hair thursday makeover 34



Erica’s hair:

Self-described “beastly hair”
Light-to-medium brown
Lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (which apparently has some hella extreme weather)
Combination curly/wavy

From Erica’s email, I do believe she is the owner of bipolar hair. Depending on the weather, her curls act completely differently, sometimes shiny and bouncy and other times, well, BLAH.

I think all of the wavy/curly gals out there will agree – at least, I know I do. What to do, what to do…

I really like Erica’s curls and her layering technique. Notice how her cheekbone-length layers keep the overall shape from looking like the dreaded triangle. I do think she could take about an inch or two off and have a darling wavy bob.

What about these options?


Option #1 would take a little of the length off and shorten her layers accordingly. It would be a fresh look for the summer season, which she could let air dry or use a curling iron (like the photo) to add defined curls here and there. Option #2 follows the same idea, but with the addition of bangs. (My only concern would be the humid Winnipeg summers. Serious Humidity + Bangs = Interesting.)

Also, Erica should read this post (remember my fabulous Curl Expert, Jamie?) which covers all of the curl bases to help tame the “beastly” hair.

What do you all think?

(The second participant will be featured soon. This girl needs a break from the laptop.)


My Top Products Now


1. Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray – Protects my hair from heat styling and the sun, and smells unbelievably fresh and clean.

2. Pureology Real Curl Creme – I currently rotate three curl products, but if I was forced to choose one, it would be Real Curl.

3. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream – Like I’ve said one hundred times before, nothing compares to the shine this product creates. Remember, a LITTLE dab’ll do ya.

4. Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray – Forget about humidity issues with this spray. It holds without any stiffness and is completely brushable.


My Top Tools Now


1. Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron – I have the 1-inch model and it works perfectly on my long hair. The size of the ringlets look like this.

2. HAI Ceramic Flat Iron – Heats up to 400 degrees in about 10 seconds. HUZZAH.

3. Mason Pearson Brush – Nylon and bristle, junior size. Brusha brusha brusha, shiny shiny shiny.

4. Revlon Hair Dryer – I usually let my hair air-dry, so I might not be the go-to source on dryers, but this one gets the job done. (And it’s inexpensive. Score.)

5. Medicis Paris Round Brush – The good news? This is the best round brush I have ever owned. It doesn’t pull the hair and the boar bristles don’t cause the slightest bit of static. The bad news? I can’t remember where I purchased it and can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE. Help.

Any tools you absolutely love?


Brunettes Are Sessy!


Did you see the InStyle Sexy Poll in the June 2008 issue? Thousands voted online in their 11th annual survey, and drumroll please, brunettes were voted a sexier hair color by a whopping 76% to 24%. Blond was the runner-up, and there was no mention of redheads (discrimination!) on the page.

HUZZAH! Come on, you know you want to fondle our luscious, brunette locks.

Oh, you don’t? Well, let’s implement our own Whoorl Sexy Hair Poll on this lovely Monday morning. (Actually, it’s hotter than hell. Is anyone else on the West Coast melting?)