Hair Thursday in the Sydney Morning Herald


Hair Thursday made an appearance in the Sydney Morning Herald. Check it out.

(I’m on my way to Charleston, but HT will be back next week!)


Charleston and Mr. Drama


My lovely family unit is leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn (5:15am! Come join the festivities!) for Charleston, South Carolina. My lovely family unit is very much looking forward to this trip, even if it involves appeasing my son, Mr. Drama, on the airplane all day.

This (rather loud) drama is surely a phase, right? I mean, I know I might have a tiny bit of flair for the over-dramatic myself, but COME ON, I employ it solely for entertainment purposes. I’m an Entertainer. Not an Overly-Dramatic Fool.

(Dear Mom and Dad, you are not allowed to comment on this entry. Especially if it involves a story of my youth involving green Jello. Love, Whoorl)

Just this morning, while I was sitting in the living room, D announced that it was time to get Mr. Drama dressed for the day. You would have thought we were packing him up for the orphanage.

D: (Looking over at Mr. Drama, who is calmly playing with building blocks.) “Let’s go get dressed, buddy.”

Mr. Drama: (Calmness morphs into insta-hysterics.) “NOOOOOOOO! Mommy! Don’t go! Bye-BYYYYYEEE, Mommy! Bye, Mommy! Love you, PRECIOUS MOMMY!”

Whoorl: “Honey, I’m right here. Daddy’s just taking you to the next room to get dressed.”

Mr. Drama: (Lying on the floor, holding on to the door frame.) “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY. GOODBYYYYE….”

Whoorl: “Fine. I’ll get your clothes. Let’s go.”

Mr. Drama: “NOOOOO! DADDY! I’ll miss you, precious daddy! Bye-byyyyyye, daddy!”

Purchased the wrong kind of juice? DRAMA. Passed him the purple crayon instead of the blue one? DRAMA. Must quit playing outside because it’s dinner time? DRAMA. Max and Ruby is on the television? DRAMA. (“NOOOOOOOOOO Max and Ruby, Mommy! NOOOOOOO.”)

(I have to say, that show does kind of suck.)

You see, situations like these make it easier to understand why upon passing a rather attractive firefighter, my first thought is no longer whether or not he looks good in his skivvies. No, it seems now the most pressing matter is whether or not his fire station participates in the Infant Drop-Off Program, and maybe, just maybe, if I bat my eyelashes, he’ll look past the fact that Mr. Drama is decidedly NOT an infant and take him anyway.

(Any recommendations for good eats/shops/parks in Charleston? I’ve got a good list started, but I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING!)

(That was a little dramatic, wasn’t it?)


hair thursday makeover 50


Looks like it’s time for another Hair Thursday: Married Couple Edition, don’t you think?

Meet Lyndsay.

I actually know the lovely Miss Lyndsay from growing up in the fabulous City del Oklahoma. Lyndsay has been reading Hair Thursday since its inception, and now her own time has come. Let’s get to it.

Lyndsay’s hair:

Naturally dark brown with lots of gray
Highlighted with light brown and blond
Dry and chemically processed
Thick, but fine texture
No preference for length, but tends to wear ponytails when hair is longer
Proficient with styling tools and products

Lyndsay has the kind of wavy hair that straightens well, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to products and tools, and is open to different options. She mentioned in her email that she finds herself getting a chin-length bob most of the time, and I have to say, I can’t really disagree.

I think Lyndsay should definitely take her shoulder-length hair right up to her chin, but should change it up a little. (Including her color.)

Option #1 is downright chic. As Lyndsay probably knows, the chin length would really accentuate her features, but the addition of bangs will showcase her eyes and give her a whole new updated look. I also am a HUGE fan of this color. I think Lyndsay’s highlights have taken her overall hair color a few shades too light for her complexion. A warm, light golden brown shade would look fantastic on her – warming up her skin tone and making her eyes totally stand out. Plus, as we head into fall and winter, this is a perfect time to go a little darker.


Option #2 would also look very pretty on Lyndsay if she doesn’t want to totally commit to bangs. The deep side part and the texturized ends are super cute, and it would be a style she could wear wavy as well.

All in all, I think a color change is going to make the biggest difference.

Tell Lyndsay your choice!

Moving on to Lyndsay’s husband, Geoff.

Geoff’s hair:
Light brown
Normal condition
No preference for length
Uses Murray’s pomade

Take a look at some options for Geoff. 

Now, I don’t envision Geoff to be a type of guy to wear longer hair, but I do think his new rule of thumb from here on out should be to keep the hair long enough to fully cover the scalp. If you notice his second photo, his hair is cut so short on the sides that his scalp is pretty evident. Option #1 and #2 are similar shapes, but #1 is just a little bit longer (especially on the sides). #2 has shorter sides, but still long enough to create a fullness and cover the head. I definitely like the messy texture of both haircuts on top. (I can’t believe I just posted a photo of Chad Michael Murray. No offense to him, but he reminds me of a guy I used to date, and I get the heebie jeebies just looking at him. Ewww.) Geoff could still use Murray’s pomade to create a messy look on top, or could invest in a gel for more hold as his hair grows a little longer.

What do you think?


Going shopping in my own closet


This is the second week of a feature I’m doing over at Work It Mom about shopping your own closet, instead of blowing loads of cash on new clothing items RIGHT NOW. (I’m currently working on that issue.) Following the lead of In Style Magazine’s fashion editor, I pilfered through my closet and came up with my eight core pieces for the upcoming season. Here they are, if you are remotely interested. (Also, it was really hard picking out fall/winter clothing items when it’s 90 degrees outside. GET OUT OF MY LIFE, SUMMER TEMPERATURES.)


With that being said, I couldn’t help myself yesterday and bought the most fantastic earrings ever at Anthropologie. Look at those beauties.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.