hair thursday makeover 48


So, did you enjoy Becca’s Emmy piece? I thought she did a bang up job, considering it was her virgin Hair Thursday post.

With all of this new editor shuffling, I almost forgot this week’s HT participants. ALMOST.

Meet Shelly.

Shelly’s hair:

Naturally medium-dark brown
Highlights it blonde
Has worn it long for a really long time, but needs a change
Spends about 20 minutes styling, blow-dry and flat-ironing a few uneven pieces
Uses a shine gel to calm the frizzies
Rarely wears ponytails
Lives in a dry environment

Okay, miss Shelly. You want a change? Be careful what you wish for because I’m gonna give you some CHANGE. (For the past ten years, every single time I say “change”, I immediately think of Raising Arizona, when Ed yells, “We got a child now, everything’s CHAAIIINGED.”)

Since Shelly doesn’t like ponytails in the first place, how about these options?

Option #1 would be such a fresh change (Everything’s CHAIIINGED!) for Shelly’s hair. Her naturally straight hair is perfect for this style, and I would recommend continuing to put blonde highlights throughout. (Maybe creating an even blonder look?) This style would really play up Shelly’s face shape and features. Sexy, no?

Okay, Option #2. I know what Shelly is probably thinking about this very short cut (HELL NO), but let me make my (very valid) points. Yes, it would be a huge change, but if Shelly was willing to make the cut, oh my LORD, it would look so beautiful with her eyes and face. Seriously, her gorgeous eyes would look huge! Plus, the way Shelly’s bangs fall forward and to the side would be perfect with this cut. However, it’s short. I KNOW, but you must have faith in Whoorl.

Honestly, both would be beautiful. It’s more of a HOW-MUCH-change-Shelly-is-willing-to-make issue.

What do you suggest?

Our next participant is Darcey.

These were the original photos Darcey sent me. (Good GOD, how cute does she look with bangs?)

When I emailed for an updated photo, Darcey sent me this:

Darcey, my dear. There are many, many people in this world who have some seriously FUGLY hair issues, and you are not one of them. You’re gorgeous, your hair is gorgeous, and I think you know where this is going. Don’t you?

Darcey is our next inductee into The Fishing Club. Congratulations, you shiny-haired minx.