New Wayfarer



Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, $108

I’m not in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, I swear. It’s just that I arrived 30 minutes early (SHOCKER) for my eye appointment yesterday afternoon and was forced to try on frames. Forced, I say!

The original Wayfarers don’t look so great on me, but the ‘new’ style was super fun. Look, I even took an incognito burrito photo as evidence! Now, I shall stare at that photo with enormous longing until April 10th.


hair thursday makeover 57


Meet someone who didn’t provide her name.

Someone’s hair:

Naturally brown with golden highlights
Consistently highlights her hair
Hair is very dry, “practically fried”
Thick and curly
Prefers long
Uses a blow dryer occasionally and a straightener frequently
Lives in humid environment

I know someone (let’s call her Jane) wants longer hair, but I do think a slightly shorter cut would look very fresh, as well as getting rid of some of the drier ends. However, if Jane wants a longer cut, I would recommend growing her bangs out.

Let’s take a look at the two options.

Option #1 is a flirty style that would freshen up Jane’s look. I love the sideswept bangs, and I would ask Jane to pay particular attention to the way the bangs blend into the side of the hair. Right now, Jane’s bangs are too severe on the sides. They really don’t blend at all, so I would request that she make a note of that with her stylist. Blend, blend, blend.

Option #2 would be really pretty as well. If Jane wants to stick with the longer length, I would highly recommend growing out her bangs to a nice, chin-length layer. That way, Jane will still have movement around the face, but the overall look will be very different.

As for products, I would recommend looking into the styling lotions mentioned by Aleks this week, and I don’t think it would be such a bad idea for Jane to let her natural curls air-dry once in awhile to keep it as healthy as possible.

What do you all think? Should Jane go shorter or keep the length?


25 Things


1. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance, I could be tortured by Jack Bauer with no sleep for a week and STILL not be able to sleep on an airplane or in a car.

2. I have never owned a pet, nor do I care to in the future.

3. In my mid-20’s, I was a sales manager in charge of entertainment accounts in a Kansas City hotel. Needless to say, I have had to deal with a plethora of precarious situations involving celebrities and musicians.

4. Directly after that job, I accepted a national sales position which required me to move out of my apartment, put all of my belongings into storage and fly around the country for a year. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

5. Without fail, I reorganize my kitchen pantry every two weeks.

6. I am not a people watcher, and I loathe feeling like I’m the object of a stranger’s stare.

7. When I was sixteen years old, I wrecked three cars in 48 hours. Still haven’t lived that one down.

8. Despite that “unfortunate” experience, I am a very good driver. I prefer to call my style of driving “fast and accurate”.

9. I am petrified of food poisoning. I would rather lick a tarantula than vomit.

10. One of my most annoying habits is chewing my bottom lip. I do it without even noticing.

11. I was an early reader and skipped a grade as a child.

12. I do not drink soda and haven’t for a decade. I actually enjoy drinking water.

13. It might as well be Christmas Day when the J. Crew catalog arrives in the mail. It’s my bible, I love it and would profess my love VERY LOUDLY from a mountaintop. Your attempts at mocking do not sway me.

14. I am addicted to flats. Can’t. Stop. Buying. Them.

15. Since graduating college thirteen years ago, I have not lived in the same state for more than four years. We are starting our fifth year in California and I’m feeling the itch.

16. I am not a sweets person. Give me a bag of Doritos over cookies any day.

17. I have a fascination with men’s beards. Ray LaMontagne, call me.

18. My mother just signed up for a Twitter account. This delights/stuns/frightens me to no end.

19. I’m a morning person. I’m exploding with energy the minute my eyes open, and it slowly whittles away throughout the day. I’m pretty much good for nothing after 7pm.

20. If a commercial for a scary movie comes on the television, I have to mute the television, cover my eyes and count to thirty. (You know, to MAKE SURE it’s over before opening my eyes again.)

21. The one memory that makes me uncomfortable to the point of shuddering was a Scuba diving incident I experienced in Cabo San Lucas about 10 years ago.

22. Before having a child, I worried that motherhood would make me an overly anxious person. On the contrary, being a mom has mellowed me out something fierce. (Which is a good thing.)

23. I have two tattoos and am debating re-inking a new design over one of them.

24. I love music. Doesn’t matter what genre. If it gives me goosebumps, I’m a fan for life.

25. With that being said, listening to The Grateful Dead makes me want to off myself. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what song, that shit BUMS ME OUT.

Originally posted on Facebook – this meme seems to be speading like wildfire over there.


Pleated Silk Tee



Pleated Silk Tee, Martin + Osa

I haven’t shopped for almost a month. A MONTH. OF NO SHOPPING. I need this shirt, people. I need it bad.

1. It’s my very favorite shade of pink.

2. In fact, it reminds me of my glasses, seen here on the dashing Brandon.


(I met up with some incredibly cool bloggers Friday night. I was completely overserved and forced people to wear my glasses. The end.)

((You really should read Brandon’s recap here. It may or may not include the most hilariously awesome photo created by Secret Agent Josephine in the history of mankind.))

3. Back to the shirt – not that I would wear the shirt and the glasses together, mind you.

4. It would be a lovely addition to my Valentine’s Day ensemble. Yeah, I might wear pink on Valentine’s Day, what of it?

5. I have dropped a few hints to the husband about this being the Best Goddamn Valentine’s Present Ever, but I’m not sure he is comprehending.