Emmy Hair: The Dirty Dozen


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I must say that the Emmy Awards were a bit yawn-inducing this year, but the one thing that always draws my attention (whether positive OR negative) is the award show hair.  While there was much to choose from this year, these 12 lookers are my hair highs and lows of the 2008 Emmy Awards:

Photos care of myLifetime.

While many stars are attempting to channel Old Hollywood these days, some are better at pulling it off than others. Case in point, America Ferrera and Kyra Sedgwick. While I admire America’s efforts, the end result is frizzy and unfinished looking. Perhaps a bit of anti-frizz serum or a dollop of glossing cream is in order?  Kyra has a softer, more polished version of this classic look, which results in a fresh and sophisticated look on the red carpet….from the neck up, but we’re focusing on hair here people!

Photos care of myLifetime.

A common awards show look in recent years is the messy updo, worn either high or low; this look can go south quickly if proper precautions aren’t taken. Here we see Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Love Hewitt sporting varied versions of the messy updo.  Lauren pulls this look off by keeping the mess to a minimum and accenting her pretty look with small braids and soft curls.  Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the other hand, has taken her version of this look into dangerous territory with spiky waves worn high on the crown. She ends up looking a little less Hollywood and a little more High School Musical.

Photos care of myLifetime.

Many women are partial to long and flowing hairstyles for an event, but even a simple look can fail miserably. Brooke Shields looks lovely here with beautiful curls that cascade down her back and accent her brightly colored gown. On the other hand, Kathy Griffin has added some not-so-subtle extensions to her hair and the end result leaves something to be desired. Perhaps that something is a brush and a little glossing cream?

Photos care of myLifetime.

In contrast to long and loose, some stars prefer a more tailored look for a special event. Let’s compare and contrast Vanessa Williams with Christina Applegate. Here we see Ms. Williams with great volume up front and a sweet little chignon at the nape of her neck. The overall style is well put together and simple. It allows her beautiful face to be seen without distraction and is very age appropriate. Christina’s version creates a bit more volume at the crown than would be desired and it detracts from the simple and lovely chignon. With her longer face and signature pursed lips, this high and tight look leaves Christina looking a bit like an alien.

Photos care of myLifetime.

Celebrities have become quite taken with the bob this season and I happen to love this haircut so much, that I consider it my signature cut. While it is great for an everyday look, it can be difficult to style for an event. Both Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria Parker have taken to the bob, but they displayed different versions of award show style on the red carpet this year. Felicity keeps it soft and simple, understanding that a bob is best shown as a smart cut with minimal fuss.  Eva takes her look a step further and dare I say, a step too far.  The end result is a slicked down greasy mess that is certainly not complimented by her make-up!

Photos care of myLifetime.

Men can fall victim to red carpet faux pas in the hair department as well.  A shining example of red carpet class is Patrick Dempsey.  Looking fresh and clean with a slightly shaggy cut is one way to keep the ladies wanting more.  Unfortunately, Alan Cummings has taken the quirky characters he plays to heart, with this style being a bit more Flock of Seagulls than a flock of admirers.


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Good Reads


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