Updates – Part Six


To all the requested participants from the past month, I will get the questionnaires to you shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Now, on with the updates! Remember Ashley?


Ashley was spending way too much time flat-ironing her hair when in fact, she had a naturally lovely wave pattern. I suggested she ditch the flat iron on most days, cut some layers and sideswept bangs, and embrace her naturally wavy hair.



Look at that naturally gorgeous hair. Let this be a lesson to all of you wavy gals out there- Ashley was spending all sorts of time trying to alter her natural style, when in essence, her wavy hair is beautiful! And the best part? This style takes virtually NO time to create.

I’ll just let Ashley tell you.

“I just have to tell you again – THANK YOU! Seriously, every time anyone sees me with my new hair compliments me. Even this lady at the coffee shop I see everyday (but we never say more than hello to each other!) came up to me and asked me what I did with my hair. And told me she loved it.

Thanks for encouraging me to go au natural. AWESOME.”

(I just love these testimonials. They make me feel like I should be on QVC.)

Next up – Kristin:


Kristin wanted an update and 56% of you chose Option #1.


Heeeeerrrrrre’s Kristin!


Cutting the length off really freshened up Kristin’s look, didn’t it? She mentioned her bangs were a little too short, and I would agree, but (as we gals with bangs know) they should be perfect in a few weeks. The cut really emphasizes her beautiful face.

Remember Amanda?


Amanda wanted to know if she should cut bangs, which 83% of you said YES.


Not only did she add sideswept bangs, but added layers around her face and shortened the length. Doesn’t she look awesome? I’m LOVING this cut on her.

And last but certainly not least, Bryanna.


Her options were:


Bryanna cut a few inches off the bottom, kept her golden highlights and looks amazing. She used the whoorl curling technique to soften the curl (like Option #2), which she mentioned was a “subtle difference in method, but a completely different curl”.


At my Hair Thursday request, Bryanna also broke out the flat iron for an additional look.


So sleek and GORGEOUS.

Bravo, ladies! Bravo!

Oh, wait! One last chica! Miss Metalia:


However, Metalia did not follow my first suggestions.


She did, however go for the Nicole Richie bob:


What? No curly blue bob? Shiny orange mullet? People can be so PICKY. GAH.

Looks fabulous, mah dear!


hair thursday makeover 28


Hey, I’ve got three updates for you tomorrow so be sure to check back. (Also, if you have an update for me, send it over and I’ll add it in.)



Kristen’s hair:

Naturally dirty blonde, but colors it a reddish auburn
Chemically processed, a little bit on the dry side
Thick, fine and straight
Likes long hair, but thinks the length is too much for her 5’2″ frame
Shoulder-length is as short as she wants to go
Uses Frederic Fekkai products
Loves ponytails

I really love Kristen’s current color. That reddish auburn is well suited for her complexion, and I would never have guessed she didn’t have some sort of red undertone in her natural color. So keep on keeping on with the color. As for the length, I do agree that it’s definitely too long for her petite frame, but her hair is very healthy looking. I think she could work with several options to keep some length for ponytails and such.


Option #1 – Below shoulder length, with the top and side sections angle-layered to create a full shaped style. (Pretty.)

Option #2 – Above shoulder length, with soft face framing layers to add shape around the face. (Lots of length coming off, but would be a fun change.)

Both styles are easy to maintain with regular trims.



Sabrina’s hair:

Currently, hair is honey brown with 5 month old blond highlights
Colors her hair a lot, changes with the seasons
Thick, normal-condition and a bit of wave
Hair has never been shorter than just above the shoulders
Wash and go and uses no products
She prefers sleek and smooth cuts, not choppy and textured. She’d love to get
away with continuing to not use product, and keep it low maintenance.

Alrighty then! Let’s see- sleek and smooth, no products, no maintenance. Well, that leaves us with TONS OF OPTIONS, SABRINA.

I say, let’s get out of the in-between length and go either longer or shorter.


Option #1 – Sabrina would need to grow a few more inches (although her photos were sent last October – she could already be there). Then, add some face-framing layers around her front section to add shape and definition around her face. Very easy style to maintain.

Option #2 – Chin-length bob with a no severe angles. Very minimal texturizing keeps it smooth and sleek. Sabrina would probably need to use a blow dryer and/or flat iron to keep it smooth, though.

Option #3 – The kicker. If Sabrina wants to go shorter, but not THAT short, I also think the Sandra Bullock option in Kristen’s options (#2) would look cute.


Happy Happy


1. The donations for little Emily have been staggering. Staggering. I’m so happy to be a part of such an unbelievably generous outpouring of support for sweet Emily.

2. Speaking of generous, Kate Szabone, the maker of the fabulous earrings I featured here last week, emailed me yesterday to let me know that she is donating all of her past and future profits from her loop hoop sales from my referrals. So, if you are in the market for some lovely delicate hoops, be sure and tell Kate I sent ya. (Thanks, Kate, for being SO AWESOME.)

3. Wito did great at Mother’s Day Out. The caregivers told me he never cried, but occasionally looked out the window, trying to find us. (D and I both dropped him off. Double heart-rippage!) I will admit that he has been very clingy for the past couple of days – usually a boy who doesn’t like to be held, he is perfectly content in my arms since Monday. (Again with the HEART-RIPPAGE.) Plus, when he wants to be held, he says “Hold you! Hold you, mommy!”


4. RAMÓN UPDATE. I’m approaching my 2-month anniversary of guitar lessons and LOVE IT. I am currently tackling my very first “study” (What? I’m supposed to play THIS?) with the help of my awesome guitar teacher. Maybe I will make a video once I have the study mastered, which could be 2010.

5. Today is Wito’s first visit to the zoo! Smelly animals await!