A Very, Very Special Hair Thursday


This week, every single one of your votes count. SERIOUSLY.

Meet Rebecca, whose future hairstyle is completely in your hands.

Rebecca’s hair:

Dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights
Normal condition, thick and straight
Likes her hair somewhat long, but is open to a shorter bob style
Wears ponytails quite often
Spends about 10 minutes on hair – mostly blowdrying, but uses a flat iron if needed
Is very knowledgeable about products

Rebecca recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and is looking to freshen up her style. Not being interested in super short styles, I wanted to offer some options that could really change her overall look without chopping it all off.

Take a look.


Option #1 would be a new, sleek and modern look for Rebecca. This one-length, texturized bob with an extremely slight angle would be perfect for Rebecca’s straight hair type and face shape. Add some lighter blond highlights and Va Va Voom!

Option #2 would hit just above the collarbone, with sideswept bangs and layering around the face. This too would look fantastic on Rebecca, plus giving her more versatility with the addition of sideswept bangs. (And we all love ponytail bangs, am I right?)

Here’s where it gets interesting. Normally, I post the new styles, you vote and the participant has the option of going forward with the cut. No one is actually dragging the participant to his or her stylist.

Well, this time, your votes will determine the winning style and Miss Rebecca WILL be receiving that exact style in the very near future. WHICH WILL THEN BE REVEALED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.


You heard me right. When I close Rebecca’s poll on Saturday at midnight, her new style will be all your doing. (Well, actually, a very experienced stylist’s doing, but you catch my drift.)

So, get to it, my friends. Make me proud!


A Word Of Caution


Ketel One martinis + The New York Times anticipation = Ouch.

Ladies and gents, I’ve had a crazy week. You see, I’ve been on vacation with my family, which included a little bit of this:

La Cucaracha from whoorl on Vimeo.

(Wait, doesn’t everyone have a 6-foot statue of Captain Hook included in their vacation rental?)

A little bit of this:


And, a little bit of this:


Look at those cheeks. MONCH MONCH MONCH.

Meanwhile, my job responsibilities over here are morphing a bit, and of course, the New York Times article made its appearance and rendered this site inoperable for several hours.

As much as I would like to pretend that I calmly waited for Thursday morning’s arrival by speaking phrases such as, “The NYT’s Thursday Style section is quite a treat and the piece should be just delightful, my dears. Now, pass the bubbly, Ronald!”, that’s not exactly how it went down.

On Wednesday, the butterflies made their presence known. The interview and photo shoot were both so exciting, but I really had no idea about the size and scope of the article. By 4pm, I had decided with the utmost certainty that the title of the article would be:


My family decided I was in need of some adult beverages. Now, I usually have no issues with drinking a martini (need to create a new, exciting dinner? Try drinking a martini! Just watch the cooking improvisation unfold!), but the adrenaline building in my body created some sort of catalyst, hurling me into the galaxy of drunkity DRUNK.

(Two martinis! Just two!)

(Drunk, I tell you!)

D and I returned home around 10:30pm, I set the alarm for 6:00am (our local coffee shop only sells 5 copies of the NYT and I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Or three.), and clumsily plopped my head on the pillow.

Whoah. Spinning.

I groggily mumbled “UGH”, grabbed my pillow and trudged into the living room, where I attempted to watch the nightly news with one hand covering my left eye. You know, to reduce the television rotation.

(Two martinis! Just two!)

(Lightweight, I tell you!)

I must have succumbed to one hell of a deep slumber because I woke up at 2am on the couch, completely disoriented and apparently very hot, evidenced by my turning the thermostat ALL THE WAY in one direction to cool off the room.

I made it to the bedroom, crashed into bed and immediately fell asleep.

What happened next can only be described as moderately painful. The alarm went off. My mouth was dry. It felt incredibly hot in the bedroom. I stumbled into the living room, or what felt like the fiery pit of hell, looked at the thermostat and the room temperature was registering a balmy 86 degrees. I had turned the thermostat the wrong direction.

(Two martinis! Just two!)

(Idiot, I tell you!)

Did any of you see the Sex and The City episode where Miranda drinks 1,000 martinis with the extremely good-looking detective and wakes up with the worst hangover in the history of mankind?

That was me.


Still not getting a crystal clear visual?

How about this.


Luckily, I made it to the coffee shop in one piece. Wearing jeans, my pajama top, and smelling of vodka. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have PAID anyone to believe that was me in the photo.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Butterflies and alcohol do not mix. Go forth and spread the word, my friends.





Yes, I think that accurately explains how I feel this morning.


Click here for the online version.


Why I Said Goodbye To Twitter


1. I read this.

2. I noticed my laptop was open. A LOT.

3. My whoorl posts were decreasing.

4. My ParentDish posts were decreasing.

5. I wasn’t reading any blogs.

6. Yet, I was spending twice as much time on the internet.

Doing what, you ask?

Twittering. Lots of twittering. I honestly had no idea how much cumulative time I was spending reading and writing on Twitter. So, I quit. Cold turkey.

(I really miss it.)

However, the instant decrease of LOP (Laptop Open Position) has been incredible. Thus, I am happy. The End.

(Although, my old Twitter pals! How are you? Have you had a good week? Any interesting tidbits? GOOD GOD, THE THINGS I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I CAN’T WRITE HERE! THE EXCITEMENT!)

*shutting laptop*