hair thursday makeover 29


Holy crap, today was so amazing. I felt like a total celebrity for most of the afternoon, but now have returned to my Gap pajama pants, glasses and ponytail. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll keep you posted, though….

Let’s get to it! Melissa is our first participant of the evening.


Melissa’s hair:

Naturally dark brown, with new caramel highlights
Slightly wavy, but only when it’s longer. Straight when shorter.
Daily time spent on hair: 30 seconds to brush and put in a ponytail
Melissa says, “I have had it short and long and everywhere in between, both straight and curly. I love my hair chin length or shorter (and so does my husband and everyone who knows me!), but I always end up growing it out so I can pull it back in a ponytail!”
She’s tired of the bob thing
Likes the idea of long hair, but it never looks “right”

Drum roll, please!


Say bye-bye to that ponytail, Melissa! Your beautiful face was meant for shorter hair!

I love Option #1- it is such a chic style and would fully complement Melissa’s texture, shine and face shape. (Not that you care, but THAT is the haircut I would go for if I went short.)

Option #2 is a bob. I’m sorry! I know Melissa is so over bobs, but the fact of the matter is, she looks great with that shape. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. (And like I was going to suggest a mullet.) Chin-length would be beautiful.

What do you all think?



Marya’s hair:

Very fine and wavy
Doesn’t style it, just brushes it with a “crap nylon-bristle brush that I got at Wal-Mart”
Wants it to be better looking and more manageable
Likes it long
Doesn’t want to heat-style because she is “lazy”

Oh Marya, Marya, Marya. The bad news. Your hair needs assistance STAT.

The good news. Your hair has so much potential! I predict YOU are going to be the update that blows everyone away. When you start giving a little TLC, you are going to look unbelievable. TRUST ME, MARYA.

Just for you, I’ve created a little action plan.


1. Ditch your shampoo and conditioner. Buy this and this. (You can get it at any drugstore.)

2. Ditch your crap nylon Walmart brush and buy a round boar-bristle brush like this. While you are at the drugstore, buy one of these too. Oh, and this. (Don’t worry, it only lasts 28 shampoos and will make your hair shiny and lovely.) And one more product, I swear!

(I know this seems like a lot, but these things will last you for a very long time. Plus, it all costs under $40.)

3. Go to your stylist and get 4 inches cut off your hair.

4. For days when you are running out the door, wash your hair, towel-dry, and make an even part on the top of your head with a comb. (It can be a side part or a center part, whatever.) De-tangle with the wide-tooth comb. Spray Dream Curls throughout your hair and let air dry.

5. For days when you have more time, wash, towel-dry, and blow dry with your round brush for a smoother look.

We’re going for a smooth and wavy look, like this:


Alright, Marya. We’re counting on you. Get your tush to the store and make us proud!


Hair Thursday ON THE WAY


Hair Thursday is going to be a little late. Oh, I KNOW what you’re thinking…she’s taking that damn kid to the beach again.

NO! I’m not taking sweet Wito to the beach. If you must know, I will be staring vapidly into my closet and wringing my sweaty palms because in a couple of hours, I will be sharing my home with a photographer from a Very (!) Prestigious (!) Publication (!). Who will be taking my photo. At my house. For a story that may or may not be including this here website. Specifically, HAIR THURSDAY.


I think I just blacked out.

Wish me luck! Be back soon!




It’s another CONTEST!

But! You don’t win anything tangible! Just my undying love forever and ever.

You guys, SERIOUSLY. Please help me. I need you to inform me of every single song, phrase, quote or whatever that contains the word “world” in it. It’s for a super top secret project and I would be indebted to you forever.

FOREVER. We are the world, man.


Rock Chalk


I live in an area where people could care less about collegiate sports, which is a tad frustrating for a die hard like me. Why, just over the past couple of days, several people have asked if some sort of “basketball tournament thingy” was going on.

Seriously, people? YOU KILL ME.

Whatever. People have different interests, hobbies, blahdeedah.

However, if you aren’t even remotely enthused by this unbelievable last-second shot (which led to overtime), well, you just don’t have a soul.

Congratulations to my alma mater, the University of Kansas, winners of the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship.

(Mario, call me.)

Wait! I hear you grumbling…some of you STILL don’t care. Fine. Try to deny this cuteness.

Beak ’em Hawks! from whoorl on Vimeo.

Beak ’em Hawks! ROCK CHALK.