The summer cold is much better, but not completely gone, mainly because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in six nights. Why, you ask? Well, my husband was out of town for the past week while Wito and I were left here to drown in our snot. Of course, I couldn’t tell you this because I’m filled with paranoia self-destroya about announcing to the internet that I’m all by myself, PLEASE COME KILL ME.

(Also, I think it’s important to point out that while I was dying over here, he was in the midst of a furnishings installation at one of his client’s homes in a swanky resort town, sipping pinot noir and marveling at the majestic beauty of the mountains.)

(For six days.)

(While I died.)

So, yes, AS USUAL, within thirty minutes of dropping D off at the airport last Tuesday, Wito was covered in phlegm. (Why is that the case, people? WHY??? 3 out of the 4 times he has left town, Wito has come down with an uber illness! GAH.)

However, my positive attitude was steadfast. Wito’s cold was not going to put a hamper on our time alone! I put him down for a nap, hopped on the Wii Fit for a rousing round of Super Hula, and within 15 minutes, felt that familiar raw tingling in my throat.

That was 2:45 on Tuesday. Game over.

Since that time, my nights and days have been filled with frequent wakings (Wito) and frequent tantrums (me). That second child we were thinking about attempting? After this week of horrible sleep? Maybe we should push that out a leeetle further, honey.

And the best part? Right as Wito started feeling better and sleeping through the night, my cough started and I hacked my damn brains out all night.

(The complaining! How do I stop it?)

The bright side! D is back, the babysitter watched Wito while D and I had a nice lunch at a fab restaurant with the ocean breeze blowing through my horribly tangled hair, and I’m feeling much better. I think I need to be a Lady Who Lunches. You know, just in case you were wondering. I can’t even remember the last time I had lunch without worrying about Wito being messy/bored/not eating/too loud. I’m sick of the parental shifts, where one parent scarfs down food while the other walks around with the child. DOWN WITH THE SHIFTS! JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

I think I would be an excellent LWL, and I must admit, the one Cadillac margarita I had before my meal was the perfect cocktail to give me that tingly buzz while the sun warmed my raw nose. (Of course, the Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine gelcap I took beforehand might have played a mild part in the buzzing…honest mistake, I swear.)

Now, if I could quit blowing my nose every 32 seconds, my life would be heavenly.

(I bought a Neti Pot. I’m scared to use it. More on that later.)

Good night to all.


The Best Contest EVER.


A hot, new hairstyle for FREE.

Check out Hair Thursday and Moosh in Indy for more details.


hair thursday makeover 41


Hair Thursday Part Two: More Phlegm Than Ever!

Take a look at our next participant, Tiffany (and her boyfriend).

(This reminds me. I prefer individual photos to be larger than this, considering I am so far-sighted it’s embarrassing. Yes, I have to put on glasses to read the menus at dining establishments and I’m THIRTY-THREE. Bifocals before forty, here I come!)

Here’s an excerpt from Tiffany’s email:

If I’m doing anything even remotely important, it takes me at least an hour and twenty minutes to get ready. You know, I need to shower, check some blogs, blow dry my hair, WHICH TAKES FOREVER (and, by the way, I blow it out for a few minutes with a regular blow dryer, and then flip my hair upside down and blow it straight with a blow dryer that has a brush-thing on the end). THEN, I pull the crown-part of my hair up and round brush it under the blow dryer. This is the only piece of hair that gets this special treatment. THEN I flat iron the pieces that fall around my face, in an attempt to keep them from getting frizzy. This seldom works. and THEN I put hot rollers in ( I use 5) to keep the ends bouncy. This also seldom works. As you can see, i am in desperate need of help.

Whoah, Tiffany! That’s a lot of work for a hairstyle you don’t particularly love!

First things first. Tiffany, I’m thinking REALLY red.

Secondly, Tiffany MUST cut some more layers all over her hair. Judging from the second (tiny!) photo, the hair is just too bulky. It needs to be freed! Texturize! Texturize!

Third, she should take off about 3-4 inches off the bottom.

Fourth, lose the blow dryer with the brush attachment. Tiffany should use the her regular blow dryer and a round brush with a flat iron touch-up on “normal” days. For special occasions, use the hot rollers all over the head or a curling iron.

I think a color change and layering around the face alone will make the biggest difference. Tiffany, let me ask you, what does your hair look like air-dried? Is it straight? Wavy? If you do have a subtle wave pattern, the layers could help give some bounce, and you could forego the blow-drying altogether on some days.

Here are the options.

I love both of these similar cuts for Tiffany and I adore the red hair color. Is it too much of a change for Tiffany? Has the cold medicine thrown me over the edge? I don’t know.

What do you think?

Also, Tiffany’s boyfriend is looking for a change. He wants to keep some length to his hair, but wouldn’t mind more of a style. Here’s a shorter option and a medium-length one. (How scary does David Bowie look in that photo? But you get the idea.)

I admit, I’m biased towards shorter hair on men, so I might not be the best judge. Do you all have any suggestions for longer male hair options?

You all figure it out while this girl takes a nap.


hair thursday makeover 40


Welcome to this week’s Hair Thursday, straight from my deathbed! (Also, who says Alka Seltzer Plus Nighttime Cold Medicine is just for night?! Why am I seeing double? Where’s my toddler?)

I think it’s best for you and I if I keep most of my thoughts/hallucinations to myself this week.

Here is cute Jodi!

Jodi’s hair:

Red/auburn with blond highlights
Chemically-processed, a little dry
Medium texture and thick
Prefers shorter styles
Spends 15-30 minutes styling
Uses flat iron
Uses Brocato max hold hairspray and Rough Paste by Redken, sometimes Aveda Volumizer

I like Jodi’s hair! Don’t you think it’s cute? I can’t really tell what it looks like on the sides and back, but I like how it’s texturized and the highlights look nice with her skin.

However, something (the cold medicine?) is telling me that Jodi would look great with shorter hair. Maybe the same layering on top, but taking the sides and back up.

Something like Option #1. (BTW, this photo is from a CUTE HT participant on the waiting list. Why she’s wanting to change her darling hair, I DO NOT KNOW.)

(Cute seems to be the operative word this week, yes?)

Jodi’s hair is already very similar on the top and in the front, so she would only be taking the bulk off the sides and back.

OR Jodi could keep the length and REALLY texturize the hell out of it, for a super modern look like Option #2.

(OMG, a gray piece of matter just emerged from my lungs.)

Tell Jodi what you think!