The Early-Toddler Food List


Here it is, folks. Although, looking back, it probably would have been much easier to create a list of foods that younger toddlers SHOULDN’T eat. (1. Peanuts 2. Honey – and there you go! Thanks for visiting, Good Night and Good Luck!)

Fruit (almost all types were mentioned)
Steamed vegetables
Cheese, cheese and MORE CHEESE (Wito says HELL YEAH.)
Annie’s Mac & Cheese
Various Pastas
Chunks of Rotisserie chicken
Scrambled eggs
Frozen whole wheat waffles
Creamy peanut butter (no history of family food allergies)
Cream cheese/jelly on flat bread
Chicken nuggets
Sweet potato
Grilled cheese
Boca burgers
Hummus (all different kinds)
Cooked sushi rolls
Leftover stir-fries and curries
Earth’s Best Organic cheese crackers
YoBaby Yogurt (Wito loves the kind with fruit and cereal mixed in, but he requests that I sing, “Yo Baby Yo Baby YO!” every time. Or maybe it’s just me.)
Organic Greens With Envy from Trader Joes
Tater Tots
Pirate’s Booty
String cheese
Chef Boyardee microwaveables
Corn bran cereal (look out below!)
Thinly-sliced deli meat
Roasted veggies
Turkey burgers
Green beans
LEFTOVERS (from the night before! DUH.)

Please leave any other ideas in the comments section. Thanks for everyone’s input!

On to much more important stuff, like mah hair. According to my handy-dandy poll counter, I will be venturing into bang territory. Of course my hair stylist is in Mexico, so my appointment isn’t until next Thursday, giving me plenty of time to look through magazines and change my mind daily. However, this is a democracy people! You speak and I listen! Bangs, here I tentatively come! (Although, if they are ugly, it’s totally your fault.)


I Guess I Better Get To The Grocery Store


Good Lord! You people and your toddler food ideas! I feel as though a list needs to be created for all of you who don’t have time to pilfer through the comments.

Better get on that.

While I’m busy slaving away on said list, would you mind voting on whether or not I should get bangs over in my sidebar? I’ve been swaying back and forth for some time, so I just figured I’d let you make the decision. (That is, if you make the right decision. MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.)

Here is a photo of the last time I had bangs:


(4 years ago.)

(p.s. – I hated my hair stylist back then.)

(p.p.s. -I adore my current one, who has great bangs herself.)

(p.p.p.s. – Not that I’m trying to sway you in a certain direction.)

(p.p.p.p.s. – Hey! That’s littlemissmel in the middle! Go say hello!)

However, if you feel SO STRONGLY one way or the other that a simple “yes” or “no” just won’t hack it, feel free to leave a comment. The future of mah hair is in your hands!


Disaster Pie


Since Wito has officially graced us with his presence for an entire year, I received the go-ahead from my pediatrician to feed him whatever we eat. (Except peanuts, I know. OHMYGAHDON’TLETHIMTOUCHAPEANUTI’MHYPERVENTILATING.)

This new piece of culinary information has literally thrown me into a tailspin. He’s supposed to eat what I eat? Like burritos? And Frankenberry cereal? Huh? This can’t be right- Wito eats Cheerios, cheese, fruit, English muffins and Earth’s Best baby food. End of story.

Well, I guess things must change. Except, we eat dinner after he’s asleep. How is that supposed to work? I’M LOOKING AT YOU FOR SOME ANSWERS, DR. HOT. Am I supposed to be this highly confused about the matter? You would think someone just requested me to explain why Danny didn’t win So You Think You Can Dance.

This is the part where you come in to save the day. What do/did you feed your 1-year olds? (Who go to bed at 6:30-7:00. Long before our dinner commences.)

Well, I’ll tell you what you SHOULD NOT feed toddlers or frankly, any adults on the planet Earth.

Olive Pie.

Darren and I really thought we were onto something with this whole Olive Pie idea. We had been emailing for weeks about our sinful love for green olives, and how our Olive Pie could possibly be the closest thing to God. Olive Pie Lovers Unite! I spent some time searching for recipes on various popular food websites, but couldn’t seem to find much more than a British recipe for an olive and anchovy pie.

(Note to self: If you can’t find a recipe online, it’s probably NOT because you’ve brilliantly come up with the next culinary delight to sweep the nation. Nope, it’s definitely because your idea SUCKS.)

Yet, Darren and I forged ahead, ignoring all of the naysayers and pie-hatas. We decided to use a variety of green olives, red onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese all mixed together in a flaky pie crust. (See? Sounds downright delish!)

Very special ingredients.

Very special pie crust.

How could this not be wonderful? I KNOW! Darren jumped right in…

I hope you don’t mind, I started chopping already.

Does it look like I mind? Could you hand me that bag of chips over there?

People don’t even know what’s about to hit them. We are the pie masters.

Now, you have to admit. This looks pretty good, right?

Here I am holding the pie and wondering why a faint putrid odor has invaded my nasal membrane. Actually, I’m wondering lots of things.

1. How is this pie going to stay together when we cut into it?
2. Why are the olives shriveled? And smelly?
3. Are sun-dried tomatoes supposed to look like that?
4. Do I really like olives as much as I previously thought?
5. OHMAHGAH, are some of these olives non-pitted?
6. What kind of an asshole would try to make an olive pie?

But wait! We were prepared for this! We saved half of the filling AND an extra pie crust, ready to improve our pie. We decided raw egg could be the glue for our misunderstood pie! YES! We mixed one raw egg with the remaining filling, took one whiff of the stinky cheese/olive/raw egg mixture and…

We all know where this is leading, yes?

Whoorl and Darren’s Olive Pie, Rest in Peace.

I can’t believe I’m related to this woman.


I Still Can’t Move My Right Ass Cheek


Who cares, though? It’s Friday! The weekend approaches!

Casa Whoorl has been inundated with contractors, plumbers and electricians this week. In fact, I still have the grating sound of sanders, electric saws and hammers whizzing in my ears. When will that stop, by the way? The termites are gone, thanks to many men working to remove and replace the infested wood (YAY, no pesticides!), the plumbing is updated, small electrical issues taken care of and we’re still here! YES.

We’re experiencing quite a heatwave here at the beach. In fact, it’s already 78 degrees inside our home at 10:30am. Poor Wito wakes up drenched in sweat, but who cares? It’s Friday! The weekend approaches!

Oh, and guess what else?! I graduated from the Couch to 5K program this morning. I can officially run a 5K. WITH A BRUISED GOOSE EGG IN MY ASS. (Although, I did stop early when the throbbing ass issue morphed into more of a stabbing/ripping/burning ass phenomenon. Hey. I’m motivated, not a masochist.) The running post/valedictorian speech coming soon, but who cares? It’s Friday! The weekend approaches!

Let’s review. All of the house issues have been fixed, I am a running champion, I can’t sit on my right ass cheek, and the beach heatwave has turned my living room into the surface of Mars.

What does the rest of the day hold in store for Whoorl?

Well, DUH.

After weeks of brainstorming, Darren is coming over to create our new culinary delight, the Green Olive Pie. It’s a very up-and-coming dish that is sure to captivate the nation. Maybe. It involves, well, um, I’m not sure what in the hell it involves, but it’s serious. So serious, in fact, that I’ve donned my Princess Leia buns for the event.


Top Chef, here I come. Have a great weekend!