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Kick Ass Workout Plan


How did I just know this topic would be the most popular? Let’s catch up.

I started running, debated over shorts and shoes, completed the C25K program and kept it up for months. Unfortunately, my pesky right ankle would have nothing to do with my running plans. Add in cold winter mornings, a huge dose of laziness, and well, here I am after a stagnant winter and spring.

(My ankle feels great, though. Thanks for asking.)

During the past couple of months, I’ve been taking a Pilates class at my local community center, but my teacher has been less than stellar. It seems she would rather talk about Neti Pots and male Kegel muscles (did you know men can do Kegels too? No? Well, let me tell you about it again and again! And AGAIN.) than focus on the exercises. Plus, once a week is fun, but it’s pretty hard to see results at that rate.

Keep in mind I stay home with Wito, so day classes are out and I’m not really interested in a stinky gym with childcare. However, the motivation is there.

After seeing this post a year ago and this recent one, I decided I just HAD to buy this exercise DVD. (How could I not? DID YOU SEE LINDA’S ARMS? Good God.)

I found a gently used copy on Amazon, and it doesn’t disappoint, considering I am not the cardio-bouncy-dancing type. I don’t find Chalene, the instructor, to be annoying and the routine is challenging yet attainable. Oh, and it will make you sweat. I do this workout at 6 in the morning, before I can give myself the chance to make excuses. Plus, Wito is still sleeping so I don’t need to worry about delivering an accidental roundhouse kick to his noggin.

Earlier this year, I also bought this Pilates DVD (to supplement my Neti Kegel Class) and it rocks. It’s absolutely amazing how controlled movements can make such quick improvement to your body. The DVD has two different sections – one for beginners needing position modification and one for advanced beginners. Within each section is a full workout, plus tons of individual 10-20 minute segments (if you don’t have time for the full workout). I usually do the 30-minute full workout during Wito’s nap.

Combining these two workouts is awesome because you are working your body in completely different ways. Turbo Kick and Jam is more of a cardiovascular workout with quick muscle movements, while Pilates is completely controlled with very little movement. (Honestly, I was shocked at how sore I was after my first Pilates class. It burns, baby.) The combination of the two has really made a difference already. I highly recommend it.

(Plus, no gyms! Just you and the DVD player.)

So, my new exercise plan consists of this:

Turbo Kick and Jam – 2x/week

Pilates – 2x/week

And the kicker. My pinch hitter and seriously the best part of my workouts. The Wii Fit.


(You’ll have to wait to hear about that one until Friday, when I review it over at ParentDish. See photos of me in exercise pants, unsuccessfully trying to master yoga! BONUS.)

As for running, I do miss it and hope to sporadically add some runs into my regimen.  (Although, let’s be serious. I have a drawer filled with 4,000 running-related items and it mocks me EVERY DAMN DAY.  I have to run, if not for that reason alone.)

There you go! My new and improved kick ass workout plan!

Questions? Any other DVDs I should know about for the future? What’s YOUR workout plan this summer? Do tell.


Stale And Desperate


You know that feeling when you haven’t spoken to a friend in so long that in order to get to the present day you would have to spend hours trying to catch them up, but you really don’t want to listen to yourself ramble on about seemingly meaningless shit for hours, so you just don’t talk at all?


So, how’s it going?

Hmm. Yeah.

Well, okay then! Nice talking to you!


I’m at a fork in the road, people. I’m not trying to be dramatic (yes, I am), but I’m going to shut this website down (no, I’m not) if you don’t help me out RIGHT NOW (or maybe over the course of this week).

Let’s see. I could tell you about my trip to Oklahoma, my savant son with a photographic memory, the blossoming love for Ramón, my complete lack of exercise for the past three months and my new workout plan to remedy the situation, how teaching a stubborn 22-month-old how to drink out of a straw is driving me to profuse amounts of alcohol…

Pretty please, do me the biggest favor and help me out of my blogging funk.

What do you know? It’ a handy-dandy POLL! HAHAAAAAAAAA, HOW NOVEL.

If you find that my options blow hard, please feel free to enter your own suggestion (which I’m praying you do). Maybe I can rack up a month’s worth of material or something.


hair thursday makeover 38


Here’s Nicole.

Nicole’s hair:

Very dark brown with caramel-tone highlights.
Prefers chunky streaks
Oily, thick, with a little bit of frizz
Wants length below the shoulders
Uses Matrix Sleek Look shampoo, conditioner and sealing serum
Ponytails all the time

I think Nicole has very pretty, shiny hair and I empathize with her wanting to keep it longer. SO, I am going to suggest keeping it long and adding more bangs to emphasize her eyes OR growing the bangs out, cutting it shoulder-length and adding more highlights for the summer.

Let’s look at the options.

Option #1 would keep her hair dark, maybe with some subtle highlights for a different look. I really like the piecey bangs, and think they would really emphasize Nicole’s almond-shaped eyes. Now, Option #2 would be a hot look for the summer (yeah, I just said a “hot look for the summer”. What of it?) I think Nicole’s complexion could also withstand a lighter, golden look. Something about #2 just screams summer to me, and the shape of her current bangs would grow out very easily and blend with the style. Plus, she could still pull her hair back. It would be quite a change, but a fun one.

Tell Nicole which one you prefer.