Excuses Excuses


Do you ever find yourself referring to random tidbits from another blogger? Or using their words and/or phrases around the house?

Whenever our television is off, invariably, D and I will look at each other and say, “Turn on the TV. Turn on the damn TV, please.” (This coming from one of my favorite posts by Alice over at Finslippy. Please read it. Right now.) Who knows why that particular post has stayed with me for over two years, as Alice is constantly writing hilarious entries, but it was one that made me laugh until tears filled my eyes.

Neilochka once wrote (was it a post or a twitter, Neil?) about how annoying it is when bloggers apologize for their lack of posts. According to Neil, a blogger’s assumption that people actually care enough about their posting activity is pretty conceited.

Maybe he’s right. Maybe none of you have even noticed that my posts aren’t as popping up as frequently. Or that I can’t seem to write about anything other than hair.

Maybe. Yet, I still feel the need to say something because, well, this is my personal blog and I can write about whatever in the hell I want. OKAY?!

Reasons why I am incredibly egotistical and think you desire an explanation as to why I’m not posting as much:

1. I’ve been trying to stay off the computer while Wito is awake.

2. Wito is awake A LOT.

2. In the past, I wrote my Whoorl stuff while Wito napped. (Is it one nap or two, mister? ONE NAP OR TWO, I ASK OF YOU?!) Now, I write my ParentDish posts during that time.

3. When I do break my computer rule and ignore Wito (like right now), I am usually trying to find Hair Thursday photos and work on those posts.

4. Plus, reading your blogs. (Which, DAMN, you’re funny.) And of course, checking email and not responding. Because I am made of asshole.

5. Obviously, I am experiencing some time management issues right now. Working on that.

Next list-

What I REALLY want to talk to you all about, but I have no time to construct a cohesive post so I shall make another list of the highlights:

1. Due to my lack of time management skills, I haven’t been looking very good lately. Luckily, SAJ’s pool has accepted me with open arms. I am, in fact, Chief Slob Moderator.

2. One of my all-time favorite bloggers of the past is giving it another go. And yes, she’s also my boss. How cool is that? (Dear boss, if I’m late submitting a PD post, it’s because I’m reading your blog. Essentially, it’s your fault. Love, Whoorl)

3. Blog Action Day is approaching on October 15th. I will be posting about the little things we do around here to help the environment, namely our non-toxic cleaners and recycled products.

4. The Great Mofo Delurk is this Wednesday. The fabulous Schmutzie has all of the details and reasons behind the activity on her website. (For the record, I agree with her fully. Commenters Unite!) I would love to hear from some of you – I will post a question like I did during the last delurk. (Remember the crayola question? Oh, don’t bother looking, it disappeared when I switched blogging platforms. WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD DELURK. I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF YOUR DELURKING STATUS. 350 COMMENTS, POOF! GONE LIKE THE WIND.)

5. Speaking of Schmutzie, have you seen her Collection of Spectacles? If you love eyeglasses like I do, you must check it out.

6. Some ding dong stole one of SAJ’s illustrations. Ooooh, trouble. (mmm, ding dongs)

7. Wito is walking. Walking and falling. Falling and bruising. Making me crazed.

I must run, Wito is attempting a headstand. See you (yes, ALL of you) on Wednesday!