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I’m over here! 2 new participants, plus the other one from last week.


hair thursday makeover 35


Here it is, part 2 from last week! Better late than never, right?

Meet Natalie.


Natalie’s hair:

Dark brown with a bleached white stripe
Doesn’t know what to do with the front part of her hair – wears it pulled back 75% of the time
Oily at the roots, dry ends
Fine hair, thin at the front. Thick, minimal wave
Spends anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes on hair
Uses round brush with a blow dryer
Ceramic straightener occasionally

I can’t really get a clear idea of what Natalie’s hair looks like in these photos. To me, it looks reddish (which I really like) opposed to a dark brown, and I can’t tell if it’s wet or not. First off, if it isn’t wet in the photo, too much product is being used.

Natalie has a patch of gray hair located on the top of her head, and has been bleaching it to create a light stripe, as you can see in the photo. Although it adds some visual interest, I would prefer to see her with the entire head of hair colored uniformly or let the gray patch grow in au naturale.

To me, her natural gray patch of hair would still create a streaked look, but she wouldn’t have to consistently bleach (read: damage) that part of her hair. Think Stacy London.

BUT. If Natalie isn’t comfortable with flying her gray flag, what about an allover color? Natalie’s hair is currently brown, but I think a dark auburn would look very nice with her coloring. Something like this:

Oh, look! It’s a Nice and Easy advertisement! (I promise, I have no sort of agreement with Clairol. I just really liked this hair color on their website.)

Wouldn’t that color look lovely on Natalie? Now that I think about it, that cut would look great too. Cutting two inches off the bottom and adding long layers in the front would give Natalie’s hair more dimension, but she could still pull it back if needed. I would recommend using a color/heat protectant before drying and using a round brush and dryer to create a smooth, shiny style.

Until tomorrow, my friends.


Nightline Segment


Before you watch the video, I must tell you that the horribly-named Swim Sweater is quite a hit with Wito. In fact, he refuses to take it off. Ever.

Out by the pool? Swim Sweater. Eating lunch? Swim Sweater. Playing with a puzzle in the living room? Swim Sweater. It’s almost as if the fabric-covered tube acts as a nice, comfortable armrest. And really, who wouldn’t want an armrest 24/7? It’s genius, I tell you! Visually hideous, yet genius.

We’re heading to dinner with high hopes of removing it before actually entering the public eatery. Wish us luck.

Nightline from Hair Thursday on Vimeo.


The Floaties of Yesteryear


We’ve made a last-minute decision to spend our Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs, which means one glorious thing. POOL TIME. I can’t fully express the excitement I am feeling about spending the next three days lying by a pool, but it’s safe to say I’ve broken out the African Anteater Ritual a couple of times this morning.

Pools are hard to come by in a beach community, mainly due to the fact that there is this large mass of water called an “ocean” within walking distance. The ocean. Yes, it’s beautiful and serene and what not, but it’s also a pain in the ass. Just the beach packing ritual alone is enough to make me talk in tongues, not to mention the damp sand that Wito enjoys eating by the fistful. I have sand issues. I admit it.

But, pools! POOLS! Backyard pools beckon you with promises of instant access to a bathroom! A nearby refrigerator filled with snacks! No sand! A towel and sunblock is all you need, my friends.

In a nutshell, the pool is spontaneous and easy to enjoy. The beach causes certain people to lose their shit in an alley.

This morning, I made a quick (ha!) trip (ha!) to Target (ha!) to purchase some sort of flotation device for Wito. Now, in a typical Whoorl Planning Situation, I would have conducted the proper research in a timely fashion, but as you see, we are leaving in less than 24 hours and Target was my best option.

After spending 45 minutes in Aisle 26, I came to an enlightening conclusion. Parents only have two options when it comes to toddler pool safety.

1. Toddler experiences hours of pool fun, but is forced to wear a contraption that looks like Dora the Explorer puked all over it.


2. Toddler is quarantined in an oversized Pack-n-Play thirty yards from the pool because the parents refuse to dress him in a Cookie Monster Wears Hawaiian Shirts And Eats Coconuts life jacket.

What happened to the plain yellow floaties we wore as kids? Oh yeah, that’s right, they now cause cancer, early stimulation of estrogen receptors, a huge lisp, etc.

Oh, and the whole Swim Level thing? I spent upwards of 20 minutes reading the backs of multi-colored packages about all of the Very Important Swim Stages. Is Wito a 1? 2? A? C439?

Listen, I just want my child to maintain a proper level of oxygen in his lungs for the next three days, but of course, I caved and bought a couple of options. I couldn’t help it, I was having trouble reading the fine print due to my acute blindness from the heinous patterns everywhere.

FYI – I am leaning towards the Swim Sweater. (3 Million Sold! 3 Milliones vendidas! 3 Millions vendus! More like, HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG, IDIOT PARENT?)