Began my affair
with Ramón Alejandro
Even wrote a song


Got a new haircut
that made me Ann Wilson’s twin
Oooh, Barracuda

Started to notice
Wito’s wicked memory
at 18 months old


Traveled to Boston
to visit my darling niece
made observations


Felt like a celeb
Featured in The New York Times
Still can’t believe it


Nightline followed soon
Also a trip to New York
Filmed on a talk show

the segment didn’t make it
still worth it, these girls


Hair Thursday website
was born, also the Kick Ass
Workout Plan, big FAIL


Blogher in San Fran
Cut a rug or two, viva
la Sprinkler and such

Also learned how to
use a Neti Pot, which I
now can’t live without


Big Wito turned two
Long road trip to Sun Valley
Beautiful up there


Took trip to Denver
Began my obsession with
Twilight, Edward lust


Flashed guitar teacher
Wito dabbled in drama
Still need hot toddy


Celebrated my
birthday, anniversary
new President, YAY

Lots of fun crushes
Even some mild stalking plans
Cali Thanksgiving


Oklahoma bound
ten days with my family
I love them so much

Kept resolution
to play Ramón at year’s end
Proud I haven’t quit

Haiku-ed my brains out
I think I will miss it though
Happy New Year, all!


Colds and Hair Tutorials


I just completed
my Hair Thursday video
A couple months late

It has taken me
an embarrassingly long
time to edit it

However, not my
fault, iMovie08 is
devil incarnate

Once I switched back to
iMovieHD, it was
easier than pie

Guess what I’m doing
on New Year’s Eve? Swigging tons
of Nyquil, damn cold

Of course, I will not
swig Nyquil because I have
huge control issues

I would rather writhe
in pain than take drugs, thanks to
my pharma career

What are you doing
for New Year’s Eve? Please do tell


New Year’s Eve!


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I have a sneaking suspicion many of you will be lighting up the town – dressed to the hilt with PERFECT hair and makeup, of course.

(My plans, however, will involve putting my toddler to bed and drinking half a bottle of Nyquil. We are a little sickly over here…)

However, I want to live vicariously through you! What are your plans? Where are you going? Most importantly, how are you wearing your hair?

For those of you who are hitting the town, I thought you might be interested in a video from Nikon’s newest how-to webisode series called Look Good in Pictures with Carson Kressley. Remember Carson from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy? I saw him once at a boutique hotel in Dallas and had to refrain from pinching his perfectly-dressed gay butt.

In this episode, Carson and special guest Steven Lake are showing viewers the best ways to do their hair and make-up for a big event that will involve a lot of photography. Steven is a celebrity stylist, doing hair and make-up for red carpet events, award shows and music videos. Um, the man knows what he’s talking about.

I had the chance to ask Steven some holiday-inspired hair questions, and here are his words of wisdom:

Besides wearing hair tight against the head, what are some other hair no-nos for photos?
A couple no-no’s for hair in pictures are using too much product, hat head and big hair! If you got a big mane try pushing one side back and leaving the other side in front leaving more room for you in the photo.

What are some of your favorite styling products for hair?
A couple of my favorite products are CHI Silk Infusion for moisture, shine and manageability. Also, Schwarzkopf Citre Shine/Shine Miracle.

Any suggestions for keeping hair protected from the winter elements (wind, snow, etc)?

To protect hair from winter keep it nourished and moisturized! Try a detangling spray or a light conditioning spray. You might even want to keep a Bounce sheet in your pocket for those static days!

What can a person with mid-length or short hair (e.g. chin-length bob) do to create a special look for holiday parties/photo ops?

For a special holiday look try going with you opposite texture! If you normally wear your hair straight go wavy or curly! If you are curly go wavy or even straight. You’ll make people look twice!

Thanks, Steven! For more ideas and tips, check out this video.


Whoorlito Update


Please close your browser
if you do not want to read
about Mister Wito

Don’t write about him
much anymore, but I’m a
proud mama, I promise

Right now, he’s singing
the Spanish Alphabet song
How does he know that?

He wants me to sing
with him, but he’s way smarter
than me, dumb mommy

His memory is
astounding, remembers just
about everything

This does not bode well
for me, since my favorite
words are profanity

Crazy spelling boy
Video from the month he
turned two years old here

Please excuse my gross
appearance and cloying voice
I apologize

I know what you are
thinking, we’re Rick Moranis
on Parenthood, yes?

Not the case with Wito
It’s like the kid craves to learn
Good Lord help us all

He is most likely
staging a near coup d’état
of the Whoorl household

Above all, he is
now big pimpin’ thanks to his
spoiling grandparents


Don’t get me started
on the cuteness of little
cousin Sam, love him

I am now finished
Come back for next Wito post
in 2010