Sweet baby Thalon. The fair, red-headed boy amidst the sea of princess tiaras and Barbie dolls. The perfect representation of Gorillabuns’ Irish roots. Rich’s future partner-in-crime.

Thalon passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by his adoring family.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention wanting to punch the universe in the mouth right now. Really hard.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Shana in real life, you know she is quite the Mama Bear. Long before she birthed her three beautiful children, she was the kind of friend that would fight dragons tooth and nail for you. Fiercely protective. Loyal. She might even throw a Cape Cod in the face of your nemesis. You know, the kind of person you always want on your side.

However, behind that boisterous Mama Bear exterior lies the most enormous, the most feeling heart you could ever encounter. In all honesty, she’s a total sap.

I distinctly remember shortly after Moira’s birth, beached out on her couch with my own pregnant belly, talking about what an independent spirit her firstborn was. “Little Miss Thing (as she would call Celia) sure isn’t into the whole cuddling and hugging bit”. I remember nodding, thinking that Celia was a smart little girl because, well, touchy-feely people are STRANGE. Just at that moment, Celia sauntered over to Shana and gave her a huge bear hug, and as I looked over at my favorite fierce Mama Bear, I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

I remember hoping I could be a mother like that one day. One who cares so deeply about her babies that the simple act of a day-to-day hug could fill them with so much love that the tears flow.

I can’t begin to fathom what Shana, Rich and the girls are going through right now. To be honest, I won’t even allow myself to envision losing my child. What I do know is that they need all the positive thoughts and prayers that you can give them right now. Shana is so thankful for all of your love and concern – it has lifted her spirits tremendously.

I’ve been trying to think of what I can do right now, 1,400 miles away, to help before heading to Oklahoma. I’ve set up a Paypal donation button for anyone who wants to help Shana’s family with the expenses of Thalon’s hospital stay and funeral services. Please feel free to use the button on your website to help spread the word.

Donations would be greatly appreciated, but your thoughts and prayers are just as welcome.


hair thursday makeover 63


Meet Amy.

I love this chick. Look at her rocking the whoorl curl!

Amy’s hair:

Super dark brown
Normal condition
Thick – tends to poof while drying
Minimal wave
Would love longer hair, but has had shorter styles most of her life
Enjoys the versatility of longer hair
Uses a flat iron when straightening
Uses FF Glossing Cream

Amy is a super stylish gal and I like her hair. Given her personal style, she really could pull off a lot of looks, and I really want her to take it to the next level. You know, something that complements her new birthday tattoo. In all honesty, I think this haircut would be fantastic, but it might be bit too much for her (or for YOU WEENIES).

First things first. I can tell from the straight hair photo that her hair needs to be texturized a little more. It’s still a little too heavy when she straightens it. Don’t get me wrong – Amy has really great hair, but it just needs to be cut into a little bit. She mentioned how it becomes the dreaded triangle during the grow-out process, and I promise that heavier texturizing would eradicate that issue.

I also like to see movement around Amy’s face. The wave looks very nice with her face and forehead shape, but she complained that her hair doesn’t hold curl very well.

So, what to do…

If Amy wants to keep longer hair, I would suggest heavy texturizing and piecey-er (wow, that is NOT a word) bangs. Just something to give her style a little more oomph, ya know? Like so:

Love the bangs, love the length, love the texturized layers. Yep. I like this one. Except I would like to see a little more volume/movement, which I think would be a breeze for Amy to achieve with her specific hair texture and thickness. (Especially after texturizing.)

Now, if Amy wants to go shorter, I would recommend something like this:

I chose this specific photo of Katie Holmes because I like how it’s not super straight and has a little movement throughout.

What do you think? Long or short?


Wanted: Professional Top Spinner


Just in case you haven’t been pummeled with daily reminders, we’re in a recession. Last month’s unemployment rate soared to 8.5%, the highest level since 1983. I’m fairly confident my most pressing issue in ’83 was choreographing dances to Duran Duran’s “Rio” in my backyard.

Here at, we would like to help spark the economy by adding a very special job to the employment pool.

Job Description: Professional Top Spinner

Duties and Responsibilities: Spinning assorted tops for 40 hours/week in order to satisfy a top-obsessed toddler.


  • Must be a proficient top spinner. All mediocre top-spinning attempts will be rejected by toddler. Top must spin evenly, with absolutely no wobbling or shaking.
  • Must be level-headed. If top-spinning is not to toddler’s liking, the occasional use of insults in an annoyingly-verbose-for-a-toddler manner can be expected. (Examples are “What’s a matter with you, silly goose?”, “That’s not how a top spins!”, “Why are you such a silly spinner?” and the kicker, “You are funny to me with that spinning.”)
  • Must quickly adapt to the toddler-created Top-Spinning Rules. For instance, if you are spinning a group of stacking tops, you must stack them perfectly and in order of color. However, if you are playing with a singular/non-stacking top, you MUST NOT EVER spin two tops at the same time. This will cause a Toddler Meltdown of Biblical Proportions.
  • While spinning tops, you must sing this song that I created for optimal top-spinning enjoyment:

(To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle)

Spinning, spinning, spinning top
How I think your colors pop
Spinning round and round and round
You spin away but will be found
Spinning, spinning, spinning top
How I think your colors pop

(If anyone is looking for a genius lyricist, I am currently accepting offers of employment myself.)

Salary is negotiable. Please send your resumes to the Whoorl HR Department.


Amber Frames



$49.00, eBay

I adore the shape and color of these French frames so much, I would risk purchasing them sight unseen. You do know my mandate ends in  2 days? Hmmm….

(Thanks for sending me this link, Dad. You are beyond cool.)