Ramón’s Girlfriend


Remember Ramón?
I made a promise to you
earlier this year

Much to my chagrin
I keep my promises, go
easy on me please

However, that is
not Ramón, it is a gift
from my cool father

Now, what should we name
this guitar? She’s a little
smaller than Ramón

Have you checked out all
the great entries at Neil’s blog?
Best concert ever

Met Susan for lunch
yesterday, we had on the
same outfit, good times

Snickers and coffee
Breakfast of the champions
Holy hell, WIRED




I have an excuse
for not posting yesterday
roadtrip to the sticks

Why oh why am I
the only human who can’t
sleep in moving cars?

As you will witness
the boys in my family
have no such problem

Apparently my
grandma is housing a rogue
cat, I could not breathe

I violently sneezed
at least 500 times while
in the dander zone

Cats, I fucking hate
them with the passion of a
hundred blazing suns

I had so much fun
with Slynnro, she has a great
recap at her blog

I’m having lunch with
Susan today, I hope we
don’t wear the same thing

Family photo
this morning, why do I have
to wear a cream sweater?

Too bad, heather grey
will have to suffice, peeps
Talk about washed out

It’s acceptable
to drink 30-proof egg nog
for breakfast, healthy


Nighty Night


Shopping with Slynnro
margaritas with dinner
Must go to sleep now


Father Time


Today’s haikus have been penned by my father. For those of you who are newer to this blog, you can acquaint yourselves with my father here and here.

Once finished, he looked at me and said, “That was ten minutes of my life completely wasted.”

Thank you, father. For your wonderful holiday spirit and enthusiasm.

Tis nobler to write
A haiku, sonnet or two
Than suffer a sling

From a sore daughter
Whose feelings will fall wounded
From arrows heart bound

My duties unkept
And christmas cheer un-inbibed
So I wrest with words

Perchance to give dream
And pen proof to my first born
This small act of love

Here’s peace for this house
A gift for readers a’far
Christmas lives once more