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hair thursday makeover 3


Polls are back up. If you didn’t get a chance to vote, please scroll down and add your vote in the boxes. (Like hell if I’m going to sort through your comments.)

I have a feeling y’all might know today’s participants. Let’s just call this one Attack of the Pretty Brunettes.

First off, we have the lovely Emily of Not That You Asked fame. (Now in TWO FLAVORS!)


Emily’s hair:

Natural color
Healthy – no split ends or damage
Uses a ceramic flat iron every day
Wants to go shorter

Emily and I have been email pals for quite some time, and recently had the chance to touch each other’s luscious locks in person at Blogher. (And maybe consume lots of sangria, wine, beer, cape cods, and martinis.) What I’m trying to say is, I CAN’T SCREW THIS ONE UP.

Emily had a general idea of her new cut – short, choppy bob with long sideswept bangs and a color change, and I agree wholeheartedly. (Except for the color change…it’s so warm and perfect for her skin tone! Like hot chocolate!) One of the best cuts for a heart-shaped face like Emily’s is a chin-length bob. For instance, Katie Holmes’ new bob, which is razored and choppy and super fun. However, since Emily is already proficient in using a flat iron every day (would you ever have guessed that? It’s so shiny and NON-damaged!), she could also pull off a chin-length, one-length bob. Let’s take a look.


First off, I have to apologize. I try my hardest to find hairstyles of the same color to help visualize the cut, but Jenny McCarthy’s bob was exactly what I was looking for in a one-length bob. So, just imagine it’s brunette.

(Oh, that reminds me. I really appreciate your tips regarding those online “hairstylers”, where you can try styles on your own photo, but I always find the final look in those programs to be unnatural and well, a tad hokey. I think I will stick with this for the time being, but thank you all the same!)

I equally love these two styles for Emily, and in essence, they are very similar. The only main difference is that Option #1 has the long sideswept bangs and some razored layers throughout. Here’s another photo showing her layers more clearly. This option could be great for Emily because she could use the flat iron, but also let a little of her curl come through on other days. And this look is definitely “choppier” than Option #2.

Option #2 is probably less versatile than Option #1 due to the same length all around, but this would look gorgeous on Emily. You have to rock some seriously shiny hair to pull this off. Think about it, if there are no layers to allow more of a messy look, you really have keep it straight and healthy. Obviously, Emily has the perfect hair for this and since she already uses the flat iron regularly, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to style. However, I would definitely recommend a thermal protectant before drying!

What do you all think?

The next participant is the lovely Miguelina (of the blog formerly known as Diary of a Reluctant Housewife).


Miguelina’s Hair:

Natural color
Straight and fine
Wants to keep it long (for ponytails)
Doesn’t do more than brush it twice a day (Uses a Mason Pearson! YAY!)
Loves products, but most make her hair feel heavy

Miguelina, just pipe down and brush your gorgeous hair. Sheesh.

Okay, okay. I know where you’re coming from. Although your hair is gorgeous (and your baby!), it does lack a “style”. Well, that’s easy to remedy! Feast your eyes on this!


Long layers! Long bangs! Big round brushes! CERAMIC CURLING IRONS!

Both of these options exhibit a similar style – Option #1 is just longer than Option #2. So, the question is should Miguelina add long layers only or should she add long layers and cut off 3 inches? Once she has the layers, she can blow-dry with a big round brush for Option #2’s look or use a certain person’s curling iron technique to duplicate Option #1.

(By the way, Miguelina confesses to being lazy in the hair department. I totally understand, but if you want a style, you need to STYLE it! See Hair Rule #2.)

As for the long face-framing layers, I would suggest blow-drying the top front section of the hair downwards into the face. That way, it will sweep downwards and to the side, instead of up and over, like it wants to do naturally. Just doing that will change the overall look dramatically. I think it could be exactly what Miguelina’s looking for in a style. Also, look into purchasing a light mousse for a little lift. Several hair brands have recently introduced new, lightweight mousses for natural-looking volume. They ain’t your momma’s old mousse, that’s for sure.

What do you all think?


Voting is closed.


Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming


Last night, I hopped in bed with the October issue of In Style magazine and oh my lord, the 32-page hair special was divine. Chris McMillan (Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist) used the curling iron technique, except he clamped the hair mid-shaft before curling, leaving the ends free. Very interesting – I will need to try that soon.

I must get to work on tomorrow’s participants (both are undeniably fabulous ladies), but I wanted to conduct an informal poll in the meantime. In Style conducted a survey of more than 2,200 women about their hair. Granted, the 2,200 women were In Style readers, who are probably more invested in their personal upkeep than the general public.

Yet, I was still shocked to see that of these 2,200 women, 78% colored their hair. Wow! That number seemed astronomical to me (probably because I’m in the 22% category).

Does that ring true with you? Tell me, do you currently color your hair, whether it be highlights, permanent or semi-permanent color?


Voting is closed.


Memories, Light The Corner Of My Mind


Hey! Remember waaaaaay back, when the bulk of my writing revolved around drinking and practicing roundhouse kicks on house plants?

Yeah, that was interesting.

Oh! And remember that time I got pregnant and all I could write about was being pregnant? I recall a good few of you were either pregnant or in the process of becoming pregnant or had just finished being pregnant.

Yeah, those were good times, Whoorl.

Oh, and what about that time little Wito was born? I had tons of parenting questions for you all. Man, you guys were awesome. Leaving me comments all of the time and sending me incredibly supportive emails.

Come to think of it, we were pretty damn awesome.

Yes! You were! I mean, you are! So, I continued to write about parent-related stuff, figuring that’s why the majority of you were here in the first place. And mostly because, HEY, it’s what I do ALL DAY LONG. I posted “baby products of the day” and fun photos of Wito in the sidebar because hell, you walked with me from Drinky McDrunk to preggers to the NICU to torpedo mastitis boobs to the SAHM/career issue to gigantic toddler man.

We’ve been around for a lot of changes in your life, Whoorl.

Totally! However, I became super lazy and stopped posting baby products in the sidebar, even though lots of you emailed asking where in the hell they went. (Oh, and HELLO! Very sorry about not returning those emails!) Then came this post, which I had no idea would have such a snowball effect regarding of all things, HAIR. Hair, people.

Yes, you seem to be quite obsessed with the subject lately.

I know. You’re right. It’s just that it’s so fun! My little pet project! However, I’m pretty sure there are a good few of you who would like for me to shut the hell up about the hair.

Well, maybe some Wito updates or baby talk would be nice, considering we’ve been here for you all the way, PATTING YOUR BACK AND BEING SUPPORTIVE THROUGH EVERYTHING. NOT THAT WE REALLY CARE EITHER WAY, CRAZY LADY.

Whoah! I prefer “quirky”. QUIRKY.

Well, good news! I am now writing about more baby products than you could shake a stick at over at ParentDish. YAY for baby products! And online shopping! And child products! And parental products! And motherhood! Did I mention shopping? Will you stop by once in awhile? I’ve put my most recent links up in the sidebar.

(Look! I’ve already posted about Skip Hop’s brand new EVA foam playmats.)

(Which, incidentally, would have been perfect 4 months ago when I was searching the earth far and wide for decent modern-looking playmats to no avail, thus forcing me to buy a goddamn custom-made doodoo brown mat for Wito.)

(Well, that basically summarizes my review, minus the inappropriate language and attitude problems. I’ll save those lovely attributes for this website.)

(But, will you go visit me anyway?)

(You complete me.)

(Hair rules.)