The Earring Contest Winner Is…


Wait! First, you need to look at my highly-scientific chart!


Yeah, I created a pie chart while watching American Idol last night. What of it?

(Did I hear you mumble “douchebag”? HUH?)

According to Wikipedia, “Genetically dominant, free earlobes are twice as common in the human population as attached lobes.”

No shit! Thanks to MY highly-scientific poll, I can assure clinical geneticists around the world that the research hasn’t been in vain! Free earlobes are twice as common! Whoorl readers PROVED IT.

I’m not just giving away earrings here, I’m validating SCIENCE.

What was I talking about?

Oh yes, the contest. I found some sort of random number generator website thingymajig, entered in the official number of comments, pressed the go button and:


I can’t look! The suspense!

And the winning random commenter is:


#186! Which would be:


Jocilyn! Who measures people’s ears! (ZOMGWTF.) You’re right, Jocilyn. There is no good explanation.

Congratulations to the Ear Measurer! I’ll be emailing you shortly.


Oooh, Oooh! A CONTEST.


I am completely obsessed with Etsy. I admit it.

A couple of weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I need more earrings in my life. What’s the point of having your ears pierced if you aren’t going to adorn the holes? C’MON, PEOPLE.

So, Etsy and I did our little mating ritual, which resulted in the purchase of several pairs of simple, beautiful earrings. (Simple jewelry lovers UNITE!)

My very favorite pair were handmade by Kate Szabone, and they have become permanent fixtures in my earlobes.

Well, the lovely Kate accidentally printed out duplicate orders and sent me two pairs of these beautiful earrings, and when I emailed about the duplication, she kindly told me to keep them. (SCORE.) And as much as I would like to KEEP THE EARRINGS as backups, I thought it might be nice to share the love with y’all.


Aren’t they perfectly simple? And pretty? Can you not tell because my ears are devouring the entire photo?

These beauties need a loving home. (The new ones, of course. Not the ones in my ears- Whoorl is a proper hygiene advocate.)

So! Leave a comment starting now through midnight EST tonight, and I will randomly choose a winner to be announced tomorrow. Cool? Cool.

And for those people (like me) who need some sort of comment direction, tell me, do you have a free or attached earlobe?


Easter Panic!


Happy Easter.

I just accidentally erased every single feed on my Google Reader. (200+ blogs.)

Years of finding great writers and POOF! Gone into the black night.

(breathing into a paper sack)

((Would it be poor form to compare Jesus rising from the dead to my Google Reader reincarnation? You know, like a new start? Free from past sins of the fathers?))

(((Going to pray for forgiveness.)))

Do I read your blog? Should I read your blog? What blogs do you love? Suggestions? (Seriously, don’t be shy. This is a desperate call for ASSISTANCE.)


Where Were You When…


The topic for this week’s Friday Flashback is What big cultural event occurred during your childhood/youth that you recall clearly? What was its impact on you?

Several “big” events immediately popped into my mind – the Challenger explosion (I was home sick from 6th grade watching the Price is Right- specifically, the yodeling mountain climber– when the show was interrupted by video images of the fiery explosion), Charles and Diana’s wedding (I watched it in my aunt’s basement in the wee hours of the morning, marveling at Diana’s train floating down the aisle and wishing to marry a prince one day), and Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt.

However, the most vivid memories I have as a child were pop culture and fashion-related. (C’mon. Does that surprise you? It’s WHOORL we’re talking about here.)

Do you all remember these events as well as I do?

Watching the birth of MTV, with the inaugural video being Video Killed The Radio Star.

Classifying myself as a Valley Girl. “Like, you are tubular to the max.”

Hiding behind a pillow while viewing Thriller for the first time.

Drinking my first Jolt Cola.

My first pair of Jellies shoes.

Wanting to mack down with Charlie Sheen in Lucas. (That makes me cringe a little.)

Mix and matching the “perfect” Units outfit while getting ready for school.

The Three Men And A Baby ghost hiding in the curtain rumor. Freaked my shit out.

Dude, one word. FROGGER. (Also, did any of you play River Raid on Atari? My dad scored the highest score ever. We had to take a photo of him standing next to the good ol’ RCA television to send in. I would KILL for that photo right now.)

I remember distinct details of the above mentioned. What about you, though? What events from your youth are emblazoned on your brain? Anything goes!

Don’t forget to check out these other participants, as I can promise their posts are way more poignant than my banter about Jolt Cola. (Although, that shit was WICKED COOL. Admit it.)

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