Whizzing In My Brain


1. Ingesting any caffeinated product after 2 pm is dangerous.

2. I always feel the urge to eat cheese and crackers while watching The Biggest Loser.

3. According to my lipstick shape, I fall in love easily.

4. The mothers only know the names of the children in Wito’s music class, so we refer to one another as [so and so]’s mom. This has to stop.

5. Will Wito the Seasoned Traveler become Wito the Teething Tantrum Traveler on our flight to Oklahoma over the holidays? He’s 22 for 22 on plane flights, people. The bad behavior has got to be lurking around the corner.

6. I have to fire the housekeeper today. I was hoping to pansy out on her voicemail, but she doesn’t have voicemail on her cell phone. Damnit.

7. I don’t think D will ever break free of the Norah Jones, Amos Lee, John Legend and Jamie Cullum heavy morning rotation.

8. Can I really make it to December 1st for a trim? My bangs are brushing the tip of my nose.

9. Please let today be a better day for Wito. Damn you, molars.

10. I couldn’t be more thrilled that today is a not of the running variety.

11. How do you cook a turkey?

That concludes today’s peek into Whoorl’s brain. Hasta mañana, iguana.


Zeus? Hera? Where’s the God of Teeth when you need him?


Exactly how long does it take for molars to obtain permanent residence in a toddler’s mouth? I mean, REALLY, folks.

I distinctly remember Dr. Hot noticing how swollen Wito’s gums were at his 12-month checkup. And I distinctly remember Dr. Hot remarking about how swollen Wito’s gums were at his 15-month appointment. And I distinctly remember Dr. Hot’s thick, wavy deep brunette hair brushing his cheekbone, but that’s neither here nor there.

Three of Wito’s first-year molars have officially made their appearance, but they are turning my boy into a raging psychopath. Today, he followed my every movement, whimpering and whining and shuffling, and you know what? It was really tugging at the good ol’ heartstrings for awhile- up until the point when I tried to pick him up and he swatted at my face. Okay, more of a flailing-arm-that-happened-to-hit-my-face, but C’MON!

Oh, I’m so sorry, little fella! I thought that you literally stepping on my heels with your hands up in the air (and looking at me with those desperate, red-rimmed I NEED YOU eyes) meant that you actually wanted me TO PICK YOU UP. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, as you made it extremely clear with your well-placed bitch slap.

Dear God of Teeth, give me my baby back.

In other news, he is officially asleep and I am drinking vodka. No tonic, no soda, just vodka. And some ice. And an olive. Am very happy.


Updates – Part Three


Before we get to the updates, I’ve started to make some photo gallery posts over at Parent Dish for my product reviews and cool holiday finds. If you are interested in reading about a certain product category (i.e. top plush toys, top puzzles, top organic onesies, etc.), leave a comment over there and I’ll do my best to search far and wide for the best.

Now, the updates.

First, we have lovely Emily’s before photo.


The majority of you wanted to see Option #1, a Katie Holmes bob.


Check out the fabulous results.


She’s a looker, that one.

What about Ellie? Remember Ellie of “I Spend 3 Minutes On My Hair” fame?


Most of you voted for Option #2, wanting long layers in the front to add some dimension. I personally wanted Ellie to spend more than her usual 3 minutes when styling her hair, and to use a round brush when drying.

Well, looky here, my friends! Long layers, AND I do believe a round brush was involved! My eyes are wet with tears of joy! You look fantastic, Ellie.


Enjoy your weekend, y’all!


hair thursday makeover 10


Meet Jill of the desert.


Jill’s hair:

Normal condition (although from the photo, I would have to say dry)
Very straight
Thin in the front
Natural color
Lives in dry, desert air
Lives in fear of the pixie cut

Here are the options:


Of COURSE, I feel the need to sneak a modified pixie cut in there somehow.

I really don’t think the pixie cut is right for Jill, although she does have delicate features, BUT does anyone currently have that haircut? And if you do, would you send a photo for my gallery? I have a crush. Thanks.

Back to business. I think Option #1 would be the best for Jill, but I’d like to talk about the condition of her hair for a little bit. Jill flat out hates her hair – she lives in the desert and by the looks of the photo, her hair is hungry for a little moisture. Currently, Jill uses a volume-enhancing shampoo by Paul Mitchell, which is all and good, but I think it’s time to purchase products that specifically address the needs of dry hair. Once Jill starts incorporating these kinds of products into her regimen, I feel confident she’ll be much happier (regardless of the style).

Some great products for dry hair:

Back to Basics Raspberry Almond Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner
Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo and Conditioner
Philosphy Shear Splendor “Marinating” Oil – yes, sometimes you must treat you hair like salad
Terax Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner – the best conditioner I’ve ever used
Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream
Infusium Leave-in Conditioner – my favorite drugstore product

Once Jill narrows her new product search and trims a couple of inches off her hair, I promise she’ll be back in Happy Hair Land. Personally, I can’t wait to see her after photos!

Our second participant is Trina:


Trina’s Hair:

Fine and straight
Chemically processed
Prefers shoulder-length or above
Spends 5 minutes styling


I like both the cut and the color in Option #1. Since Trina prefers shorter hair, this cut would complement her face shape, and I really like the idea of keeping her bangs. Color-wise, I love it. Currently, Trina’s highlights are a little too blond for her complexion, giving her a bit of a washed-out look. An all-over warmer brown base with finely-applied golden highlights would make her complexion pop. (Plus, it’s such a beautiful color for fall and winter.)

However, if Trina decides to stay a little longer, I think she should take it a step darker like in Option #2. A warmer brunette (maybe just a touch lighter than the photo) would bring out that rosiness I see hiding in her before photo. I love the jagged cut and piecey bangs of this option too.

What do you think?