Updates – Part Seven


Oh, do I love this first one. Remember Adrienne?

Adrienne has absolutely beautiful hair, but was wanting a more of a “style”. She took the HT advice and cut off a few inches, added light layering all over and some sideswept bangs. Look at her now!

Isn’t she absolutely STUNNING? Well done, Adrienne.

Secondly, Nicole decided to follow the HT voters and try out a shorter Sandra Bullock-type cut.

The majority of voters chose Option #2:

Nicole even snapped a shot at the salon before her transformation.

Here she is now!


Lastly, Lauri took the advice to add some bangs to complement her face shape.



Great! Thanks for the updates, ladies!


Summer Fun


Wito and I are both experiencing unbelievably hellish summer colds on this lovely Wednesday. How did this happen? I was minding my own business, rocking the Wii Fit Super Hula at 1pm yesterday, when BAM! Snot explosion! Head cold from hell!


1. Grocery shopping and errands this morning while babysitter is here.

2. The never-ending Hair Thursday tasks including, but not limited to: (SUB-LIST ALERT.)

  • Complete post for tomorrow.
  • Organize my update post. (3 ladies!)
  • Find some sort of WordPress plugin that will organize my Stylists section. (Halp! Someone!)
  • Write post for upcoming AWESOME contest on Friday.
  • Edit several HT “how-to” videos that I filmed at my hair stylist’s salon on Monday.

3. Finish ParentDish Image of the Day posts for the remaining week.

4. Brainstorm ideas for my new writing job that starts July 7th. (It’s about CLOTHES and MAKEUP and LOOKING FABULOUS! Hell to the yes.)

5. Return 49 million emails.

6. Take care of my poor little boy.


1. Cancel babysitter due to horrid germs.

2. Take care of my poor little boy.

3. Try not to die.

4. Cry.



Let’s Get Physical, Phys-a-cal


Let me hear your body talk!

My Wii Fit review at ParentDish is up. Be sure and check out my amateur yoga pose in the gallery. Hawt.


hair thursday makeover 39


Lauri’s hair:

Light brown – trying to kick the highlighting habit and get back to her natural color
Normal to dry
Stick straight, baby fine, but lots of it
Prefers length between chin and shoulder and no bangs
Product junkie – Frederic Fekkai, Aveda, Bain de Terre
No layers

From Lauri’s photos, she appears to have a heart-shaped face with a high forehead. In general, a heart-shaped face should steer clear of blunt bangs, super short hair and/or really choppy layers. Subtle layering is really the key for Lauri.

I find it a damn shame that Miss Lauri has no interest in subtle, sideswept bangs because they could really lessen the appearance of height and width in the forehead, plus add some dimension to her hair. Looking at her requests, she prefers the length between chin and shoulder, so I would recommend a chin-length bob for her shortest option, with just the slightest layering in the front like Option #1. That way, the cut won’t look too severe. I also like the idea of a side part.

Now, as much as I would like to stick to Lauri’s wishes, I am going to suggest an option to keep her length and add bangs. VERY SUBTLE ONES. Option #2 would totally complement Lauri’s face shape and hell, I’VE BEEN DEEMED THE HAIR EXPERT, RIGHT? Listen to me!

Plus, look! It’s Babs!

People, people who need…people…

You can barely see those bangs! Notice how the forehead appears minimized, and how Lauri’s perfectly shiny hair would look so lovely in general. Of course, #1 is cute too. Decisions, decisions.

Alright, that is all for now.

Please vote.