The Biannual Whoorlito Update


Also known as the Whoorlito 15th month update.

Hmmm, where to begin. When I last updated you, Wito was 7 months old and looking like this:


Now, he more or less looks like this:


Unless I’m working on the laptop. Then, he looks like this:


Ack! The guilt! Stop with the eyes, kid!

Wito is no longer a baby. (sobbing all over my laptop) Physically, he’s still off the charts, towering over toddlers his age and eating their toys. Developmentally, he’s walking, dancing, faux-reading, babbling, throwing face-on-the-floor tantrums, you name it.

His two greatest loves (besides his glorious mother) are the outdoors and books. He never wants to be inside, always exploring and careening down the sidewalk at breakneck speeds. As SAJ has witnessed herself, if I put Wito down at the park, he will haul ass in the opposite direction without ever looking back. The kid would literally walk blocks without checking to see if I was still around. You know what this means, right? TODDLER LEASH TIME.

I kid, I kid.


However, when the time comes to return home, I have to wrangle his flailing appendages and muffle his blood-curdling screams in an attempt to get him inside the house. Just this morning while leaving the library, you would have thought I was ripping out his toenails while buckling him into his car seat. The child is one with nature.

As for books, well, books trump toys every damn time. It’s amazing. He has virtually no interest in toys right now, but give him a book or flashcards and he’s in heaven. (Hint hint, holiday shoppers.) And speaking of heaven, his most current quirk is just plain bizarro. When asked where the light is, he throws his palms to the sky, clenches his jaw, and slightly shakes his hands, as if he is channeling all of the energy in his body to turn the light on. It’s quite evangelical in nature. You might be reading about his popular cult in twenty years, is all I’m sayin’.

Wito’s hair:

Natural highlights

Oh. This isn’t supposed to be one of “those” posts.

Well, okay then! My work here is done!


All You Need Is Love. And a book. Preferably outside.


Guess What I’m Doing?


I’m writing a Whoorlito Update! Remember those? I was thinking this morning about how it had been a couple of months since the last one.

And then I checked my archives. This was the last one I wrote.

8 months ago.

More than half of his life has blown past since that update.

We have a lot to catch up on, yes?

In the meantime, remind me of more toys from the days of yore.


hair thursday makeover 8


Get ready for Hair Thursday: Paraphrase City. I didn’t allocate as much time as I needed this week for HT due to the blog explosion, but I still included the good stuff.

And let’s face it, do you REALLY want to read my blabbity hair blabbing all day long?

That’s what I thought.



I want Catherine to be blonder, but I love her length. She has very pretty hair, that Catherine.


Love the cut in Option #1, love the color in Option #2. (Actually, I love the color in both. Just depends on how far she wants to take it.)

What do you think?

Heeeeerreeee’s Megan!


Megan looks like she might be a little scared of Hair Thursdays.

Never fear, Megan! These styles are as harmless as raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.


Megan’s already a flat iron pro; she’ll have no problem pulling these looks off.

You’re turn.

I won’t be around to moderate the comments today, but I’m sure these ladies would love to hear your suggestions!

(Considering I clearly dropped the commentary ball.)

(Catherine and Megan, feel free to email me if you want more details. Promise?)


When Will I Ever Learn


This blog is not a place for celebrating my personal good fortune. Every time I start braggity bragging about something or other, trouble looms just outside of my peripheral vision.

I knew the minute I typed last Friday’s entry about what a GREAT flippin’ week I had, things would go awry in the land of

“It’s just a quick WordPress upgrade!” Famous last words.

With a click of a button, I demolished my entire website stylistically. Awesome.

I know a tiny percentage of you would like more details, and let me just say the upgrade wasn’t to blame. The upgrade rendered my theme a little psycho and when I upgraded my theme, I lost all of my CSS changes. ALL OF MY PAINSTAKINGLY DETAILED CSS CHANGES.

This leads me to explain to you just how picky and detailed I am regarding this website. I am constantly tweaking code. I obsess about pixels. ONE TEENY PIXEL can make the difference between happy and very angry. It’s a sickness. Right now, there are at least 15 changes I still need complete before entering Happy Pixel Land.

But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that I now want a completely different style and I’m determined to make it happen, even if it means drinking REAL caffeinated beverages. It will have to be perfect, which means more time.

No, wait. The WORST part is that 85% of you are sleeping right now. I have successfully bored you into slumber due to my highly-charged pixel rambles.

Why do I care so much? Because I’m crazy details girl. Little teeny-tiny details are going to take me from Beautiful Unique Snowflake Girl (Schnozz, you REALLY shouldn’t have called me that. My head, it grew.) to Crazy Muttering Woman In The Gutter.

That’s all for today. Please pardon the mess over here for the next couple of days/weeks.