Tonight, I’m counting my blessings.


Please read about Emily and help if you can.





1. Who is this big boy? Certainly not MY baby.

2. I’m a little misty* today due to this small step in my parenting world. (YAY! But also, WAH.)

*most ridiculous word EVER


My Favorite Thing


This week’s Friday Flashback is all about favorite items from childhood. Please focus your attention to the following photo:


What is this raggedy, waffle-weaved piece of fabric? And why is it the shape of Nevada?

Friends, this is my blankie. Or, more specifically, what’s left of my blankie. (8 square inches.)

Once pale yellow with satin edges, I slept with this bad boy for 6 or 7 years of my life, until the fateful day when my parents told me it was time to say goodbye.

Say goodbye?! To my blankie?! The one that I escorted around the house all day? The blankie that I rubbed across my face when I was sad and lonely? The one that I slept with wrapped around my pillow to ensure constant face-to-blankie interaction every night of my LIFE?

I wasn’t going down without a fight. I wanted an explanation! A parental mission statement including, but not limited to, how throwing away a harmless blanket would better my life!

Or so I thought.

I threw my beloved blankie in the trash at the promise of a Dilly Bar.

A 39-cent Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen.

Whoorl: Poster Girl for Bribery.

However, as my parents were loading my little sister into the car for our Dairy Queen extravaganza, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off a small corner of the blanket.

(HA! A blankie AND a Dilly Bar! I outsmarted The Man! TAKE THAT!)

So, I’ve had this piece of blanket for my entire life. I don’t sleep with it or have any interaction with it really; it just sits in the closet with my sweaters, but I would be absolutely crushed if I ever lost it.

What’s your favorite childhood item? If you blog about it, be sure and leave a link in my comments so we can read it. In the meantime, check out these other childhood faves!

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hair thursday makeover 27


This week’s first participant is Kerry Washington.

Uh, I mean Brittany.


Is it just me or do they bear an uncanny resemblance to one another? For crying out loud, they are EVEN WEARING THE SAME JACKET.

The above photo of Brittany was her original photo sent months ago, and I must admit, I took one look at her pretty face and decided the hair had to go. Don’t get me wrong, Brittany’s curls are super shiny and perfectly formed, but look at her eyes/cheekbones/lips/eyebrows! So beautiful! I thought, for sure, a super short haircut for summer (sssssss) was the way to go.

Since several months had passed, I asked Brittany to send me updated photos. I received these:



OH NOES! It’s so PRETTY! My short hair plans have been foiled!

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning:

Brittany’s Hair:

Natural color
Thick, curly hair
Has experienced every length, from 1-inch to halfway down her back
Is open to any length
Uses Cristophe smoothing shampoo, conditioner and smoothing serum. Also uses Sebastian Laminates Sheer Curl

I’ve given some thought to the matter, and I think I Brittany should keep her hair longer for now. Why?

1. She has been in a “growing out phase” for quite some time, but it seems the awkward growth phases are behind her, so why not enjoy some length for awhile?

2. She can always go short again when she tires of the longer hair.

3. She’ll look HOT.


Option #1 is perfect for Brittany. Her curl pattern is almost identical, and with her glossiness, it will look amazing. Just a few more months of growth and she will be there. (Brittany, if you decide on this one, be sure and take the photo to your stylist at your appointment next week, so she can start to shape it accordingly.)

I personally think Brittany’s curls are much more lustrous than the woman in Option #2, but I included this photo because Brittany complained of her hair always “falling in her face”. As shown in the photo, just pulling back the very front of the hair into a small barrette or band at the crown will get the hair off the face and create a totally different look. (Fun for nights out and such.)

Long story short – #1 with an optional #2 style to change it up.

OR should I revert to my original plan for Brittany to cut it shorty short for summer?

Our next participant is Jennifer:


Jennifer’s hair:

Light brown with golden highlights
Thick and straight
Wants to keep her length
Has questions about her color

Jennifer’s situation is much more straight forward, as she is happy with her length and style. (So am I, by the way. Bravo!)

Looking back at past Hair Thursdays, I think you would agree that I am relatively conservative in my choices. I believe in enhancing what you’ve got, not creating a complete overhaul.

However, I’m a little more experimental when it comes to light brown and/or dishwater blonde hair. By all means, gals with these shades should embrace their color, BUT if they are considering a color change, I will always be a supporter. Really intensifying those shades can make the biggest difference.

With that being said, check out these color options:


Option #1 – Go for the gold! Summer will be here soon!

Option #2 – A shiny, medium brunette with warm, golden tones.

As always, 2-3 shades lighter or darker is about as far as you should go when coloring and/or highlighting. (If you want to keep a semi-natural look, that is.)

What color should Jennifer pick?