hair thursday makeover 16


Welcome to Hair Thursday 2008! Let’s start this year with lovely Mary Beth.


I love how Mary Beth sent me two photos, labeled “Done” and “Not done”. God, I love that second photo.

MB’s hair:

Medium to dark brown, with some gray threads coming in
Dry condition
Bastardly thick and wavy
Would like to go to shoulder length
Uses a big round brush, a hair dryer, and a tourmaline flat iron when styling
Uses Suave shampoo and Biosilk conditioner on a daily basis
Hair is “One big, mushroomy layer”

Well, speaking from experience (bastardly thick and wavy hair), MB needs to ride that mushroomy layer for a little longer and keep growing it out. Which, for HT purposes, is super boring, but trust me. I know that hair, as it is very similar to my own, and it needs to be longer to avoid the puffball effect.

I would recommend some additional texturizing in the meantime to keep the mushroom effect under control, and as it grows longer, adding some light layers around the front.

I added Option #1 because it might be something fun for now – to change up the look while she’s patiently waiting for growth. This was achieved with a curling iron – you know, similar to the way I’ve shown before. Kind of like a modern version of a 40’s bob, and fun for a night out without the kids.

Option #2 is what I would like to see as her hair grows out. Continuously taking the bulk of the weight out during her trims and adding long layers in the front (cheekbone-length) will be key. I think the face-framing layers will be a nice change to the all one-length look.


Since these photos are more of a “Now and Later” look, how about we vote on Mary Beth’s length. Do you think she should grow it out or keep it short?

Our next participant is Pam.


Pam’s Hair:

Naturally brown, with blondish-to-light brown highlights; doesn’t want to deal with upkeep
Normal condition
Naturally wavy/curly
Preference is shoulder-length or longer
Uses a large-tooth comb and hairdryer with diffuser attachment
Uses Ouidad products (GREAT for curly hair, BTW)
No layers in hair

All Pam has to do to change the overall look of her hair is to cut layers all over. Option #1 is what she should show her stylist. I would describe Pam’s hair as wavy, and when wavy hair is shoulder-length without layers, it has the tendency to just layyyyyyyy theeerrrre. It’s too heavy – the curls can’t show their full bouncy potential! Think of an old school phone cord, pull it taut and it’s straight, release it and it’s a spiral.

The greatest thing about layering wavy hair is that the layers will be virtually invisible. All she will notice is the vitality of her new curls, I promise.

(Wow. Vitality and old school phones. Where’s my Centrum Silver?)

So, get to it!


Option #1 is the cut. Pam can leave it a little longer than the photo, but the overall shape is what we’re going for here. Option #2 is the color – Pam should go with her natural light/medium color as the base and add highlights sparingly, nothing with too much upkeep. From the looks of her natural growth at the roots, a quick romp in a sunny locale might give her the natural highlights she’s looking for OR she could buy a semi-permanent rinse with a golden-toned color to add a little oomph.

It’s time to tell Pam what you think. Should she cut layers?


Adventures With Hoagies


Adventures with hoagies – complete with visual and audio pleasure! (Tasty AND sexy!)

Multiple choice. Christmas day is approaching. It’s 32 degrees outside and snowing with wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. Conditions are deteriorating rapidly, roadways are quite slushy and it’s colder than a witch’s tit. What do you do?

1) Make hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a cashmere throw and hunker down for the day.

2) Gather the family around the fireplace and sing Christmas carols.

3) Order pizza and watch some favorite DVDs.

4) Drive clear across town (and when I say across town, I mean across Oklahoma City, the SEVENTH LARGEST CITY IN AMERICA IN TERMS OF LAND AREA) to pick up a 4-foot hoagie.


Awwww, yeah. You know the answer to that.

Now, before I go any further, I must inform you that our family has a certain Griswold-esque charm. We’ve had some interesting situations in the past, therefore, we prefer to stay on the down low for our own safety, and the safety of those around us.

Like the time we were enjoying a family barbecue at my home. Dad was cooking steaks outside and the ladies were taking care of side dish duties in the kitchen. I remember washing fruit at the sink, when I suddenly noticed our extremely ancient and DRY pine tree bursting into flames in the backyard.

Turns out, my father had chucked a tiny, flaming piece of beef over his shoulder while grilling outside. That tiny, flaming piece of beef landed ever-so-softly in the ancient and DRY pine tree, and well, the rest is history.

Oh, how I long for you, Mr. Pine. Rest in Peace.

So, um yeah. The Griswolds.

After our gratuitous, smiley “I’m gonna blog this, heh” photo, we hunkered down and got serious. We had a toddler in the car, you know.


We decided it was best not to talk – we needed to focus on the task at hand. That was until Feliz Navidad came on the radio.

Game over. This was the result. (Little did my family know that I was utilizing the Voice Memo feature on my phone. BWHAHHAHAAA.) Notice how the chorus of Feliz Navidad quickly dissipates into “Blahdadaadablaaa”. The family that sings together stays together.

Then, as we were cruising a cool 40mph and caroling in faux-Spanish, this came into our view.


Dear person,

Not really a good place to leave your trailer. OKTHXBAH.

Love, Whoorl


I’m pretty sure my mother was trying to explain how, in Oklahoma, people leave their rusty trailers filled with garbage wherever they please, even if that place is smack dab in the middle of a 45 mph roadway.

Wito was all, “That’s some crazy shit, Grandma! Holla!”


It was not the most optimal day to be on the roads, but the streets weren’t icy yet. We decided to press onwards.


When we finally arrived at our destination, it was quite shiteous outside.


However, Bishop Stu Tu procured our 4-foot hoagie with careful precision. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, DON’T SLIP WITH THE HOAGIE! SECURE THE HOAGIE!


Did I mention this massively long hoagie (which almost didn’t fit into the SUV), was going to be consumed by a mere 5 people?

So, I ask of you. Was the 4-foot hoagie really necessary?


Someone, please save me from the crazy.

Stay tuned for Adventures In Rural Oklahoma: Whoorl’s Visit To A Meat-Packing Plant Straight Out Of Deliverance!


Updates – Part Five


Dudes, Wito has gone from bad to SHIT-TAY.

(He barely slept last night. BARELY SLEPT, I TELL YOU! I SHALL DIE!)

We’re heading to the doctor very soon. In the meantime, enjoy yourself some HT updates.

Have a looksie at Jill before:


Jill listened to HT readers, decided on a bob with highlights and lowlights, and look at her now!


Doesn’t she look fantastic? And ten years younger, might I add.

Jill sent this photo and a very nice email weeks ago, where it promptly disappeared into the sea of my Hair Thursday inbox. Sorry about the delay, Jill! You look lovely.

Now, talk about being on the ball- Miss Dani from last week’s HT already sent me her awesome update. Remember she was having issues with her dated bangs?


And the length?


Dani had 4-5 inches cut off the length, added some shorter layers and had her bangs cut into a sideswept shape. Take a gander at this.


Hello, hot mama! DAMN.

Hair Thursday updates are the best, so keep ’em coming, ladies.

I’m off to the doctor. Peace.

UPDATE – Croup AND a double ear infection. Sweet Jebus, please help my child. (And me.)


The Annual January Death March


I’m sick. Sinus explosions, 1,000-pound head, the whole deal. Wito has mild croup, but seems to be on the mend, given his penchant for hyperactive, barking behavior. Fun for me.

Wasn’t I sick this time last year? Why yes, I WAS. Hey, don’t forget 2006!

However, this year involves no surgical masks. Caring for a toddler sure puts a stop to the GOCD behavior quickly.

*said as she licks her finger and wipes a booger off Wito’s face*

Any good croup remedies?