hair thursday makeover 4


Sorry for the delay. My laptop experienced a massive stroke this morning and is in the ICU for the next couple of days, which leaves me with my husband’s laptop for a very few hours in the evening.

Never fear! Whoorl is INVESTED in Hair Thursdays. This morning, when I unsuccessfully attempted to turn on my computer and the realization hit me that OH MY GOD, I could possibly lose everything on my hard drive (because YES, I am the asshole who doesn’t back up her computer), do you know what the very first thought that ran through my mind was? That I just lost every photo of my beautiful son from day one to the present?


That all of my precious videos were gone forever?

Um, no.

My very first thought I had was, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, if I just lost my fuckity fucking Excel spreadsheet of my YEAR’S WORTH of Hair Thursday participants, I will kill someone.

Seriously. That was my first thought. Okay, maybe not a year’s worth, but Hair Thursdays are officially booked through March 2008. Hell yes.

(Also, if anyone cares, I successfully started up my computer in safe mode and backed up my hard drive. Even if my sweet little PowerBook doesn’t make it through, I’ll have my goddamn Excel spreadsheet.)

Enough talk! Let’s get moving!

Say hello to Annie.



Annie’s Hair:

Brown with natural auburn highlights
Starting to go gray at “an alarming rate”, will need color
Thick and straight, but a little wavy at the hairline
Wanting to upgrade her hair products
Wants a dramatic change (8-12 inches off)
10-20 minutes styling time
Uses blow dryer and curling iron

Let me preface this with a statement. I feel rather strongly about a color for Annie. In fact, there will be no voting today for the color. WHOORL HAS SPOKEN.


Annie NEEDS to be a redhead. End of story.

Look at her skin tone! Her eyes! The natural red highlights! I’m telling you, the above colors would look perfect on her. Screw the whoorl democracy – I am a DICTATOR and if you disagree with my color choice, I will ban you (or your IP address) from the site FOREVAH. Don’t try me, people.

Moving along! Hippity hoppity!

According to Annie, she would like to do something “dramatic” with the length. She mentioned 8-12 inches, which means roughly around her jawline. To appease Annie, I will include an option with a shorter cut, but I think a shoulder-skimming style would best suit her face shape. (Am I leading today or what? GAH.) Let’s take a look at the options.


If Annie wants to go short, I like the bob in option #1. It’s not as texturized as some of the bobs we’ve seen in recent weeks, giving it a fuller look instead of lying flat against the face, which would be very complimentary to Annie’s face shape. I also really like the fringed bangs. Annie wouldn’t need to use much product, maybe just a smoothing serum while blowdrying.

Option #2 is a little more versatile. I like the short, jagged layers throughout- once again, giving it a fullness which would complement Annie’s face structure. It would be very easy to style – a round brush and blow dryer would do the trick. Plus, it would look great on a REDHEAD.

Have I made myself clear?

Which style do you prefer for Annie the REDHEAD?

Next up: Anne.



Anne’s Hair:

Fine and extremely straight
Natural color
Lies very flat, very fine and no volume – layers tend to disappear
Needs bangs, her hair grows forward. Very hard to pull back
Wants wash and go
Willing to spend more on the right product
Wants to know about a good hairspray

Okay, let me get this straight. (Get it? STRAIGHT! Bwahahaaa, I crack myself up.) Anne needs bangs, she has very straight hair and it lies relatively flat. I’m thinking a Page Boy bob is the way to go for a shorter hairstyle.


Option #1 could be an ideal cut for Anne. Not many hair types can pull this look off. The hair must be straight, lie flat and be accepting of bangs, which fits Anne to a tee. Anne also mentioned she has a large head, and this cut (the bangs, especially) will complement a longer face.

However, this style is one of the hardest to cut. You need a stylist who does precision work. With layers, you always have a little wiggle room, but a bob like this takes time. If you look at the back of Anne’s hair, you can see how the ends look a little choppy and uneven (from an unsuccessful run-in with an inexperienced stylist). With a precise cut, the ends will mesh together. (What I’m trying to say here is please don’t attempt this cut at the local strip mall chain for $20.)

Option #2 would be a nice longer style for Anne. The hair length is approximately shoulder level with lots of feathering layers added from the cheek bone down. I do think this particular photo shows the hair straightened to the extreme – I don’t think Anne would be forced to use the flat iron since her hair is already so straight naturally. Maybe some touch-ups here and there. Also, I think this color would warm up Anne’s complexion. Add the fringed bangs and the golden highlights and voila, a beautiful style.

Tell Anne which option you prefer.

Alright, party’s over. I’ve got to figure out how to access all of my email accounts without my lovely Entourage application. Peace out.




I woke up bright and early before the baby to finish my Hair Thursday post and my computer won’t start up.

I have hijacked D’s computer for the next thirty minutes before he leaves for work, attempting to set up an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar.



When The Internet Ceases To Exist


Yesterday, our Internet connection was out for approximately eight hours. And it was glorious.

After my 5-minute OH MY GAH WHAT SHALL I DO! NO INTERNET! period, I realized there are plenty of things to do away from the Internet. Like enjoying your life without crouching over a 15-inch screen looking for your cyber buddies.

Let’s take a walk through Whoorl’s Day Without Internet. (In list-form, of course!)

1. This is huge. Almost 2 YEARS LATER, I finished Harry Potter #5. Yes, the same Harry potter I wrote about in October of 2005. It seems I took your advice (your advice? Are my 2005 commenters even reading this blog anymore?) and took a break from Harry Potter. A very long break. Finally, I can move on to The Half-Blood Prince and put #5 on the shelf for good.

2. I took care of my new black eye, which I explained over here.

3. I shipped back the Wheely Bug that I was SO intensely excited about. Turns out, if your baby is taller than the average 2-year-old, he will end up looking like an old man with secondary osteoporosis pushing a walker. Seriously, his upper body was parallel to the floor. Not good. (BUT SO HILARIOUS TO WATCH!)

4. I sorted through a 24-pound Fed Ex delivery of Wito’s birthday presents shipped from my mom in Oklahoma. Needless to say, Wito had a great day.

5. Dude! I did some crafty crafts! Look at these cute ponytail holders I made!


I even attempted a photo of the back of my head.


As you can see, back-of-the-head photography is not my forte.

I needed yesterday’s breath of fresh air. Of course, the result of the outage has forced me to be shackled to the Internet for the remainder of the day, writing Parent Dish posts and working on Hair Thursday.

Oh well, it was worth it.


The Magical Hair Color Tour


Man, I love Hair Thursdays, but can we jump back to the hair color poll? From the looks of my highly scientific survey, approximately two-thirds of you color your hair. That seems like a realistic number to me.

(It’s much more realistic than 78%, mind you.)

(Yes, there is a huge difference between 62% and 78%.)

(You know what? Leave me alone.)

However, after reading your comments, it has come to my attention that I may have misled you into thinking my hair has experienced nothing but pure chaste in the past 32 years. This could not be more untrue, as you will soon bear witness. After spending a good portion of my afternoon perusing through my old yellow box of photos, I give you this:

Whoorl’s Magical Hair Color Tour

It all started here, with a few subtle caramel highlights. Natural looking, yes?


I’m bored. Let’s take it up a notch and add a little more here and there.

Still brown, though. Kind of.

Time to touch up those roots! Oh, I have a great idea! While touching up, let’s just have my stylist run even MORE highlights through what’s left of my virgin hair. Brilliant!

Officially NOT a brunette.

We give thanks for this cornucopia of color. Just not on Whoorl’s head.

Okay, the blond has to stop. Let’s take it to a nice shade of reddish brownish something. I know! Dark butternut squash meets a kumquat! Tantalizing!

This color could have been the reason for the massive beer consumption.

Let’s go back to brunette. Except not just any brunette, an reddish brunette! Oh hell, throw some auburn in while you’re at it!

Do you hear something? Why, I think it’s the sound of my hair weeping! It’s being beaten into submission by my crimson lipstick!

The best color yet!

Kidding. That’s a wig.

You know, I’m sick of all this crap. I’m a serious person, with serious needs and serious thoughts. Seriously. Let’s take it all the way to the end of the spectrum.

Look, it’s shiny! Yet goth! Shoth!

As you can see from this riveting photo essay, I have been quite a hair color slut. (Just like 62% of you!) Let’s hug it out.