Must Focus


Yet another perk of a SAHM- watching every single tourney game on my DIRECTV March Madness package.

In preparation for tonight’s main event, I must keep my focus on basketball. Thus, I leave you with a short prayer sent to me by my Jayhawk partner-in-crime, Kimmer.

Our Father, who art in Lawrence,

Hallowed be thy Game.

Thy tourney come,

Thy championship will be done, In Atlanta as it is in Allen Field House.

Give us this day our deserved victories.

And forgive us our turnovers,

As we forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.

And lead us not into defeat,

But deliver us from East Coast bias,

For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,

And the tradition,

And the glory,

For ever and ever.



New Whoorlie Banner


Yesterday, I told SAJ that I was growing tired of my banner which has existed on this site for a whopping total of 36 days. She offered to design one for me, which came as quite a surprise considering she knows me not only as Whoorl, but as Sarah, the all-smiles-but-deep-down- extremely-hard-to-please-god-she-can-be-SO-PICKY gal that lives in her ‘hood. She clearly must have been on a mission to raise her personal level of annoyance to an all-time high.

We planned on discussing some ideas while hanging out at the park this week with the bambinos. Totally light and breezy.

What I experienced next can only be explained as an outburst of creativity that would put Karim Rashid to shame. While I was sitting on my arse watching American Idol, she was seeking out abstract photographs taken by my husband online (my favorite one- how did she know?) and cranking out banners like a gumball machine. Please focus your attention on this:


This is a snapshot of my inbox. Yep, I think the word “outburst” accurately describes the situation. Not only did she produce several awesome banners, but when my OCD kicked into super-high gear, she continued to tweak and tweak and TWEAK when most would have politely told me to GO DO IT YOURSELF, PSYCHO PIXEL SYMMETRY GIRL.

Thanks SAJ! I love it to pieces!




What is the deal with Weight Watchers? I swear I have read countless entries this week about Weight Watchers. Is it post-holiday diet time? Is the plan THAT good? Sounds like a cult to me.

Hey, I like cults. So I figured what better way to get these remaining pounds (5 now! Not 8! Cardiac Hill!) off. I signed up for WW Online on Sunday and was assigned 19 points per day. And then I realized a Chipotle burrito has 27 points. And then I quit.

The End.

Looks like it’s just me and the hill. Peace.


Let The Games Begin


I don’t need to go into detail regarding my love for the NCAA Tourney again. Um yeah HELLO, I’m a Jayhawk. But, for the love of Christo, please don’t let my boys screw it all up in the first round. Again. For the third time.

In the meantime, I’ll just revel in our sweet overtime win against that annoying ugly orange team yesterday.

Congrats to the Big 12 Tournament Champions (again) and the #1 seed – West Division.

Beak ’em Hawks!


photo by Jeff and Laura Jacobsen