hair thursday makeover 62


(I’m on a plane to Hawaii today. Awww yeah.)

Laura’s hair:

Naturally mousy brown. Dyes it dark brunette
Normal-to-oily hair
Very thick, naturally curly
Prefers length
Would straighten her hair every day if time permitted
Always straightens her bangs and if she wears it curly, she “corrects” a few curls in the front with a curling iron
Uses mousse

Okay, let’s begin. I can’t tell if it’s the lighting in the photos or what, but the color in the second (straight) photo is sublime. Shiny and chocolate and gorgeous and not brassy and RECREATE THAT COLOR HOWEVER YOU CAN, LAURA.

As for the cut, let’s take a little off (2-3 inches) and do something different with the bangs.

I’m just not loving the piecey bang look on Laura. I think she would look much better with sideswept bangs (especially with her wavy/curly hair) or no bangs at all. I used photos of straight hair to show off the layering in the front, but I think both of these hairstyles would look great worn naturally curly.

I would suggest Laura grow her bangs out in a sideswept fashion (#1) – that way they can blend with the rest of her hair throughout the process. Additionally, layering throughout will keep her long hair current without the risk of looking too bulky or dated.



Calling All Kauai Aficionados


Being an expert planny planner, I am putting together a list of things to do while in Kauai. I would love any suggestions! This is what I have so far…


Beach House
Caffe Coco


Zodiac Boat Tours – Na Pali Coast
Secret Beach
Waimea Canyon
Kilauea Lighthouse
Drinking cold libations at the hotel pool (my personal favorite)

What am I missing? Any thoughts regarding this list? Got any tips? I can give you lots of tips…English tips…


hair thursday makeover 61


Jessica’s hair:

Naturally mousy brown, but colors at home (usually lighter and/or red)
Chemically processed
Thick, but fine
Prefers chin length or longer
Uses products and tools regularly

From Jessica’s email:

Okay here is the thing…I’m 25 maried without kids and a nurse practitioner.  I look young for my age…my patients comment on how young I look all the time.  I know I’ll be glad for it someday…but would you want someone who you think looks 16 doing your annual exam?  So I really would like to look my age and professional…but without having a “mom” haircut.  Over the past lets say several months I’ve gotten a perm and colored my hair a few times…and the cut is really, I’d say, lacking in shape…but I just am not sure what to do….please help!

Jessica, it must be horrible looking so young. I mean, GAHHHHH.

(I’m kidding. I totally get what you are saying.)

The photos Jessica sent in were in her natural state, which were very helpful.

My thoughts? Adding a little shape to her cut along with a color change would be the answer to her problems. Right now, the color looks a little sun-bleached and orange-ish, which could be adding to the whole younger-looking issue. Adding a little depth to her color would be fantastic.

First, the cut. Jessica’s oval face shape is perfect for chin-length styles. This layered bob really jumps out at me.

(Have you not checked Mopshots out yet? It is DA BOMB.)

As Jessica’s perm grows out, she would need to use her flat iron to smooth out any kinks. However, this style could be worn wavy or straight, depending on the time spent styling. Since Jessica already uses products and tools, I’m not too concerned with the styling time at all. Straightened, this is the perfect, professional yet stylish look.

As for the color, I feel like Jessica needs to go either lighter or darker. With her previous at-home colors and perms, I would suggest her working with a hair stylist to get these looks – at least at first, to get the feel for what she likes and doesn’t like. Take a look at these color options.

Crap. Now, I’m thinking Jessica could be darling with a longer, layered cut. However, methinks it wouldn’t be professional enough for her requests. The brain isn’t working…need coffee STAT. What do you think?


Cross-Front Sundress


Guess what? I’m going to Kauai in ten days! This development happened in the blink of an eye and I might be breathing into a paper bag right now, but I’m thrilled beyond belief.

D and I never had a true honeymoon. (I know what you are thinking…we got married in Hawaii, for Christ’s sake. However, we had family with us the entire time. Is that a honeymoon, I ask? IS IT? MOST CERTAINLY NOT.) We really need this right now.

So, Hawaii. This puts a little bit of a damper on my No Shopping Mandate, as my two bathing suit bottoms look like I took a dump in them. A little baggy in the rear department, thanks to a combination of worry and Jillian Michaels. I need a new bathing suit, some bathing suit coverups and maybe a new pair of flip flops.

In a Daddy Warbucks-attempt to make my February blues disappear, my most wonderful father presented me with a check for $300. I am going to use this money to fund my Hawaii wardrobe…reporting everything to you in the process.

Luckily, I have found my two bathing suit coverups for cheap!


$15, Old Navy

I don’t think this was made to be a bathing suit coverup, but it’s perfect. Super lightweight cotton and ideal for drinks by the pool. I also am buying this in black with my 30% Give and Get promotion…let’s tally it up!

Purple dress: $15 (on sale)

Black dress: $19.50

Total (with 30% off): $24.15 + tax

I also ordered 7,650 bathing suits from J. Crew yesterday in hopes to find ONE that fits. I can’t wait to return approximately 22 pieces to my local store. They will LOVE me.