What I’m Buying Today: More J. Crew Shit


I suck. I completely suck donkey ass.

I was doing so well! 6 weeks in and not a thing bought! GAHHHHHH, I am a truly sick individual.

You see, I had an out in this whole No Shopping Adventure. In my possession was a J. Crew gift card from Christmas that I was hoarding for the perfect opportunity. A pinch hitter, if you will. When times got tough and I was jonesing for something new, I could pull that bad boy out and hit the racks.

I knew exactly what I was going to buy today. This cardigan.


(On sale for $34.99!)

You know, the cardigan wasn’t really doing much for me on the website. Gray, ruffles, tissue tee material…it’s okay. I noticed it went on sale this week, so Wito and I took a little trip to J. Crew this morning. I tried it on and well, the clouds parted and I saw the light. It’s so cute and chic and perfect for my daily life. I had about $50 left on the card – I was just going to purchase it and run.

Until I saw the exact same cardigan in the most lovely shade of pink. NOT the shade shown on the website, but a deeper, lovelier, PERFECT PINK THAT I JUST HAD TO HAVE. DAMMIT!

Then, Jay (the greatest J. Crew associate ever – damn you, Jay!) brought this top to the dressing room.


Also, on sale! In slub cotton! I WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY WITH SLUB COTTON.

I spent 50 dollars over the amount of the gift card.

Did I mention that I’m a huge failure who sucks donkey ass?

The shirts are still in the bag. I think I might take a couple of them back. I can’t believe I actually feel this crappy about breaking my no shopping mandate. What is happening to meeeeeeeee?

What would you do? Say screw it or take two of the items back?


hair thursday makeover 59


Meet Nicole.

Nicole’s hair:

Naturally dirty blond
Thick, normal condition
A little wavy
No preference for length
Pulls hair off face with a headband frequently (3 kids under 4 years old! DUDE.)
Uses a straight spray and smoothing serum daily
Uses pomade wax occasionally

I love Nicole’s hair. In fact, I love it so much, I used it as an option photo last year. Seriously, people. If you could have short hair like that, would you ever grow it out? Um, NO! No, you wouldn’t! Unless you are some crazed idiot who doesn’t know a cute look if it hit you square in the face! Yeah, I’m looking at you.

(Excuse me. I’m having a day.)

The dilemma…should I skip Nicole and focus on hair challenges or should I go ahead and post? Obviously, I chose the latter, if only to share her darling cut with the masses.

It’s cute, right?

Alas, maybe Nicole is tired of that style. In that case, this option would look fantastic too.

Besides having three children under the age of four, Nicole is training to be a fitness instructor. She needs her hair off her face often, so this longer style would give her more styling options when pulling it back. (Ponytails! Half ponytails! Clips, The City style!) The length would also look great with Nicole’s face shape. Very chic.

(To achieve January Jones’ style in the photo for a big night out, apply volumizing mousse to freshly washed damp hair, blow-dry using a round brush and when done, roll sections of hair in Velcro rollers. Take them out and lightly brush the hair; finish with a quick touch of serum on the ends.)

What do you think? Keep it short or let it grow?


hair thursday makeover 58


This week’s participant is Dawn.

Dawn’s hair:

Naturally brown with “graylights”
Hair has the tendency to turn brassy when coloring due to the grays
Would consider highlights
Fine, wavy hair
Uses hair dryer with a round ceramic brush

I love Dawn’s waves. They have so much potential, don’t you think? Some light layering throughout with some long, bang-like front layers would bring those curls to life. Let’s take a look at some options.

Option #1 would be a fantastic shorter length for Dawn. The jagged layers cut throughout would keep her waves springy and I like the idea of a sweeping front layer. Dawn’s eyes are beautiful, and the addition of a front layer would totally accentuate her features.

Option #2 keeps the longer length with some modified layers. Like Option #1, the sweeping bang would give her hair the extra oomph she is looking for. I also love Jennifer Garner’s subtle highlights. A refined, golden highlight would be a great way to disguise Dawn’s grays and brighten her overall look.

(Notice how the “bangs” in both photos have no blunt lines, no heaviness…very easy to grow out.)

Great products for enhancing waves can be found here. (Check out the section on Type 2: Wavy hair.)

What do you think would be the best style for Dawn?


Would You Like To Visit?


Looking at this.


Listening to this. (Imagine it on a 2-hour loop.)