hair thursday makeover 37


You guys. SERIOUSLY. Thanks for all of the fantastic comments/emails/votes regarding Hair Thursday. Of course, the lazy side of me is all DAMN YOU AND YOUR NEEDS, but the Sally Fields in me is repeating “You like me! You really like me!”

(And of course, the conceited boob in me is screaming I TOLD YOU SO.)

So, we’ll keep things as is for now. I do think, unfortunately for some, I’m going to start sorting through the requests and finding new dilemmas to address. One of the main reasons I feel bogged down is the plethora of requests from long-haired people who still want long hair. THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY PHOTOS OF SIDESWEPT BANGS AND LONG LAYERS, PEOPLE.

(Hey! That’s why I added the Hair Length, Type and Color search section in the sidebar. Be sure to use it if you are wanting a subtle change and are looking for photos!)

(Oh! One more thing. I am still going to do two participants on Thursdays, but will separate into two posts, so they will be easier to find with the search feature.)

So, let’s get on with it. Meet Joey.

Joey’s hair:

Brown hair with subtle natural highlights
Fine, very straight
No preference for length and wants a change. (Yes!)
Usually spends around 5 minutes on hair, but will spend more if needed.
Owns a flat iron and hot rollers
Uses no products besides shampoo and conditioner
Wants to quit wearing ponytails all the time

Joey is open to shorter hairstyles, but wants to make sure she can pin the front out of her face, since she works in a lab. Joey has super straight and fine hair, which is perfect for shorter haircuts that some of us thick and wavy gals can’t pull off without a lot of maintenance.

Let’s look at two options.

Option #1 is a very sleek, chin-length bob with heavy texturizing. With Joey’s straight hair, she wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time using a flat iron, and she could pull the sides back for work. Option #2 is a much more casual style – sideswept bangs, layering all around, and texturized ends. I really like this style for Joey’s face shape, and she would only need to blow dry her bangs, add a little styling pomade or wax to the back for definition and she would be out the door. Plus, the bangs would look cute pinned to the side with a bobby pin while at work.

I also think the reddish brown shade in Option #2 would be a lovely color for Joey.

What do you think?


Oklahoma Is Quite Windy





Speaking of blowing off, sorry about my non-existent Hair Thursday this week. All of my allotted internet vacation time was spent putting this Father’s Day Gift Guide together. Check it out if you feel so inclined.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my toddler is airborne.


Things That Are Blowing My Mind


1. The weather forecast for my trip to Oklahoma.


The new state motto – “Come to Oklahoma and inhale the fiery breath of the devil!”

Ah, Oklahoma. How I DON’T miss your weather.

2. The current state of my laptop.


Most of the damage is due to a little turd named Wito, although, really, whose fault is it for leaving her laptop in a toddler’s path of destruction? I’ve been fine with the physical damage, but now it seems my screen is on its way to laptop heaven. (Word to the wise, working on a laptop with a blank screen isn’t productive.)

Never fear! A new Macbook Pro is on its way! Let’s all do the Roger Rabbit together!

3. Wito turns 22 months old tomorrow, and has a memory like an elephant. Seriously, watch the dude in action.

Due to this development, I’m already forced to watch my mouth. Obviously, I’m not doing a very good job since I heard a fairly over-dramatic “Ohhhhh, SHIT” coming from the living room yesterday afternoon. I’m sure he’s just brimming with excitement to use this new word with his grandparents AND great-grandparents in Oklahoma. Maybe we can work on something like, “God DAMN, it’s hot here!” before arriving tomorrow. Wish us luck.


This one’s important, I promise


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