old makeover show on Lifetime when stylists would literally butcher participants’ hair for the sake of drama. I always felt so bad…watching those poor ladies try to keep it together while some douchebag turned a perfectly good head of hair into an over-highlighted, over-layered, flippy mess.

To that, I say Hell to the No. I’m still going to recommend a good amount be taken off, but no frosted bobs will be seen today.

Let’s take a look at the options.

These are very similar hairstyles, give or take some long bangs and layering around the face.

Option #1 would take Lisa’s hair up to chest level with some light layering throughout to add some natural movement to her otherwise straight hair.

Option #2 is the exact same concept except with some cheekbone-length layers to draw attention to Lisa’s pretty facial bone structure. I would not recommend cutting bangs any shorter at this point in time. Lisa’s hair has been weighed down for so long, any sudden bang-cutting could be an initial catastrophe.

However, after the cheekbone-length layers are cut for a month or two, Lisa could have a few more sideswept bangs added to the mix which look very nice with a ponytail.

Something else Lisa could do to accentuate her lovely features is to have her eyebrows shaped. Her shiny new hairstyle coupled with shaped brows will take her from a subdued beauty to a knockout!

Tell Lisa what you think! Which option do you like best?

I must admit – I am super excited to see the results. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


Update – Dawn


Remember Dawn?

Dawn wanted to add a little oomph to her current style and Hair Thursday readers agreed that sideswept bangs (alá Jennifer Garner) would do the trick.

Check out her beautiful new look.

Thanks for the update, Dawn!