Adding A New Title To My Repertoire


My sister’s first baby will be making an appearance very soon! She’s in labor!

Auntie Whoorl has a lovely ring to it, yes?


Updates – Part Four


Hey! Pull yourself away from the turkey and dressing and check out these fine ladies, will ya?

This first update wins my HT Most Improved Award. Remember Melanie?


Melanie was treading lightly in mullet territory, and if I recall correctly, I advised to “take off the back and go for a bob”. Well, Sam Hill! She got herself a bob AND busted out a flat iron.

Take a look at this firecracker!


Seriously, this photo made me shout with glee for Melanieeeeeeeeee! Doesn’t she look amazing?

Damn, I’m good.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. Remember last week’s Lori? Blue-eyed Lori, Martina McBride’s future twin?


Well, she took HT advice and went brunette with sideswept bangs. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, because she is HAWT.


Look at those eyes! Holy shit!

All of these fantastic updates can only mean one thing. Hair Thursday will take over the world.


Now, get back to those pies and PLEASE don’t forget the whipped cream. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


hair thursday makeover 11 con’t


Our next participant is the very talented photographer, Lori. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lori in person, and to put it mildly, she rocks.

She even made this little photo for me.


(Now, that’s what I like to see.)


Lori’s hair:

Naturally dark blonde, but has tried every color under the sun
Itching to dye her hair again
Prefers shoulder length or longer
Healthy and thick
Fine texture
Uses styling products and tools

I agree with Lori on the length. In fact, I would like her to grow it about three more inches to get it past the length where it flips up and out from brushing the top of the shoulder. I definitely think she should keep the layers, but remove a little bit of the overall weight.

How boring is this? Hey Lori! Grow out your hair! Thanks for participating!

Not a lot of fun, I know.

(Wait! The good part is coming up.)

I definitely think it’s time for a major color change, but I’m a little torn between blond or brunette. No matter what, I want Lori’s gorgeous blue eyes to pop. Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of brunettes with bright blue eyes, and the darker color would be perfect for fall and winter. On the other hand, Lori lives in LA, and it’s not like we’re roasting chestnuts in our woolly scarves over here. (I’m typing this barefoot with a wife beater on.)

Let’s look at the color options.


Does anyone else think Lori looks like Martina McBride? Either way, she’s gonna look hawt. (Although, I’m secretly pulling for the brunette. I might just drive to LA and make out with her if she busts out Option #1. )

What do you all think?


hair thursday makeover 11


Welcome to Hair Thursday – The Highly Opinionated Week!

There will not be any voting this week because I HAVE THE ANSWERS.

(Also, I don’t have time for the polls. Wito hasn’t been napping well due to the buds of Satan, so he could start wailing any minute! MUST TYPE VERY QUICKLY.)

This week is very important because Erin, our first participant, will be reuniting with her husband in NINE DAYS, when he returns from his one-year deployment in Iraq.

That’s right. One year without her husband while he serves our country. One year raising their absolutely adorable 17-month-old boy without her partner-in-crime. Hell, I get sappy when D takes 2-day business trips. I can’t even imagine, but I am so thrilled for Erin and her family!

Obviously, Erin wants to knock her husband’s socks off when they see each other for the first time. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!


Erin’s hair:

Recently thermally-reconditioned (the Japanese straightening treatment)
Medium brown
Proficient with a flat iron, uses a ceramic curling iron once in awhile
Not sure if she should cut it shorter for a big change

I don’t think Erin should cut a lot off right now for many reasons. First off, her hair is beautiful and she probably just paid a pretty penny to have it thermally-reconditioned. Secondly, I don’t want her to chop it all off and regret it, especially when her husband is going to see her for the first time in a year. My guess is that he probably likes it longer (because it’s GORGEOUS), and I want him to take a look at her and bow-chick-a-bow-wowwwww. You catchin’ my drift?

I’m thinking something like this:



And guess what? This is going to be a breeze for her to accomplish, I promise.

As for the color, from what I’ve read, highlighting is not recommended in addition to thermal reconditioning. So, let’s just leave the current lovely color alone. (Seriously, I would never forgive myself if Erin greeted her husband with a bald head.)

As for the cut, I would take a few inches off (just above the chest) and go for the side-swept bangs. (Although, bangs aren’t crucial in achieving this look. And yes. I’m suggesting side-swept bangs again. Sue me.) A few subtle layers added for movement and she will be good to go.

Oh, but how will she achieve those lovely waves? Glad you asked! Might I direct you here?

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Now Erin, you must promise us you will send an updated photo in all of your glory. (And, you know, a DVD of your reunion with your husband so I can bawl my eyes out…)

Since Erin won’t have the pleasure of seeing your votes, why don’t you give her congratulatory shout-out in the comments or at her blog.

Wito has arisen. I’ll be back shortly with Participant #2.