Friday Flashback


Some very fine ladies started a discussion this week about starting a new feature on fridays, entitled Friday Flashback, with the the first topic being “How [insert band here] Changed My Life”. There was no need to twist my arm, as I was in like Flynn. (Of course, when Catherine and Tracey come a-callin’, you don’t ask questions.)

(Except, um, I did ask many questions of Catherine. MANY QUESTIONS. How? What? When? Why are we all here, Catherine? What in the hell is going on with Penny and Desmond?! TELL ME NOW.)

On first thought, I was sure this would be a breeze! So, I started thinking….

How The Cure Changed My Life.

I was a sullen mess who only wore black with ripped-up jeans. I liked boys with long hair on one side and short hair on the other. The End.

Hmm, not much more on that one.

Okay, okay. How Red Red Wine by UB40 Changed My Life.

Spring Break Padre Island 1989. I kissed a hottie Senior when I was a Freshman. My plane was also struck by lightning on the way back – I figured it was my punishment. The end.

Wait, but that doesn’t encompass me as a whole! How about Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins? When I didn’t get picked to dance at my youth assemblies? The REJECTION.

Good Lord. At this rate, we could be here all day. (It’s so hard! SO HARD.)

So, without further ado, I give you my altered Friday Flashback topic of the week (because, obviously, I ask too many questions AND can’t follow the rules) :

Songs From My Childhood/Young Adulthood That Have Made Deep Imprints On My Tiny Brain. (With bonus YouTube videos!)

When I was a weee little one

Lido Shuffle – Boz Skaggs
Taking It To The Streets – The Doobie Brothers
Hey Nineteen-Steely Dan

Grade school rocks

Maneater – Daryl Hall & John Oates
Gloria – Laura Branigan
We Got The Beat – Go-Go’s
I Love Rock-n-Roll – Joan Jett
Love Is A Battlefield – Pat Benatar
Time – Culture Club

Middle school through high school

Glory of Love – Peter Cetera (HELL YEAH MR. MIYAGI)
Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
I Touch Roses – Book OF Love
Careless Whisper – Wham
Blue Monday – New Order
La La Love You – Pixies
Fascination Street – The Cure
Angel – Morrissey
Step On – Happy Mondays
Bring On The Dancing Horses – Echo & The Bunnymen
Come Back Down – Toad The Wet Sprocket
The Only One I Know – Charlatans UK

College Years

Things – Paul Westerberg
The Mango Song – Phish
Goodbye – The Sundays
Diner – Widepsread Panic
Crash – Dave Matthews Band

This has GOT to be the world record for linked YouTube videos.

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What about you? What songs/artists have branded your brain for life?


hair thursday makeover 24


Dude. I got a 70’s Ann Wilson Barracuda haircut and American Idol had TWO 70’s Heart performances last night.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Discuss amongst yourselves while I introduce you to Nicol:


Nicol’s hair:

Naturally light reddish brown
A little dry, needs product to keep static at bay
Straight and relatively thick
Doesn’t mind short hair b/c it forces her to style it (husband likes it short as well)
Spends about 10 minutes styling with hair dryer and round brush
Doesn’t like the current shape of her hair


I like the corresponding colors for both hairstyles. If Nicol were to go with Option #1, I think she should add some blond highlights to her underlying light reddish brown color (similar to Michelle Williams’ color). Nicol is comfortable going short, and this cut would really complement her hair’s texture.

Option #2 would take some texturizing to get the bulk out, as well as razoring her ends for a flicked-out finish, and I definitely like the idea of a more vibrant red color like the photo. Her eyes would really pop.


Meet Kristin:


Kristin’s hair:

Dishwater blonde with highlights
Finely-textured and dry, a little bit of wave
Prefers longer hair but would consider collarbone-length
Doesn’t like her bangs
Uses a flat iron to smooth out


I think taking off a little of the length will really update Kristin’s look without losing too much of her hair. Both of these styles have soft, face-framing layers that will add shape and definition around her face, but the main difference is that Option #1 has piecey bangs cut around the front to blend in with the overall style.

What do you think?


Barracuda Blowout


Seriously, Barracuda is my new anthem. Within 1.24 seconds of opening my eyes this morning, there it was.


I hopped out of bed, showered, and proceeded to blow my hair straight for the first time since last year. (On a RAINY DAY, no less.) Turns out, it’s not so 70’s rocker when I blow it straight.

Suddenly I morphed into Simon Cowell, brazenly critiquing my hair for playing it too safe. I mean, COME ON, are you going to bring it OR NOT?! At least the Ann Wilson has some originality!


All in all, I’m pleased- it’s like the best of both worlds. Meeting with world dignitaries? I think I would go with the blowout. A normal day at the beach followed by margaritas? Totally rocking the Ann.

And the world is right again.




Hair Thursday will be postponed until next week, giving Whoorl ample time to mourn the loss of her dearly beloved subtle layers, resulting from an extremely rare miscommunication with her unbelievably awesome stylist. She requests time to become acquainted with her new Ann Wilson quasi-mullet hybrid.

Currently, Whoorl’s mental state is touch and go. She was last seen drinking many glasses of wine, repeatedly murmuring “Is this your doing, Ramón? Is it? I’m just trying to understand, are you my magic man?”

Whoorl’s front quarter sections of hair will be dearly missed. Respects may be paid throughout the day in her comments section.


Hey Nancy, is that my hair twin?