It’s all your fault, really.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an incoming link to this blog where a blogger mentioned being happy because my post frequency was “back to normal”. Well, that lasted for about a week. I realize I haven’t devoted much time to this blog in the past month or two, and to be honest, I was hoping for some kind of writing revelation to occur. Unfortunately, it isn’t happening and I’m finding myself bored with my post drafts. So incredibly bored.

I’m not going to write about taking a blog break…it’s just that, I’m sitting here- my writing deadlines have all been met, my sick baby is sleeping, I’ve fed my Us Weekly addiction, but I just don’t have it in me to write anything at this place. And it’s not that I don’t have the material, because this week has been chock full.

(Such as, I’m now 34. This is my last year included in the 25-34 box, people.)

(Or how a stranger told my husband that I am a dead ringer for Sarah Palin. While I was standing at the polling booth! Wearing an Obama shirt! Which, apparently, is called passive electioneering and is illegal! Take THAT, rule-abiding self!)

(By the way, the short phrases ending with exclamation points?! BORING.)


((((Not to mention the overuse of parentheticals.))))

GAH GAH GAH. Am I the only blogger who feels this way? Obviously I am, since all of you are NaBloPoMo-ing it like crazed over-achievers. Way to make me feel like a total turd.


Hair Thursday secrets revealed!


Hello, everyone! This perfectly lovely day just happens to be my birthday.

Do you know what the greatest gift in the world would be?

To NOT have to sit at the library this morning and type a Hair Thursday post. Instead, I am going to drink coffee, actually BLOW-DRY my hair, don my fuchsia tights and spend the day out and about. Hell yes.

However, never fear! I will not leave you unsatisfied. (I hope.) Today, I’m guest-posting for the lovely Amalah at her Advice Smackdown column, answering your most frequently-asked Hair Thursday questions.



What? We always stand on rocks and gaze lovingly at each other.



Happy Anniversary, D.