hair thursday makeover 26


Meet Manda. She’s considering bangs.


Manda’s hair:

Naturally light ash brown with blonde highlights. Doesn’t want to dye her hair.
Healthy, thick and super straight
Wants long hair, is considering bangs but forehead has a tendency to get really oily
Likes ponytails
Is a sucker for cheap haircuts and wants to step it up

Manda would be a perfect candidate for the type of sideswept bangs shown in the photos below.


Since Manda has oily skin, I definitely would not recommend bluntly-cut or piecey bangs that hang forward on her forehead, but sideswept bangs that blend into the sides of her hair would give her a fresh look without the worry of “greasy-looking” hair.

Plus, sideswept bangs are a breeze to grow out. If Manda tires of the look, the bangs will look like face-framing layers as they grow (similar to the layers she already has). Might I mention how cute she would look with ponytail bangs?

Next up is Tracy:


Tracy’s hair:

Naturally medium brown and doesn’t want color
Straight, thick yet fine-textured and very oily
Open to different lengths
Uses a styling cream daily
Isn’t really happy with her stylist

Take a look at these options:


Tracy would really benefit from reducing the heaviness in her hair, as she is slightly approaching the dreaded triangle. A little more volume at her roots and crown would make the biggest difference in the overall shape of her hair. Both of these options would give Tracy’s hair so much more movement.

Option #1 is a simple, versatile style with layers around the front to add shape and keep the overall shape light and airy. I also think the collarbone length would complement Tracy’s features.

Option #2 is full of body and texture, thanks to the medium length layers cut throughout, as well as razored ends which eliminate any bulkiness. Also, she has some very minimal piecey bangs that easily could be blended into the hair.

What do you think?

Okay, let’s chat about stylists for a second.

I know all too well about dealing with mediocre stylists, having moved around several states in the past ten years.

Here’s the deal, if you aren’t happy with your stylist, DON’T GO BACK. Sure, they might wonder why you’ve disappeared, but who cares? This is your hair- the hair you have to look at every day of your life. You aren’t paying them to make your hair look decent, you are paying them to make you look and feel fantastic. When the time comes, you don’t need to “break up” with them, discuss the situation, etc. Just don’t make another appointment. End of Story.

Since moving to California, I’ve seen three stylists. The first was a recommendation (she sucked), the second was the result of tons of internet research (she sucked), and the third is my current stylist who I absolutely adore. How did I find her? I walked right up to a random stranger with amazing hair and asked who her stylist was. She gave me her number and that was that.

This is the best way to find a stylist. You see, talking about stylists on the internet is a tricky thing. Someone might think their stylist is the best ever, but their idea of a great stylist could be completely different than yours. (For instance, they might fully enjoy permed 80’s hair. You, however, might be interested in something less model-doing-the-splits-on-a-Jaguar in Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again video. Just an example.)

You need to see the merchandise for yourself, you know? Look around, check out hairstyles while running errands, having cocktails, eating out, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask! You aren’t going to offend anyone by paying them a great compliment, right? And if you love your stylist, carry some cards in your purse. When people ask about my hair, I just whip out her card. Easy as cheese.

Now, go forth and seek out great hair!


A Weekend In Boston – Observations


1. Warm, sunny weather is my life force.

2. A trench coat is not a coat.

3. People stare. At the airport, walking down Newbury Street, running errands, everywhere. (Booger? Spinach in the teeth?) While having lunch at Zaftigs, the woman seated next to us literally turned her chair towards us and stared the entire meal, completely ignoring her lunch companion. I’m going to hold a seminar on my next visit entitled, Quick Sideways Glance: learn it, live it, love it.

4. I met the lovely Miguelina for coffee. What is the DEAL with all of the East Coast soul sistahs I’ve encountered? Why aren’t these types of women living in Orange County? (Wait. Don’t answer that.)

5. I couldn’t help but pretend I was Ali McGraw while visiting my brother-in-law’s school. Of course, my superstition got the best of me and stopped thinking that, because um, she DIES in that movie.


6. The stoplights in Boston must not employ sensors, but use timers lengthy enough to allow drivers to take a quick snooze (and possibly prepare an omelet) before getting the green light.

7. Strong headwinds will make your flight home quite lengthy. As in, Very. Long. (6 1/2 hours, to be exact.)

8. While watching BBC on said flight, I encountered a show where a dietitian actually trifles through people’s poop. In tupperware. A family of four stood around while this woman dissected their poop IN FRONT OF THEM. This has crossed some sort of television-viewing boundary, and yet, I am intrigued.

9. Fresh baby head smells really good. Yet, not good enough to persuade me to have another baby right now.

10. I will enjoy the beach today with renewed fervor. Flip flops! Sand in my toes! Warm sun on my face! YES YES YES!

Boston, you and I will meet again, my bipolar friend. Preferably in the spring.


Boston Update


Hello, my friends! I’m in Boston! And warm!

Thanks for all of your suggestions- of course, I didn’t read most of them until I arrived here, but I’ve brought lots of layers and am peachy keen, jellybeans.

I’m extremely superstitious and don’t want to jinx future travels, but I have to say, yesterday was a breeze. We woke Wito up at 5:00am PST, he went to sleep last night at 10:45pm EST (with only a 35-MINUTE NAP on the plane) and was perfect all day. PERFECT. He must have been delirious, yo.

Currently, we are adjusting to the loss of three hours (aka Time Change alá SHITTAY). I’m experimenting with the blogging-to-keep-me-awake approach, but the boys seem to have nipped the issue in the bud:


5:15pm. Look out, Boston! The Whoorl Family is CRAZY.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Hair Thursday Coming Soon…Packing Hysteria Takes Precedence


Hair Thursday is going to be late due to the fact that I’m leaving for Boston at 5:45 IN THE MORNING. I’m not sure if you have noticed with Daylight Savings Time, but 5:45 IN THE MORNING is a very dark time. Very night-like.

My current packing situation looks like this:


In clockwise order from top left: D’s pile of shit, Whoorl’s pile of shit, Wito’s pile of shit.

This East Coast weather thing has me all sorts of confused. Temperature in the 40’s, possibly the 50’s, possible rain, possible snow, possible sun, possible wind gusts, possible GOD HELP ME JUST TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR.

All of my shoes were meant to be worn on bare feet. I don’t have socks, people. This is one of the side effects of living in the land of warm sunshine. You abandon socks! The liberation!

I was advised to bring gloves. Negative, Ghostrider. In fact, I don’t even own a winter coat that isn’t under 6 years old.

Anyhoo, mass confusion at this here point in time.

Maybe I’ll finish Hair Thursday tomorrow night when it’s midnight and I’m wondering why I can’t sleep.

(Another stressful issue: It is almost midnight in Boston! Yet, I just ate dinner here! Confusion!)