We’re off!


We’re off!, originally uploaded by Whoorl.


Road Trip! (With unlimited parentheticals!)


We’re leaving tomorrow morning for a week’s vacation in the home of one of D’s clients.

I haven’t prepared one bit. I haven’t packed, I haven’t created a single list (serious travesty), I haven’t thought about what I’m going to wear (we are vacationing WITH D’s clients, which means I have to be Whoorl 2.0: Perfectly Coiffed Edition at all times), I haven’t planned for the 14-HOUR ROADTRIP WITH TODDLER THAT I ACTUALLY SUGGESTED INSTEAD OF FLYING BECAUSE WE LACK A SENSE OF ADVENTURE SO HELP ME GOD, I haven’t done anything.

What have I done today?  Well, for starters:

1. I wrote this completely pointless blog post.

2. I set up all sorts of iPhone/Flickr/Twitter/Twitpic applications. (Road Trip 2008! Live blogging! Would that be fun? Boring? Ridiculous? Do tell! If I keep asking all of these questions, I won’t have to pack.)

3. Dropped by Old Navy to buy Wito some socks and never made it to the kids’ section. (Try to deny the cuteness of this and this and these, Whoorl 2.0: PCE! Try!)

4.  Actually took the time to take photos of those jackets because they aren’t listed on the website.

(Are we sensing the level of procrastination yet?)

5. Attempted to fix Crayola Disaster #2. I obviously didn’t learn anything from Disaster #1. (How about keep the damn crayons AWAY from the furniture, Whoorl?)


(My solution? Flip the couch cushion until D finds it and maims me.)

7. Laundry. (This one counts as preparing, right?)

8. Whispered sweet nothings to my laptop before saying goodbye for an entire week. (Although, I’m bringing my iPhone for quickies.)

It’s nearing 2:00. I must go. Wish me luck, my friends! Any toddler road trip wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Actually, any wisdom pertaining to anything on the planet would be welcomed with open arms. (That way, I can read your comments INSTEAD OF PACKING.)


hair thursday makeover 46


Well, hello there! We’re finally back to our regularly-scheduled Hair Thursdays.

Except that, um, we’re not. Don’t worry, voting is included, but this one isn’t going to involve much writing.

You see, we are leaving on vacation early tomorrow morning and I haven’t started packing.

(Did I mention that our vacation involves a 14-hour road trip? With a toddler? And that I ENCOURAGED THE ROAD TRIP? “No honey, let’s not fly. We always fly. Let’s take a road trip! Where’s your sense of adventure?! Wito will love it, I’ll love it, we will ALL LOVE IT.” Famous last words, I’m sure.)

Let’s get crackin’, shall we?

Meet Mary.

Mary’s hair:

Light mousy brown, gets auburn highlights. Happy with color.
Normal condition
Wave pattern is wavy on top, underneath is stick straight
Large cowlick
Open to all lengths beside super short
Uses a flat iron when straight, curling iron for waves
Looks “fuzzy” when straight

Try these options on for size:

Shoulder-length with heavier, sideswept bangs (to hide cowlick) or keep the length with less bang?

Our next participant is Heather:

Heather’s hair:

Has worn her hair in this style for 15 years
Considering donating her hair – needs to take off 10 inches for Locks of Love
Works an overnight shift – would rather sleep an extra thirty minutes than style it (Amen to THAT.)
Wants to stop wearing ponytails all the time

Shiny, happy hair in need of a change. What about these options?

Keep it long with face-framing layers OR go for the gusto (and Locks of Love!)?

See you on the flip side.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things



Do you know Joslyn over at Simple Lovely? She’s pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Joslyn and I met at Blogher in San Francisco when she paid me a compliment on my grey purse. (By the way, I know the correct American spelling of grey is “gray”, but I’d prefer to be British today.)

(D just looked at me and said “I think people should spell it “greige”.)

(Ummm, okie dokie.)

Now, if you’ve been coming around here for awhile, you might remember my elusive quest for the Perfect Grey Bag last year. You must understand, when someone pays my bag a compliment, it is like my own personal Olympic gold medal.

Nice Stranger: That’s a great bag.

Whoorl: Thank you. No, really, THANK YOU! You can’t possibly understand the toil I personally endured trying to find the Perfect Grey Bag. I looked everywhere! Bought and returned, prayed to the purse gods, you name it. I mean, Perfect Grey Bags just don’t drop from the heavens! Most grey bags are too purple, you know? In the the wrong light, they can look lavender, and who wants that? NOT ME, NO SIRREE BOB! I tell ya, it’s a search and rescue operation, trying to wade through the bad grey bags. Heh. Now, don’t get me started on the other spectrum, the greenish grey bags. Of course, I would much rather err on the side of green, but that shade has it’s own set of issues. Right? Well, then I finally located the right shade of grey, but then those bags had all sorts of bells and whistles and buckles and keychains and tassles, and I’m just looking for a stylish functional bag, ya know? SOOOO, I finally found this bag and ordered from some store across the country, but when I received it, it must have been the floor model because it had water spots on it. Water spots! Can you believe it? I had to ship it ALL THE WAY back to Boston. I finally decided to order straight from the source, I mean, why didn’t I do that in the first place? Crazy, I tell ya. CRAZY. Anyhoo…

Nice Stranger: *using her belt to create a noose around her neck*

Where was I? Oh yes, Joslyn!

Joslyn has created a fabulous feature involving lists. (OMG, be still my beating heart.) Specifically, lists involving bloggers’ favorites – much like the “shortlist” in Elle Decor. When she asked me to participate, I jumped at the chance.

Read about my favorites here. Thanks for the opportunity, Joslyn!