An Apology


To the people of Orange County wearing brightly colored ensembles, I apologize if you were recently accosted by a gigantic 18-month-old screaming out the color of your outfit with the intensity of a roid-raging WWF wrestler.

I apologize that yelling “YELLLOOWWWWWW! PUH-PUHHH!” once or twice didn’t satisfy said red-faced toddler, thus prompting him to repeatedly scream, “GWEEEEEEEEEEN! WHHHHYYYYY-TUH! WHHHHHYYY-TUH!” until you were forced to run away, clutching your belongings.

I also apologize if you happened to be wearing an athletic jersey or any kind of fashion displaying letters and/or numbers.

My child, as you will see here, is intensely passionate about his new skills.

Letters from whoorl on Vimeo.

Some video points of interest:

1. This is a short snippet of our original 72-hour video of Wito recognizing letters. He never stops with the game, PLEASE HELP ME. In fact, the only thing that trumps this new game is going to the sandbox and pouring a bucket full of sand in his mouth.

2. I sound like Bill Clinton when I say “R” after Wito does.

3. Wito has waved his arms in excitement just like that since the day he was born.

4. When we say bye-bye, have you ever seen a child look so concerned? YOU MEAN NO MORE LETTER GUESSING? WHAT WILL I DO? I CAN’T POSSIBLY GO ON!

5. And yes, I always dress my child like a little elf with mango pants.


hair thursday makeover 21


Oh my goodness, this first one is just packed with polls and options, so let’s get to it.

Meet Heather:



Heather’s hair:

Salt-n-Pepper color with “an emphasis on the sodium”. Doesn’t color or highlight.
Oily, thick and slightly wavy
Wants a manageable style
Uses whatever shampoo is on sale (I might have shed a tear while reading this part)

I have to admit, I am fully invested in this one. You see, I had the awesome opportunity to meet Heather at Blogher last summer and I luh-huve her.


Me, Heather, Jessica of Kerflop and Heather of No Pasa Nada

Look at me. Look at how I’m literally pressing my entire being up against her! She’s just THAT lovely!

Anyway, Heather has been chronicling the grueling process of growing her hair out on her blog, Oh My Stinkin’ Heck, as well as on Flickr.

Take a moment. Have a looksie. Familiarize yourself with her situation. She even polled her readers about whether she should continue growing or cut it off again.

By looking at her most recent photos, I would say she has definitely gotten through the hardest part of the growth process and is on the way to long hair heaven. However, I have to be honest about my feelings. For some reason, I can’t envision Heather with long hair.

Is it because I’ve become accustomed to seeing photos of Heather with short hair? Or is it because I got a chance to experience her bubbly, infectious personality (which totally screams short, spunky hair to me) in person?


Short and spunky!


Soft and romantic…

The questions, people. THE QUESTIONS. I’m up in the air. (Except, I am completely adamant that she continues to NOT color her hair. I love the salt and pepper.)

Remember last week when I said I would be including polls sparingly? Um, well this one is definitely in need of some popular opinion.

The first poll of the day (and decidedly, the most important. Please VOTE, you guys!):

Now, it gets a little tricky. I’ve picked out two styles for each length. Please vote for the corresponding poll to your answer in the first poll. For instance, if you picked that Heather should cut her hair, only vote on the short hairstyle poll. That way, we can keep things relatively fair.

(I swear on your mama, I will count these votes and come after you if you cheat.)

Okay, for those who voted for Heather to keep growing:


And for those who voted to cut it short:


Have I fully confused everyone? Good.

(In my humble opinion, If Heather wants to continue growing her hair, I think she should experience all four of these styles, in the exact order that you see them. First, shape her current hair into a bob, and then grow to shoulder-length with light layering. By then, she’ll be completely sick of longer hair, so she should chop it all off Jamie Lee Curtis-style and then let it grow to the Sharon Stone length. Whew! )

Wow, I need a drink. However, I must press onward!

Meet Adrienne:


Adrienne’s hair:

Dark Brown, never colored
Hair Condition: Normal condition, very thick, a little bit if wave
Owns a flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, brush, round brush
Likes her hair, but is looking for a hair style, not just a hair cut
Not comfortable with shorter than chin-length

Adrienne is yet another fabulous gal that I know personally. Lucky for me (AND YOU), I think I have a handle on this one.

Like I mentioned above, Adrienne likes her hair but thinks it lacks a specific style. First off, wouldn’t you agree that her hair is gorgeous? Her beautiful, rich chocolate color and the shine is really amazing.

All she needs is a substantial, sweeping layer in the front, light layering around the rest of her hair and a maximum of 3 inches cut off.

How about this?


With the long, sweeping layer in front and the lighter layers cut into the ends, her hair will have tons of body. Adrienne can use a flat iron if she wants, but I really don’t think it is necessary. A blow dryer, round brush and a dab of FF glossing cream will give her a polished look with the perfect amount of shine. Plus, she will still have the length to pull back when she wants. Capiche? Capiche.

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, Adrienne! I can’t wait to see the results!


An Important Message From Wito


I noticed yesterday that my mother was braggity bragging about our house not being a “den of kiddie crap”.

You see, my mom likes to keep things tidy. She even wrote about it here. (Although DUDE, mom. I know I’m your muse and all, but could you NOT include me in those posts? Some of those ParentDish commenters are hella mental.)

However, on occasion, my mom’s silver laptop draws her in with the force of a black hole and I can do whatever I want.

Namely this:


So, um, I’m just saying she might want to change that statement or something. In fact, I have a new motto:

Wito: Keepin’ it real in ’08.

Peace to all of you on this Super Tuesday. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE OR MY MOM WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. (Armed with a Dustbuster.)


Neilochka’s Great Interview Experiment


As part of Neil’s Interview Experiment (have you not signed up yet? Do it!), I was super lucky to be interviewed by the very funny Shash of Diary of a Crazed Mommy.

1. I read on your blog that your husband is an interior designer. Is your home like a spread in Elle Home or is your home more relaxed and lived in? Do you have any say in your decor, or does Wito really have the last word?

I think our home has all of the elements you mentioned. D is such a talented designer, and I really look forward to entertaining guests in our home. On the other hand, he’s a collector of many (OHMYGODSOMANY) things, which can present quite a challenge given we live in an area where space is a very precious commodity.

One thing I am really proud of is that our house hasn’t turned into a den of kiddie crap. Everything that Wito plays with can be tucked away out of sight from visitors, although keeping it that way is a constant adventure on my part. CONSTANT.

Overall, D thinks the home is our personal space, but I was granted a few shots for those who are interested.

2. I notice you live near a beach. Can you give us a general location of where you are and what the best thing for you is about living so close to a beach?

I live in coastal Orange County. I love living within walking distance of the beach- whenever Wito gets antsy, we pack up the stroller, head out the door and within ten minutes we’re making sand castles and playing in the waves. The ocean is good for mama’s soul.

3. Where did you grow up? What is your favorite grade school memory?

I grew up in Oklahoma and have fond memories of playing kick the can with all the neighborhood kids at sunset.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and who would you go with? What would you do while there?

I would travel to Italy (specifically Florence), mainly because I studied the language in college and was mildly obsessed at the time. It’s pretty depressing that I gave fluent presentations in Italian throughout my last year in college and now can’t remember a damn thing. Do you think it would all come back to me if I visited?

My dream travel situation would be with D, Wito, my parents and Lala’s family. That way, we could experience the sights, the food and the culture together. (Plus, I would have built-in babysitters. Let’s be honest.)

5. I have been following you on Twitter. You seem to have quite an obsession with Blues Clues. Care to elaborate? Who’s a better caretaker of Blue, Steve or Joe?

Ha! Actually, I had never seen Blue’s Clues until last week when I checked out a channel that SAJ had told me about. I watched two episodes with Wito, but was confused as to why there was a different dude on each episode. I immediately twittered my friends, who explained the whole Steve/Joe thing. I’ll have to get back to you on the caretaker issue after some careful analysis.

6. Are there any plans to continue Whoorl’s Running Blog? Suggestions on the best shoes to run in?

Man, there are so many things I would love to blog about, with running being in my top 5. However, my Hair Thursday website, daily posts at ParentDish, and weekly column at (toberevealedsoon) have filled up most of the time I previously used for rambling at this blog. I’m beginning to understand the concept of “not enough time in the day”. (p.s. – hey concept, you SUCK ASS.)

(Oh, and if you have a neutral gait, I highly recommend these.)

7. Tell us a little more about this new love affair with Ramón. Favorite chord? I’m playing Guitar Hero myself and have found my wrists really hurt after awhile. Does the same happen to you and how do you combat it?

Oh, I do love Ramón. 5 months and counting…

My fingers ache more than my wrists these days, but I play through the pain, BABY.

8. How did Hair Thursday get started?

The seed was planted here and I got the go-ahead here.

9. What makes you laugh? Cry? Burp?

Laugh: Wito’s intense excitement when he says the alphabet. 30 Rock. Finslippy. My husband’s horrible attempts at falsetto. The way my father creates new words, such a chezigs and wintomint. This video.

Cry: Sick babies. The evening news. This father’s love for his son. The Spice Girls Reunion Tour.

Burp: Spicy food. Although, it’s more of a hiccup-type spasm that my entire dad’s side of the family possesses. Thanks, dad.

10. Favorite swear word?

Fuck- with an emphasis on the “f’, like “ffffffuck”. Be sure to clench your jaw for the ultimate effect.

11. Will you be at BlogHer this July?

I had a great time last year and it’s definitely geographically closer this time around. I would say a strong maybe.

12. Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

Vodka on the rocks.

13. I read you have an addiction to instruction manuals. What is it about them that addicts you?

I’m all about the details. I want to know how things tick, as well as every possible way to manipulate an object.

14. I also love online shopping. Care to share your favorite online shopping spots?

As most of you know, I have a sick obsession with J. Crew. I fully enjoy purchasing enough for a small country on the website and then returning three-fourths of it at my local retail store. They really love me over there.

Other than that- Etsy, Shopbop, Oompa, Running Warehouse and Sephora.

15. Finally, any thoughts on the Pats – Giants game?

I never in a MILLION years thought the Giants would pull it out. When Eli threw the winning touchdown, our Super Bowl guests went completely ape shit. Wito was running around with his hands in the air, yelling “Tothdow! Tothdow!” I can’t imagine what New York was like last night.

Thanks, Shash! I can finally say my FAQ page is finished. Hell yes.