Grace in Small Things: Part 13 of 365


1. Friends who, despite their own responsibilities and daily challenges, take the time to really listen and provide much needed support

2. Anticipation for a big night planned with some of my favorite people

3. Perfect Southern California weather for a friend’s visit

4. No shopping for 3 weeks!

5. Forgiveness


Etten Eller Necklace



Did I ever tell you that my dad refurbishes vintage watches in his spare time? The watch gears in this piece totally remind me of him. What a simple, pretty and unique concept.

Etten Eller Watch Gears Necklace, Barney’s CO-OP


What Is UP With That Quaker Guy?


Soooo, maybe you’ve noticed some recent photos of bloggers holding a paper cutout of the Quaker dude. This might seem a little strange (um, yes), so here’s the situation. Quaker has challenged 25 bloggers to get as many people as possible to post pictures of themselves with the Quaker Oats Man on Quaker’s Facebook page to help fuel their Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry Program.

Like so:


Now friends, I enjoy a little challenge now and again, especially when it involves $5,000 being donated to the hunger charity of MY CHOICE. (Of course, I have to actually WIN first.) Although, just by participating in this challenge, Quaker is donating a case of oatmeal to my local food bank, the Orange County Food Bank. It’s basically a win-win, but NOT REALLY BECAUSE I WANT TO WIN THE WHOLE THING. (For the children, of course!)

Do you want to help me? It would totally distract me from this whole shopping hiatus thing. (12 days and counting! Holla!)

You will? Okay, here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit Start with Substance to get to Quaker’s Facebook page and become a fan. (Yes, you need to have a Facebook page to participate.) Don’t forget to read the official rules!

2. Once you are on the Facebook page, download a picture of the Quaker Man, print it out, and take a picture of yourself and/or your family with it in your home. (PG rated, please. I don’t need to see any oatmeal-type action shots. Ewww.)

3. Upload your picture to the fan photo page and leave a comment here with the link to your picture. (You must leave a comment here to help me win. Am I losing you? If so, just email me.)

4. Pictures and links must be posted in the next 24 hours. Dude, that means we have until 9 AM CST tomorrow (Friday the 23rd). OMG, HURRY.

If I win the challenge, Quaker will donate $5,000 to The Children’s Hunger Fund. Since 1991, Children’s Hunger Fund has distributed more than $500 million in aid to 70 countries worldwide. (They feed nearly 30,000 people every week!) If you would like to see how this charity compares to others, click here.

So, what do you say? Let me see your lovely (partially-covered, if you feel the need) faces!


Grace in Small Things: Part 12 of 365


1. Drinking my half-cup of morning coffee (yes, I’m back on the caffeine train after 7 years)

2. My indestructible, 4-year-old Dita sunglasses

3. The Horsetail Reed in my front window

4. Wito’s falsetto attempts

5. Listening to Andrew Bird’s new album, Noble Beast (Anonanimal is a fast favorite)

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